The Application Period For Our Analyst Hiring Process Ends Today

Just over three weeks ago, we announced that we are hiring a two year analyst. I blogged about it here at AVC. This is a reminder that if you want to apply for this position, the application process ends today.

If you are interested in spending the next couple years at USV, you can apply here.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. JimHirshfield

    Unlimited vacation?

    1. Girish Mehta

      Unlimited but not Unmetered. As such, your understanding of the word ‘Unlimited’ shall be tracked Jim.There has to be a Dilbert strip in there somewhere.

    2. Nik Bonaddio

      Given that thousands of people will apply to this, it’s fair to presume that whichever candidate ends up getting the job will understand that scarcity and not do anything to jeopardize their appointment.Frankly, I don’t see why more companies don’t do it. It simultaneously grants flexibility to the employees who need and deserve it while giving enough rope for the employees who would likely end up washing out anyway.

  2. jason wright

    shall we all apply? it would make for a great video montage.

    1. BillMcNeely

      I bet Fred could recruit an awesome accelerator class just from his top 500 commentors if that was his style

      1. jason wright

        i think we should just form a private AVC DAO.

    2. Matt Zagaja

      I think I applied a year or two ago when they had the last round. Only posting this to let the world know that it’s not the end of the world if you apply and don’t get picked. I’m doing ok (so far).

      1. Twain Twain

        There are lots of opportunities, coincidental serendipity and learning experiences out there for every single one of us, Matt.:*)

  3. pointsnfigures

    How many people have contacted me or asked me how to get into venture capital. Here is the path if they choose to take it.

    1. JimHirshfield

      Did you forget to post the link here to the Hyde Park Angels Analyst position?

      1. pointsnfigures

        I got no pull there anymore.

        1. JimHirshfield

          You’re saying YOU are the analyst?

          1. pointsnfigures

            Ha. No, now the organization is structured a lot differently. We have a managing director, and a COO. Over 100 angels. I am not on the board anymore and am just a member like everyone else. I don’t have near the time to devote to it like I did. We used to have quite a few student associates, and some of them went on to VC. Some did startups, and some are in other things. I can’t imagine not wanting to work for USV. If I was 25 I’d jump at it

  4. Richard

    A 2017 west coast, winter season Analyst 🙂

  5. jason wright

    will Disqus be migrating to a blockchain solution?

  6. LE

    After you have hired someone, it would be interesting to know the breakdown of the applicants (in no particular order):- What they are currently doing- Age- Sex- Nationality- US Citizen or not- Education and schools- Where they currently live- Number of Applicants- When they applied [1]- General quality of the applicant pool, percentage thatwouldn’t get hired no matter what (and why) and how many were contenders but someone else was just better suited for the job.- How many ignored your original request (ie “can I do this remotely”)- Social media presence as defined by the original request…and so on[1] The first thing that struck me was the post this morning where you issued a reminder that the applications are closing today. What I thought was “do you really want to hire someone that waits until the last minute or needs this type of reminder to apply?”.

    1. fredwilson

      only 15% of the ~350 applicants are women. this is very upsetting to me. i don’t know what we are doing wrong.

      1. creative group

        Fred:Are you at liberty to reveal how many applicants are qualified minorities (exception of Asians who are not a minority in tech).

      2. Chloe Alpert

        In my opinion, it’s partially due to poor representation in and out of the community. With how VC is portrayed in the media, it doesn’t present itself as an opportunity for women to advance their careers.I have highly educated female friends with top tier MBAs who wanted to move into VC, but they ended up going with companies like Google and Facebook where they could see opportunities for themselves.As a female founder, I can only think of one female partner for every twenty men I’ve encountered, and I don’t think there are a lot of role models for women to identify with.

        1. LE

          Interesting I see that you are a gemologist and came from a jewelry family. My brother in law is a GIA gemologist from a jewelry family as well (they just had to shut down the store, founded in 1932..)

          1. Chloe Alpert

            I’m sorry to hear about their having to shut down the store. It’s really interesting how jewelry has taken a hit in the US market. A lot of the business has moved to asia, but bridal still remains as a “holy grail” market and the mining supply chain has shifted. It’s branded jewelry that’s really boiling to the top, and brick and mortar for jewelry is dying.Luxury goods follow the economy with startling accuracy. I have a theory that universal basic income could create a new emphasis on the humanities – a mini Renaissance that could reinvigorate patronage in art and craft goods in millennials.

          2. LE

            I knew a person who back in the 80’s had a chain of fashion jewelry store. Had about 20 stores in the malls. Business went away and he had to shut it down. People wanted “real” jewelry not the fake items that he sold (price point $20 to $100 iirc). Now from what I know that market is actually pretty good.

          3. Chloe Alpert

            Well, in the context of “real” jewelry, in the 80’s that was the case. Now it’s shifted, production quality of fashion jewelry has gone up and people would rather buy a high quality fashion piece instead of a very expensive “real” piece. (I’m talking about $300 versus $3000)See bauble bar, rocksbox, Chloe & Isabel, Lauren hope, etcThat’s why fine jewelry has taken a turn towards branded jewelry. The family jeweler paradigm is shifting/dying.But bridal is still hot.

      3. Kim Pham

        I’m curious- what did you think you were doing *right* to expect more women applicants?

      4. WomenWhoTech

        I have some thoughts on this topic and will send you a note. And thanks to you and Joanne for being so supportive of the Women Startup Challenge!

      5. Yinka!

        Some reasons:The initial ad and post for analyst indicated a preference for youth, which automatically excludes more mature applicants including women (career switchers, workforce re-entrants, etc) even if they have experience and aptitude in areas relevant to USV’s thesis.When questioned about the emphasis on youth in the other blog post and job description, you responded by amending texts accordingly but reiterated that you/USV still “want someone early in their career for a host of reasons”. Which seemed disingenuous and probably deterred a significant number of experienced applicants including women (given your large readership of ~200k visits/month) from applying or referring their peers.Not directly applicable in this case but just like in tech, hiring in VC world is overly focused on pedigrees despite the fact that some VC greats didn’t have such backgrounds, it does not guarantee high IRR, etc. Even women with backgrounds from prestigious schools and workplaces are deterred for a confluence of reasons, including the fact that they sometimes encounter unrelated sector requirements like technical background for generalist positions, even where the firm’s thesis/portfolio isn’t tech-centric. The framing around the youth point above may have also caused some to be skeptical of the claim that there are no mandatory credentials.Per access: If your blog readers, staff and staff’s networks are mostly male, then a concerted effort has to be made beforehand to advertise the position outside this perimeter.Edit: +Some applicants who are interested in partner-track may also be deterred by the homogenous partner list and the fact that no previous analysts ascended the ranks. Of course, analysts not staying is not necessarily a bad thing in these days of job hopping and in light of no plans to expand the # of partners (think you mentioned as such on a post/comments a while back).

    2. Chloe Alpert

      Both @christinacacioppo:disqus and & @Gary Chou applied on the last day if I’m remembering correctly.

      1. LE

        Ok but to me the issue was not applying on the last day as much as needing to be reminded to apply (on the last day). That said waiting until the last minute is not a quality that I think is positive but then again it’s only a single factor in making a decision (which is not mine to make anyway).

        1. Chloe Alpert

          I think those points can be mutually exclusive – sometimes you hear about something on the last day so you have no choice but to be a last day applicant.Their application process is not something you can really fake – you submit links to your existing digital footprint (mine has been cultivated for years) then record a 60 sec & 90 sec video. In some respects, it might be advantageous to see if a candidate can produce a well structured argument under short notice.I believe Bridgewater tries to have a 100% interview rate because they believe that their applications and resumes aren’t accurate reflections of the candidate. I have no idea why if timing is taken into account, but in respects to USV’s case, it was a timeline/marketing problem.