Video Of The Week: My Coin Center Talk

A few weeks ago, I gave a keynote at the Coin Center Annual Dinner in NYC. I previously posted the text of that speech but it showed up on YouTube this week and so I am posting the video of it here today:


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  1. creative group

    Fred:After watching so many of your presentations you keep it fresh or at least promote the listener to be attentive . You read your own professional bio? Presentation theme centered on Resilience.The new startups centered around building on the blockchain is something to keep an eye on.Walk on music (Goldfinger) Daniel Craig plays best bond series. (OHO)What deals keep us restless and up at 3:40am. A few!You must be feeling better.

    1. fredwilson

      I am feeling better

  2. Rob Underwood

    Perfect start to my” go deep on blockchain and Bitcoin” study weekend.

  3. Tom Labus

    It’s a great talk. Some one will break they ice and demystify the whole thing. Wall Street?? Who knows, they like jargon and hiding but this has value. Someone needs to make the tech disappear on the consumer side

  4. pointsnfigures

    Idea/Niche/Movement/Mainstream. We are past the idea stage and it’s a niche. What turns it into a movement? (Maybe anyone that has written anything about it ought to translate it to Spanish and Portuguese since Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Greece are so f’ed up)

  5. LE

    Well first really great pep talk. It must be stressful dealing with the hate and haters specifically those that don’t add any value or give any suggestions for improvement. Hacker News is good with that type of thing. [1] I am wondering how this factors into your burnout. [2] Not that life would be any fun if everything was working out. It would get boring. But I am sure this has an impact. The soap opera is fine it shows that the community has a pulse and that there is a balance in opinions which is needed.if they are not laughing at you you aren’t workingon the right thing.Separately, people often laugh (and you must remember this from high school) when they are jealous.Blockchain/bitcoin could benefit from some professional PR outreach talking about some of the signs that you indicate show you that it is headed in the right direction. I don’t see much of that and it would help the effort.[1] You can blame Paul Graham for that. It’s rooted in academia (pecking order) of which he fancies himself as being a part of.[2] Never realized how being an early stage VC is so much more stressful (just with the hate) than being a late stage one.

  6. Richard

    Fred. Were you reading from notes? I’ve never seen you do that?

  7. Quantella Owens

    Firstly, I must admit to making these comments in a fug of ignorance because I don’t do videos generally…so I didn’t watch it and there is no transcript. But I am very interested in the Blockchain for two very specific purposes and I wonder what any of you who cares to answer might think. Use case 1) Human Trafficking and 2) Allowing underrepresented populations access to the financial infrastructure. Thanks.

  8. iggyfanlo

    Unfortunately, I believe it will be a currency crisis that propels crypto-currencies forward… remember that innovation needs to be 10X better than the incumbent product… and a currency crisis in a major currency seems like the “tipping point”

  9. RV

    Great speech Fred!

  10. Lawrence Brass

    Never dropped one to the ground, so I don’t know. However this is how bitcoins sound in cyberspace.

  11. Lawrence Brass

    Your original question blew my mind too.

  12. Lawrence Brass

    It is my pleasure, Andrew.