Disrupt NYC

I am doing not one, but two, appearances at Disrupt NYC today.

The first appearance will be at 9:05am est which is a chat with Jordan Crook. We did not discuss what we are going to talk about in advance (I hate doing that), but I did send her this list of things I think are interesting to talk about:

– robotics (drones, autonomous vehicles, etc)
– machine learning/AI
– VR/AR/MR/etc
– blockchain/bitcoin/ethereum/open bazaar/etc
So hopefully we will cover that stuff. The chat is 20mins long so 9:05am to 9:25am est.

The second appearance will be from 2pm to 2:20pm est. Tim Armstrong and I will talk about Tech:NYC which I blogged about last week.

I believe the entire conference is being livestreamed on the Disrupt website. So in theory you can watch these two appearances from your desk. That’s great.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    “We did not discuss what we are going to talk about in advance (I hate doing that)”- but it’s authentic. i’ll be looking out for the glistening beads of sweat on your forehead.in Berlin 1st June?

  2. Rob Underwood

    Break a leg today. I hope CSNYC, CS4ALL, and all your good work on that front comes up too.

  3. LIAD

    everyone is talking about those things so i don’t believe they’re really what’s top of mind at USV right now.how about you discuss none of them and let us in to what’s really cooking behind the curtain.

    1. fredwilson

      Well we do talk about these things.

  4. JimHirshfield

    Two appearances? Nice! Put any thought into your wardrobe change?

    1. fredwilson

      No change

      1. Lawrence Brass

        classic 🙂

  5. pointsnfigures

    Television producers want to find out what the conversation is all the time. Never realized that until I started doing some TV. They really want to control, shape and prepare the news. There is no doubt in my mind that many guests prefer this as well-so they can prepare-or object to questions that are being asked. Interviews with public figures are very rarely random and mostly scripted before they even happen.One time I was scheduled to go on to talk about the market at 3PM. The producer called me at 8AM to find out what I would be saying. How the hell would anyone know? They kept calling through out the day bugging me.It’s much more difficult for the questioner to respond in real time to what someone might say. They have to be empathetic, and they have to listen. It’s when you embrace the randomness that true information and nuggets get out in the atmosphere.Interestingly, a lot of time I see a lot of confirmation bias in the way reporters/anchors question guests on television both from the left wing and right wing. Most of television news media is pretty hard left leaning, and now we find out Facebook algorithms are too.

    1. LE

      How the hell would anyone know?You’d be living on “that island” if you knew in advance what the market did on a particular day, eh?and now we find out Facebook algorithms are tooThat was interesting to find out. Of course since I don’t get my news (or much of anything) from Facebook it seemed less important than the other ways that Facebook or social media shapes what people think is important. Which used to be done by newspapers/tv/radio. [1] In this election in particular mainstream newspapers have lost the ability to influence elections or the conversation in the way that they did back in the day.I never did TV (except for back in college) but I did a fair amount with newspapers way back. They prompt you for what they want to hear (I am talking NYT as one example not some local paper) and you essentially have to give them something memorable or wacky to print. Either being strongly for or against the question. I was really good at that. I would never admit to making things up just to get press of course.[1] Which is why I find polls so laughable. It’s all shaped by news coverage and the conversation with little regard to any independent thought or analysis. No wonder they control the conversation in communist countries.

  6. fredwilson

    Sure. But I would want to talk about something interesting and not cover the usual shit

  7. William Mougayar

    Too bad she didn’t ask about – blockchain/bitcoin/ethereum/open bazaar/etc.

    1. jason wright

      i missed the beginning. i assumed that was first on the list. i wonder why she didn’t ask? seems odd.

  8. jason wright

    perhaps drones should be redesigned with parachutes and air bags to minimise injury and damage when failing in flight.perhaps AI will mean that we all return to being primitive savages. i cite the fate of the Krell;https://en.wikipedia.org/wi

    1. Lawrence Brass

      I like your air bag idea, could be helium filled. Something like that could be legally required in the future. There you have, your safety drone equipment crowdfunded startup.Do you have a brother by chance? 🙂

      1. jason wright

        yes, Craig. not to be believed. i am Satoshi.

        1. Lawrence Brass

          Just ideal for a test flight pilot. I am a fan of the Wright brothers.

          1. jason wright

            only from my laptop.

          2. Lawrence Brass

            there are endless fields out there, and drones will start to fall from the skies and ladies and gentlemen’s hats will be tipped off

        2. Lawrence Brass

          Aw, that Craig. He sould be fine at the marketing dept.

  9. Tom Labus

    Being 10, 15 years into a job trough is real accurate but how does that get translated into retail politics so we are not trying to go backwards instead of getting ready for the future.

  10. Richard

    Do you snapchat?

  11. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Watched the first one. The video quality was great.I’ll be excited when we outgrow the questions about AR/VR/AI meaning the end of humanity. There’s so much more to talk about that is valuable and intriguing beyond the obvious dystopian scenarios.

    1. Girish Mehta

      Or the trivial scenarios.I was amused by the breathlessness about Chat bots after the FaceBook event last month.

  12. jason wright

    Trump’s immigration policies would accelerate the growth of web tech education and training, no?

    1. Henry Yates

      Great chat, worth watching