Forevery and Dropbox

I blogged about our portfolio company Clarifai‘s Forevery app a while back.

Forevery is an iOS app that lets you search your photo library and do a bunch of other cool things.

One feature I really wanted was Dropbox integration. I back up all my smartphone photos to Dropbox and have been doing that for years. But searching for the one that I want has been really hard.

Now with Forevery’s Dropbox integration it is drop dead simple.

Here’s the blog post from the Forevery team explaining how this works.

If you want to download and try Forevery, you can do that here.


Comments (Archived):

  1. JimHirshfield

    I’ve been using Amazon Prime Photos… Unlimited back up at no extra cost. Pretty cool, but no search feature other than by date, I think.

    1. Eric Friedman

      I do this too but not unlimited video.

      1. JimHirshfield

        Yeah, not an issue for me as I don’t have a dog…that eats spaghetti…in slow motion 😉

        1. K_Berger

          Ha. But still, if you ever take videos (kids, family event, etc.) that you want to back up, it means Amazon Prime isn’t a one stop solution.

    2. Dan Kantor

      We ar working on more integrations and Amazon Prime Photos is on our list. Stay tuned!

  2. William Mougayar

    Would love to see that on Android.Curious why did Dropbox drop Carousel?

    1. Dan Kantor

      Android app is in the works!

      1. William Mougayar

        Thanks !

    2. Amy Liu

      I believe Dropbox said it wanted to focus on enterprise segment instead.

  3. LIAD

    hate to disparage….I think it would be hard to argue that was best of class workflow/cost effective considering Google’s unlimited free hi-res photo storage coupled with what must arguably be the worlds best image recognition AI.Onboarding to Google photos is trivial, cross device support is fantastic.I’m sure it all puts clarifai in a terrible bind as a B2C but now with Google’s image AI accessible via api for 3rd parties B2B also tough going.I’m sure though they’ve a impressive strategy for dealing with it

    1. Sierra Choi

      I only use Google Photos as well. Not to mention, they recently integrated a search function that works really well. One thing I hate is having to download a feature of another app! I just want everything in one place, like Google.

    2. Amy Liu

      Actually, Google’s core image recognition AI understands far fewer concepts than Clarifai’s (hundreds of concepts vs. 11,000+) so it’s arguably not as “smart.” But the cool thing about Forevery is that it allows users to create and custom train concepts. In Google Photos you can search pre-existing tags like “dog” or “cat” but in Forevery you can do that AND create your own tags like “Pikachu” or “Beyonce” or “Blue Angels” and teach the app to recognize what those things are. WAY better search and far more personalized IMHO … but I also work at Clarifai and I’m drinking all the Kool-Aid 😀

      1. LIAD

        Smart Amy. Thanks for the clarifaication.Speak to marketing. Perhaps that should be the lede?

        1. Amy Liu

          I am marketing! :O Hehe. That was our lead when we first launched Forevery a few months ago, but this update in particular is focused on the Dropbox integration. But thanks for the feedback – good to know what really resonates with potential users! 😀

          1. LIAD

            With Google and Amazon offering free unlimited storage surely people who pay Dropbox fees to store their photos is a declining usergroup.

          2. Amy Liu

            Dropbox is just the beginning – we want Forevery to integrate with every place your photos live, whether it’s your phone or Google or Amazon or Snapchat or Instagram or FB, as a layer of personalized AI search & organization. Our goal isn’t to be a new storage place – there are enough of those out there right?! 🙂 I definitely hope you try Forevery and let me know what you think!

      2. Twain Twain

        I’m not drinking any of the AI Kool-Aid generally because I’m technical enough to know there are still a LOT of serious hard problems to be solved in AI, especially in Nat Language and Silicon Valley hasn’t even made a start on those yet.Not being a downer on Clarifai team and what you folks are doing. Just observing that AI doesn’t do it (yet) by my benchmarks.Here’s MS’ captionbot at work:* http://www.businessinsider….

        1. Amy Liu

          “I’m not really confident, but I think it’s a picture of himself” is so meta! 😀 I agree, there is still a long way to go before AI is human-smart, but think of how short the timespan has been where we’ve made this much progress already. I highly recommend this read (kinda long) if you’re interested in AI and the pending robot apocalypse – I was a skeptic at first but this really blew my mind.

          1. Twain Twain

            Thanks for the link. The whole “more data, faster processors, Moore’s Law” = smarter AI the article pitches is a seriously FLAWED theory.Google, Baidu, MS, Facebook, IBM Watson, Stanford, Wall Street et al have far more data, computing power and server farms than we can imagine.Yet … the systems are no smarter. They can correlate bits of data faster. That’s not the same as being able to contextually UNDERSTAND that data for insights and to support decision-making.If AI was smart:=> 2008/9 global financial crisis wouldn’t have happened to that severity and affected $100 TRILLION of value.By the way, the financial sector has data, AI and computing power on a par with the Googles.=> The machines would understand our Natural Language and our value concepts a lot better than they do.

          2. Amy Liu

            It’s definitely true that AI isn’t smart enough yet – I think the mind blowing and scary part of the article is how quickly we could conceivably get to that point. If you look at the advancements we’ve made in just the past decade, it’s like we’re at the beginning of a hockey puck and the gains we make in the next decade could be exponential. All I know is I want to be there if and when it ever happens! 🙂 Mind sharing the link for where you got that image from? Would love to read the whole article!

          3. Twain Twain

            Here’s the technical reality.

  4. John Pepper

    I’ve actually been loving Google Photos but ready to jump in and try Forevery. Thx for the heads up!

  5. Eric Friedman

    Their blog post does a great job of showing vs telling with the animated gifs.

  6. falicon

    So, literally, you’ve been waiting for that feature forever(y)!

    1. JimHirshfield

      Is that a pun? Dang

  7. MC210

    Ah thank you! I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time; when sending dumb gifs and memes to friends, I seem to always find myself re-downloading files I know are in my library, but I don’t want to go blindly searching for.

  8. jason wright

    would that be your 6P smartphone? how’s that going?

  9. leeschneider

    Would be awesome if there was a way to embed Forevery tags (people, places, things, etc) directly into the EXIF data of the picture. My worry would be that one day Forevery will go away, and I’d lose the great tagging.

    1. Amy Liu

      Added to our product request list! But don’t worry, we’re not going away any time soon 😀

  10. pointsnfigures

    Need to get more gig on my next smartphone.

  11. Kevin

    This is great! I’d been looking at switching from Dropbox to another cloud storage service after Carousel got shut down. Fingers crossed that Dropbox doesn’t buy this.Also, any future plans for a website, iPad app, or desktop app?

  12. vishal k gupta

    A few months back I decided that iphoto just wasn’t going to cut it for me for photo backup/searching. It’s just a weird combination of heavy apps and cloud services that only kinda work. I migrated everything to Google Photos. So far I’ve been really happy.. On a very surface level, I’m not sure why I would pick this solution over Google’s solution.

  13. Will Chang

    I first downloaded Forevery last year when you mentioned it in a post. I thought it was pretty cool then but have since stopped using it- I just don’t search my photos very often. Obviously very powerful image recognition tech, but how do you see Forevery integrating itself into people’s mobile experiences? Should it take the place of the default Photos app? What features would people pay to use?