Fun Friday: Pet Peeves

Let’s talk today about something we all have, pet peeves. These are little things that shouldn’t bother us so much but they do.

One of my pet peeves happened to me this morning. I ordered a cup of coffee with a splash of milk in it. I got the coffee, ran to catch my train, and then settled in to enjoy my “Morning Joe” only to find it was black coffee with no milk in it. I only allow myself one cup of coffee a day so when it’s not what I really wanted it’s a total bummer to me.

It’s a little thing but to me it’s a big thing.

So that’s my pet peeve. What is yours?

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  1. Tom Labus

    Restaurants that can’t cook

    1. fredwilson

      I think that’s more than a pet peeve !!!

  2. JimHirshfield

    Restaurants that clear the plates before everyone is finished. Somehow they think this is attentive courtesy on their part. It’s rude and makes those still eating feel rushed. They might as well tell you “hurry up and GTFO of my restaurant”

    1. Supratim Dasgupta

      This happens in both ends.low end Chinese and high end italian

      1. JimHirshfield

        Surely you mean high end Chinese and low end Italian as well?

        1. Supratim Dasgupta

          I was giving the range of quality of food.Yes you are right on range of quality of service!

          1. JimHirshfield


    2. jortpossel

      It’s one of those things Europeans can’t get used to in US

    3. LE

      Worse yet is when they say “are you done? Or are you still picking”. I hate hate hate when they say that. Like as if every customer has a food disorder and picks over food.Other ones (and god knows there are dozens):- Not being on top of filling water glasses- Being to on top of filling water glasses- Hearing the specials and not having a way to stop them when they start to describe a food that you (or your spouse) have no interest in. I propose someone comes up with a universal non-rude way to say “next”.- Interrupting what you are saying (I understand this is actually necessary but it’s still annoying)

  3. Matt Hardy

    When you’re in a bathroom stall with your feet clearly visible from outside and someone comes up and rattles the door anyway to check if it’s unlocked. Um hello!

  4. Rick Bullotta

    Suburban parents who drive their children 1/4 mile to the bus stop. Drives me insane. It creates a generation of dependent, entitled, obese, pussified little losers. STOP IT!

    1. jason wright

      yeah, this is a big one for me.

    2. Supratim Dasgupta

      WTH is…. A Blinker? You mean Turn signals ‘ said the obnoxious American driver

      1. JimHirshfield

        “Visualize using your turn signal” bumper stickers come to mind

    3. Kirsten Lambertsen

      OMG yes. I had a boyfriend who used to pull up next to offenders and say, “Nice car! Too bad the turn signals don’t work!”

    4. panterosa,

      Avoid Rhode Island. They have collectively as a state worked to avoid using that device, ever, which even massholes use occaisionally.

      1. PhilipSugar

        In New Jersey it’s considered a sign of weakness.

  5. jason wright

    water that’s too wetleaves that don’t rustle in the windrays of sunlight that move too slowlyblogs with nothing to say

    1. JimHirshfield


  6. William Mougayar

    Drivers that park in a handicapped/accessible parking spot without a permit or that clearly don’t need it.Drivers that change lanes without signalling.Drivers that cut off in a 2nd lane that ends in a few feet when the first lane is jammed. (taxis do that mostly)Bad drivers, simply.

    1. Jim Borden


    2. Supratim Dasgupta

      #2 and 3 is classic NY

    3. mikenolan99

      I knew a college professor who had a handicap sticker because of his “sun” allergies. Sure, might be a real thing. But this guy sported a 3 handicap – spent most of his time on the golf course…

      1. William Mougayar

        of course, the scams are many with these sorts of licenses. it’s very easy to get one, and they get abused.

    4. LE

      That handicap scam is totally out of control. A good example of a government system that isn’t setup and/or enforced properly.

    5. Mark Essel

      My wife shares your loathing of bad drivers. Whenever she’s behind the wheel it’s honk and curse.Last weekend I was cut off around a turn going 45 by a car that stopped in front of me. I had to swerve in and out very quickly to avoid a collision. Michelle was livid, I appreciated my lucky reflexes.It’s always the unexpected driving behavior that causes issues.Like folks texting and driving!

  7. Brandon Burns

    People who wait to talk, as opposed to actually listen, synthesize and respond in kind.”Are you even listening to me?!!!!”Drives me up a fucking wall.

    1. JimHirshfield

      I hear ya.Most people know what they’re going to say well before you’ve finished what you’re saying. So, indeed, it’s very common that people are speaking at each other, and not with each other.

      1. Brandon Burns

        Which also means that it’s very common that I’m pissed off at those people. ๐Ÿ˜›

        1. JimHirshfield

          Breathe deeply

          1. Brandon Burns

            Or smoke a j ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Vasudev Ram

        >at each other”past each other” is more like it. See my other comment in this thread.

    2. James Ferguson @kWIQly

      Hmmm – While reading your post I was thinking …Oh shit don’t you just hate when people keep talking when i have something more important to say ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Brandon Burns

        Lol. I bet you’re not even kidding…

    3. scottythebody

      Oh that drives me crazy. I have one person in my life frequently who does that. They ask a question, then somebody is answering it, perhaps with multiple sentences. Then, not only does this person frequently interrupt the answer with their next thought, but very often asks something that was just covered in the response to the original question.

    4. PhilipSugar

      That is a great way to put it. “wait to talk”I’ve learned something from every culture I’ve encountered and a very powerful one was from the Japanese. They would pause and digest what was said before responding.When somebody jumped right in after the next speaker they would say he was an aho. (stupid, clueless)

  8. David Noรซl

    In airports, people who block the luggage conveyors instead of standing 5 feet away and wait until they see and got grab their luggage.The engine noises of motorcycles and trash trucks and firetruck / ambulance sirens in cities.People who say “literally” when it’s not literal.

    1. kirklove

      That’s literally one of mine, too.

    2. PhilipSugar

      You know what’s worse is when you are a commuter jet and everybody has dutifully lined up against one wall. Then you get a jackass who blocks the door where the luggage is coming in so it can’t come in people can’t get out and can’t see their luggage.

  9. narikannan

    People that use the word “alluded” instead of “said”! When you came out and said something explicitly you are not alluding! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. salima

    When people don’t push their chairs in when they leave a table

  11. William Mougayar

    Tellers that ask you if you want a receipt. And when you say – yes please, they give you the non-itemized one. And you say- can I have the itemized one please, and they look at you like you asked them to give blood.Tellers that don’t bag what you just bought.Tellers that ask you if you want a bag after you buy a bottle of wine. (It happens a lot at the lcbo)Tellers that are having a bad day, not trained well or hate their job, and they don’t give a damn about serving you properly.

    1. James Ferguson @kWIQly

      William – Was that an invitation for fun ….So how should I know if you want a bag ?Is it a teller or a mind-reader you are after ? ;)Heck should I choose your wine too ?I can drink even it if you cant manage that yourself either…Me, I like tellers who while being trained, already know the job is going to suck big-time , don”t give a damn about their own lives let alone yours, but do see a little chink of light on the horizon in that they get guys like you to tease – mercilessly :)Or so it seems !!!

      1. William Mougayar

        In general, I find tellers to be more professional in Europe than in NA. I don’t know- maybe it’s a Canadian thing. They are the worst. I think the US is better, in general.Il n’y a pas de sots metiers. Il n’y a que de sottes gens.

        1. James Ferguson @kWIQly

          Bad apples in every barrel.

  12. Rob Underwood

    My pet peeve is conference calls in which ANY participant is in transit, especially driving.

    1. JimHirshfield

      They’re the ones who seem to have forgotten there’s a mute feature.

      1. Rob Underwood

        Right — OR they are a participant and too distracted to fully engage in the conversation AND can’t follow along on any materials being presented and talked about.

    2. JAJones

      Or conference calls with no agenda

      1. Rob Underwood

        That’s what the hang up button is for.

    3. William Mougayar

      … and with static, background noise or breathing into the mic- and they don’t mute their phones.

  13. Doug

    People that don’t hold the door, even for a little bit.

    1. Conor

      People who refuse to acknowledge that a door has been held open for them.Typically will result in an extremely loud and totally over-the-top “You’re Welcome” from the door opener, aka me

  14. tronloic

    In French, pet peeve is “bรชte noire”, which can be literally translated into “black beast”. So your back beast is black coffee!My pet peeve could be unjustified routines, maybe.

  15. Salt Shaker

    People who text or check their emails while walking. Often feel compelled to lower my shoulder and take them out, like Dick Butkus on a Sunday, but that little man inside my head convinces me that’s not such a good idea.Saw this message recently stenciled into an East Village sidewalk: “Fuck Your Phone…Keep Your Head Up!”

  16. Dana Hoffer

    I am mostly over this but… people that raise the tone of their speaking voice when making a statement to blur the fact they are making a statement by making it sound as they as putting forward a question. If you can’t confidently make the statement don’t say it or say it differently, don’t raise the tone of your voice to get the listener to “go along” and not challenge the point you are attempting to make.

    1. mikenolan99

      Very common in the midwest, and in parts of Australia and New Zealand. Drives me crazy?

    2. Vasudev Ram

      Interesting … noticed that a lot in some of my American friends and coworkers, but never asked them, though it was a cultural or regional thing.

  17. Supratim Dasgupta

    Obnoxious staff at stores and airports.They are surprisingly high in NY.I don’t understand how were hired in the first place for a job they have no business to be in.Kills the little joy that is left in shopping offline or flying.I once asked a united gate agent did someone put a gun on your head to take this job? I actually wanted to ask did you inherit this job from your dead grandmother?

  18. WA

    Texters at Redlights. And the two cars behind them that don’t realize the light has changed either. Texters who are driving at all.

  19. jason wright

    oh yeah, people who think they don’t have to queue. a very English thing.

  20. William Mougayar

    So, did you end up drinking it nonetheless or wrote the post and waited til the next stop to get a real cortado?

    1. Supratim Dasgupta

      What is a cortado?

  21. Mike Zamansky

    This is too hard – as a native New Yorker in the second half of my life I have the inalienable right, nay, obligation to grumble at just about everything.

    1. creative group

      Mike Zamansky:your being a native New Yorker gets a vote up.

    2. Lee

      My sentiments EXACTLY…. TOO many small things bother me lol

    3. Lawrence Brass

      I have noticed that. Quickly understood that walking too slow while admiring the architecture, the water towers, the gothic subway, the bridges.. was not a good idea. We even got some tips on the dress code: “Guys, you look so funny dressed for ski”. Now I get out of the way if i want to take a picture, which happens to interrupt pedestrian traffic all the same, because civil people won’t get in the way of the shoot. Each city has different codes and it is interesting to watch and learn the differences.

  22. Vendita Auto

    My owner forgetting I need to go out & pee

  23. awaldstein

    Scheduled meetings that accomplish nothing because the other side has not done their work.Time is a currency that by definition becomes scarcer every moment.The other shit of life and work–will both never change and wastes more of my time to dwell on it

    1. creative group

      awaldstein:Do you feel as we get mature/older our tolerance level continues to diminish and we realize that time can’t be recouped?

      1. awaldstein

        but of course.

    2. meredithcollinz

      How bout people who offer one very specific time when trying to plan a meeting? If it’s someone doing you a favor, fine, but if the meeting is for mutual benefit then it’s unrealistic to think the other person has nothing else going on and it ends up wasting more time going back and forth.

      1. awaldstein

        Being unprepared/aka wasting time at work is my definition of being both disrespectful and an amateur.Wasting time with my friends, one of life’s great pleasures!

        1. meredithcollinz

          Ha! Yes. Agreed on all counts! Sadly, wasting time and lack of consideration seem like they are becoming more common rather than less. Tho I plan to waste some very special folks’ time this weekend! ;~)

    3. JAJones

      Jeff Bezos has everyone quietly read a 6 page brief for up to 30 minutes when a meeting starts to ensure everyone has done their homework. http://www.businessinsider….

  24. JimHirshfield

    Political candidates that lie…Professional truth-seekers have never seen anything like Trump, surely the most compulsive liar to seek high office. To date, the nonpartisan PolitiFact has rated 76 percent of his statements lies โ€” 57 percent false or mostly false, and another 19 percent โ€œPants on Fireโ€ fabrications. Only 2 percent โ€” 2 percent! โ€” of his assertions were rated true, and another 6 percent mostly true. Hillary Clinton, who is not exactly known for fealty to the facts, had a 28 percent total lie score, including a mere 1 percent Pants on Fire.

    1. creative group

      JimHirshfield:Those who support him no matter what political party he would have claimed hold his views that he espouses. He says aloud what they have held dear in their heart and actions. Why would there ever have been a need to coin a term compassionate conservatism. Let the excuses begin.#independentvoter#independentthinker

      1. JimHirshfield

        From the same article:Sadly, a lot of voters donโ€™t care if a candidate is a pathological liar. But most of us should. Itโ€™s up to the debate commission, as they set the rules for the fall, to ensure that truth has a place on the stage.

        1. creative group

          JimHirshfield:It is not our intent to make this a Donald Trump focus but viewing the YouTube video from Cobert Trump vs Trump it was astonishing how a person could change positions within five minutes on a multitude of issues that are not even hot topics or viewed as populist undecided or polled. Just your own core beliefs are not solid.We are Independent’s and the two choices really highlights why there needs to be a major third party.#independentvoter #Independentthinker

        2. creative group

          JimHirshfield:Are you aware that the debate that Donald Trump skipped was when videos of contradictions were used against the candidates? Did someone at Fox tip him off. Wonder if that will be repeated at any of the debates. Would be very interesting.

    2. sigmaalgebra

      Okay, I started reading that NYT piece.Nope — that piece is an example of one of my pet peeves in my first post to this thread today: That NYT piece said nothing, zip, zilch, and zero. Why? It never gave any evidence. What kind of evidence? As in my first post here with my pet peeves, a complete quote, with context, from a primary source, with a solid reference.Example: The NYT piece hasโ€œTrump: I never said Japan should have nukes (he did).โ€ Thus read the chyron that shook the television world โ€” maybe.So, here the NYT omitted a full quote, or any quote at all, a primary source, or any source at all, and a solid reference, or any reference at all. Moreover, I don’t believe that Trump ever said that. Of course, there is no easy way to prove, e.g., with a quote, that Trump never did say that.I could continue this way with essentially everything in the NYT piece. I concluded years ago that the NYT is an example of one of my pet peeves I gave in my first post here today: The NYT writes deceptive stuff to please partisan readers.

      1. Andrew Graziani

        In this case, it’s accurate. He said it on video:…No news source is perfect — they’re all chasing ad dollars at the expense of balance and real investigative reporting. But one of my pet peeves is the reliance on false equivalence. Trump is a walking font of falsehoods, Responding by saying the NYT is a bunch of liars sidesteps the issue and implies the editors there are as loose with the truth as Trump is (and, in your view, for partisan, not financial reasons). I’m hard pressed to find evidence to back that claim.

        1. LE

          Sorry doesn’t prove that. His initial statement was that Japan had a problem and it might be better off if Japan could defend itself. On follow up he agreed essentially “yes including with nukes”. That means it is something he would consider not something he was committed to 100%. (Nothing is off the table it’s a key to negotiating). That’s far cry from making an official statement saying “I am in favor of Japan having nukes”.Not to mention the fact that this entire idea of “flip flop” being so important as if to say every single fucking word out of someone’s mouth is so significant that it has to follow them forever because the press and the enemies will use it against them. And no changing one’s mind. That is known as a flip flop and seen as bad (when it’s actually good). That is the problem and the reason we have this disease of political correctness in the country and at least one reason Trump has the support that he has. People are over that shit which is so easily amplified by social media.

          1. Andrew Graziani

            Appreciate the response and agree that he didn’t make a blanket statement that Japan should have nukes. I also agree changing your position can be a sign of strength and good judgement.But I doesn’t seem to me that’s what happened here. Trump blustered on about entertaining Japan going nuclear and supporting increased proliferation, which is a significant foreign policy position for a leading presidential candidate. When there was blow back, he could have said “Look, it’s a bold move, but I’m willing to put options on table others aren’t . Here’s why I don’t think nuclear proliferation will make the world a more dangerous place.” Instead, he sneered and acted like those raising concerns were idiots. This really isn’t an example of someone changing their mind after getting more input.Trump is free to be a glib about foreign policy as he wants, but I don’t think it’s reasonable for him to then deny he said anything out of the ordinary when others express concern. And I think the “it’s the NYT, they lie” is a particularly poor response (I acknowledge you may agree on that point).

          2. LE

            When there was blow back, he could have saidHowever that is the style of others, not his style. Can’t graft that on. Can’t make him who he is not. That is what other politicians try to do please to many masters. You know Hillary is just a calculating politician in the end (and a lawyer to boot).Trump’s style is what allowed him to vanquish 17 other “serious” contenders including the anointed Jeb Bush. There are drawbacks agreed to his approach but so far it appears his instincts are correct (with this). Hillary can’t even kill off Bernie Sanders. She had, what, 1 other opponent nobody else really tried because the leaders picked her.Here is the thing. It’s like marriage and dating. You have to take the good and the bad. You can’t graft the qualities of 7 ideal people into 1 person and say “why can’t my wife clean the kitchen also”. My wife is really bad with cleaning the kitchen and the house. My mom did a much better job. Spotless. But I am not interested in being married to a person like my mom which carries a certain amount of drawbacks. So I overlook the things I don’t like and focus on the things that I do like. My wife is 100% on everything else ideal situation. Just have to deal with messy kitchen. Got the kids to clean it! Solved the problem!Trumps unusual approach as far as “cards on the table” is a true strategy that in my opinion has a chance of working by being that unpredictable person that can get things done. Loose canon. And yeah we have fucked up on border protection and ejection of aliens and all of this “american values” and “what we are as americans” apparently is not what a portion of the republican voters think. That is where his strength is.

          3. sigmaalgebra

            Trump blustered on about entertaining Japan going nuclear and supporting increased proliferation, which is a significant foreign policy position for a leading presidential candidate.I don’t think that Trump did that at all.I DO believe that a lot of propaganda against Trump has tried to claim such a thing.As I wrote in long detail above, my reading of Trump’s statement was that, if Japan wants to defend themselves 100% and not depend on the US, then they may want to have nukes and, in that hypothetical scenario, assuming they want to defend themselves 100%, maybe they and/or we would conclude that maybe they should have nukes.On this subject, I never heard Trump mention nuclear weapons proliferation.I see nothing wrong with what Trump said and no change of positions.

        2. sigmaalgebra

          Nope. In the NYT piece at…that we have been discussing, in the quote โ€œTrump: I never said Japan should have nukes (he did).โ€ Thus read the chyron that shook the television world โ€” maybe. we still don’t have any useful evidence.Why? In part, your reference…doesn’t count. It just shoots blanks.Why? As I mentioned, at…in my first post here todayI want complete quotes, with context, from primary sources, with solid references, i.e., common high school term paper writing standards.Also here today in…I wroteAs in my first post here with my pet peeves, a complete quote, with context, from a primary source, with a solid reference.If you let me quote out of context, then I can easily prove anything you want — 2 + 2 = 5. With engineering done that way, no one would ride an elevator up a tall building, cross a long bridge, enter a deep tunnel, or fly in an airplane. With medicine done like that, no one would go to a hospital no matter how much they hurt.In particular, in your reference…that video clip doesn’t count. Why? They quoted Trump out of context.With out of context, that’s enough to stop right here. The burden of proof is on the proposer. I’m not supposed to come up with the complete quote to debunk a quote out of context.But, here, this time, just for you, I will bend over backwards: IIRC, that Trump statement in the video clip in the reference you gave was in the context — I mentioned “context” — of a discussion about the US getting paid for defending Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc.Of course, in that discussion, there was a question: Suppose Japan doesn’t want to pay? And, then there was the question, if Japan doesn’t pay, if we don’t defend Japan, if Japan wants a nuclear deterrent against, say, North Korea, then might Japan want to develop its own nuclear weapons?Then the issue would be, if Japan really doesn’t want to pay for US protection, then maybe, given that Japan doesn’t want to pay for US protection, essentially given that Japan wants to defend themselves, that is, in the CONTEXT, in the hypothetical context, that Japan wants to defend themselves, then, not certainly, but maybe, and it would be Japan’s decision, again, in that hypothetical context, Japan, again it would be their decision, MAYBE would think they should go ahead and develop their nuclear weapons. That is, here we would be trying to estimate what, in the context, Japan would want to do — not what we would want them to do but what, in the hypothetical context, they might want to do.Put more simply, if Japan wants to defend themselves, should we expect that they might also want to develop their own nuclear weapons? Of course, Japan might want to do that — in the hypothetical context, with the assumption that they want to defend themselves.And, in the context, with the assumption, that Japan might want to develop their own nuclear weapons, that is an important consideration. We could go for hours and 20,000 words on the pros, cons, ins, outs, etc. of that issue.Or, maybe near 1955, the US knew that it wanted its own nuclear weapons but went to Japan and made a deal: We have to have nukes, but our nukes — that is, our Triad of silo launched ballistic missiles, airplanes with nukes, and submarines with nukes — can also serve to defend you, so you don’t have to have nukes. So, you can save a lot of money and, net, both Japan and the world will be safer.But maybe now Trump is saying that we still have a good deal for Japan but that they should pay some of our costs, if not just for the US nuclear Triad, that we are going to have anyway, then maybe some for just the conventional weapons, say, the aircraft carriers and our bases in Japan. Maybe. Worth considering.But, in my just above “Put more simply …”, for a short summary, and not neglecting my longer explanation, that’s how I remember the real, actual, truthful, context, statement, meaning, discussion, interview, etc. But I’m just working from memory.So, to me, the NYT didn’t make their case and from my memory the claim in the NYT quote that Trump said that Japan “should have nukes” is a lie, deliberately deceptive, distorting, disgusting, destructive, and dangerous. It’s upchuck, raw sewage, flaming, fuming, bubbling, reeking, sticky, ugly toxic waste.Or, IF Japan wants to defend themselves 100%, then Japan may conclude that they “should have nukes”. Of course they might. If we quote out of context, then we can say all sorts of total BS.So, from my memory of the context, etc. the NYT quote โ€œTrump: I never said Japan should have nukes (he did).โ€ Thus read the chyron that shook the television world โ€” an example of the standard stuff in my one of my pet peeves todayDeliberately Deceptive Distorting, Disgusting, Destructive, Dangerous Newsies”Dangerous”? How ’bout some really sloppy talk about nukes? Nukes are dangerous.For yourTrump is a walking font of falsehoods, … I don’t believe it. I don’t believe even 1% of it. And I have looked for such evidence and seen no such evidence.For evidence, I’ve been eager to find some. Indeed, currently my computer hierarchical file system directory on Trump and his statements has 209 files, and I have read them all and have references for them all. From the first day Trump announced his candidacy, I’ve paid close attention to what Trump has said.From all I’ve seen, the only quite questionable and at all significant statement Trump has made in this campaign is that on 9/11 he saw in NJ thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets happy about the 9/11 attack — or some such since I don’t have an exact quote handy. My guess is that he saw a few people dancing, knew that he had a limited view, took the view as a sample, and estimated that the whole collection of people doing such dancing in NJ was thousands. But that is just a guess. It may be that he did see thousands. It may be that he just exaggerated.But for the actual meaning in serious reality, I can believe, from other evidence, that in all of the US, and maybe also just in NJ, there were some thousands of Muslims in the US really happy about the 9/11 attacks. Beyond the number of dancing people, the real point is, maybe a lot of Muslims in the US would be thrilled to see the US, especially a tall financial center in NYC, attacked. I can believe that, and to me the chances that is true are a significant point about US government polices.Why? To give an argument that is first grade simple and just granite hard, there are some wealthy Jews in NYC finance, and commonly Muslims deeply, profoundly, bitterly hate and despise Jews, as much or worse than Hitler did, and would be thrilled to see all the Jews treated even worse than what Hitler did. In fact, there is at least one relatively advanced Islamic country that has as one of their most prominent positions “Death to Israel”. And, that same Islamic country also has “Death to America”.To me, 9/11 was an extreme example of the strong evidence that a lot of Muslims, especially a lot of oil-rich Mideast Muslims, are eager to kill everyone in Israel and the US, and to me this is a very significant point for US national security, US foreign policy, and this election for POTUS. If Trump wants to mention that there is a lot of evidence that a lot of Muslims would like to kill off all of the US and Israel, then I believe that he is providing good and appropriate leadership.For your… Responding by saying the NYT is a bunch of liars …well, I believe that in one case here I did establish that the NYT lied. I do believe that I can do the same for essentially everything in that NYT piece. And for more, I can do the same for the recent NYT piece on Trump’s treatment of women.For more, I can do the same for the years of NYT hysteria that that CO2 causes global warming — to be brief here, I will let others compile the weekly or so NYT articles of such hysteria.For this claim about CO2, for science, we want some tests. So, the claim isCO2 causes global warming. Really the claim is that CO2 is the main or only significant cause of global warming.So, let’s test this claim.Test 1 We look at the data Al Gore used in his movie An Inconvenient Truth from the ice cores from the Russian Vostok station in Antarctica. There Gore showed that CO2 and temperature rose together and concluded that the higher CO2, from whatever source, caused the higher temperature.Well, the time interval on Gore’s graph was several hundred thousand years so it was difficult to see the truth: If just look at the data up close, then right away can see that the CO2 levels rose about 800 years after the temperature rose, from whatever source.So, the claim fails this test.Yes, here I should give more evidence, but I’m not running a newspaper and need to get back to my startup.Test 2 There was the Medieval Warm Period. Yes, temperatures were significantly higher. But there is no evidence that CO2 concentrations were higher.So, the claim fails this test.Test 3 Shortly after the Medieval Warm Period, we entered the Little Ice Age. But there is no evidence that CO2 concentrations were lower on the way into the Little Ice Age.So, the claim fails this test.Test 4 From about 1940 to 1970, temperatures were lower, but there is no evidence that CO2 concentrations were lower.So, the claim fails this test.Test 5 The climate science community developed a lot of models of global warming driven by CO2. In about 1980, the average of the models and the temperature agreed.Then the models predicted much higher temperatures by 2015. Alas in the graphhttp://www.energyadvocate.c…there are the predictions of about 70 models, and nearly all the models and their average is way, way too high, way above the observed temperatures.So, the claim fails this test.That’s five failed tests and enough to debunk the claim. Done with the claim.For more, we have also shown that, yes, temperature does change but CO2 is not the only cause and in the five cases of data I gave appears never to have been a cause.Done with any claim of accuracy or objectivity by the NYT.For yourthe editors there are as loose with the truth as Trump is I very much wish the NYT and Trump were equally “loose with the truth”. Alas, my view, as illustrated by my evidence here, Trump is quite careful with the truth, and the NYT fills a much needed gap in our sources of public information, would be illuminating if ignited, would make better kitty litter if they would omit the ink, and is upchuck, raw sewage, flaming, fuming, bubbling, reeking, sticky, ugly toxic waste.If some of the strongest evidence that Trump is “loose with the truth” is โ€œTrump: I never said Japan should have nukes (he did).โ€ Thus read the chyron that shook the television world โ€” maybe. then, as I have shown here for this quote, this is good news about Trump since with this quote we still don’t have any useful evidence that Trump is “loose with the truth”.Really, if this quote is about the best attack on Trump’s way with the truth, then that is very good news for Trump supporters.Thank you NYT for that compliment on Trump’s veracity. Of course, since the NYT thought that Al Gore had veracity, such an NYT compliment doesn’t mean much, but maybe the NYT is starting to change, maybe work their way all the way up, up, up to, say, common middle school levels of rationalism? Naw, not much chance of that!I am still looking for good information that Trump is “loose with the truth”. I’m a Trump supporter. If I’m wrong, I want to be the first to know.For the NYT, IMHO they wouldn’t recognize the truth if it was engraved in a thick plate of solid gold and in a blue Tiffany’s box hand delivered from Tiffany’s.

      2. LE

        Exactly. He said something (iirc) that was that nothing was off the table and that it was an idea to consider.Press did this as well with the “Look at my African American” comment highlighting it out of the context.

    3. LE

      Well considering that Hillary is off the dartboard as well (a better evil?) it’s kind of funny that the NYT thinks she is otherwise acceptable and will endorse her as their pick (with typical “to be sure” NYT caveats).The Clintons are big liars. In major ways. Ways that matter. Of course all politicians are and unfortunately they have to because the populace can’t handle the truth and it’s made up of a diverse set of people with different upbringings, ideas, backgrounds and problems. I don’t think it’s actually a solvable problem. I don’t even think we want it solved actually.Was an interesting article that I don’t have it handy as far as why Trump continues to have support even in light of what he says. The reason boils down to human nature and the same reason people (or kids) will do something dangerous when confronted with the facts. It’s rebellion. [1] It can’t be addressed with reason at all. It’s emotional. The more you tell a kid not to smoke (as only one example) the more likely he will be to smoke (something similar to that). You can’t fight danger with facts at least not with a large swath of the population. If it were that simple you could easily get kids not to smoke and take drugs.[1] For example, back when I was growing up, and I don’t know if this is true anymore, what went around was that Catholic girls were more promiscuous simply because they were raised to be virgins. Or something like that I don’t remember exactly.

  25. James Ferguson @kWIQly

    Airlines that promote a “speedy boarding deal” to gives priority over families with small children and disabled passengers.There should be a special place in hell…

  26. creative group

    Our Pet Peeve?Adults who have few worries in life creating self induced stress from a minute issue. (Even having a Pet Peeve)

  27. aminTorres

    Oh boy:- Overuse of the word “like”- Consequently, when people “like” their own posts on fb.- Misleading headlines, “…what happens next will shock you” – Consequently, the overuse of ellipses.- Improper kerning of type and extra spaces. – Centered text.- Agency catch phrases, “will need to circle back on that”, “Let’s unpack this”, “What are the KIPs?” “We are not hitting the RTBs strong enough”- Acronyms that are more difficult than the shit they describe.- All acronyms,- People who use the term “open source” wrong.- Overuse of the word “Disrupt”, specially when describing something not disruptive. – The use of the word “Hack”, specially when describing something that is not hacking.- People who eat pizza while walking on the street.I would write more but I have to go.

    1. mikenolan99

      “WWW” might be the worst acronym to say out loud. Takes more syllables than the words it replaces.

  28. kirklove

    People who try to walk into a full subway car before letting people off!

    1. Supratim Dasgupta

      Agree.Though must admit have done it few times.Its hard to spot someone is getting off when he or she is still buried in the car after the door is open for 5 secs

      1. kirklove

        Yeah, I’m ok with that. Understandable. I’m talking about the doors open and some jackoff (always a bro) tries to push right in. Idiot.I’ve got a slew of subway pet peeves… Like people (especially men) who don’t give up their seats for older people, pregnant women, or people with kids.

        1. Supratim Dasgupta

          The older person part is tricky.50 % of the times they decline my offer and I think they get upset that I thought they were old enough to be offered a seat(usually ladies)

          1. kirklove

            Nah, you’re never in the wrong trying to do the right thing.

          2. Supratim Dasgupta

            Yah.thats why I still most subway rides are less than 10 mins so these days mostly stand.I hate it when people Hog the door space during rush hour even when there is space inside

          3. kirklove

            Yeah, that’s another Subway one. Plenty of luscious room in the middle. Use it!

          4. PhilipSugar

            I agree. I got up for a late term pregnant woman once, she refused to take my seat. I told her I would stand there with her because I could not sit while she was standing.

          5. LE

            Interesting. How late term? Women do all sorts of things late in pregnancy which rise well above having to stand for a bit. I probably would have offered the seat, primarily to avoid guilt of not doing so, but after it was refused I would have sat down and not cared.

          6. PhilipSugar

            I didn’t ask, but you know what I mean. At the point where there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that she is pregnant.

          7. LE

            A girl that worked for a tenant of mine (nurse actually) appeared to me to be pregnant. I am really good at that type of thing I can even typically guess within a month once they are above 4 months. So I say to her “oh congratulations” and she says “I’m not pregnant I guess the shirt is poofy”. What’s interesting was that when I was younger if I made a mistake like that I would have beat myself up over it. But it literally didn’t bother me at all I though “big deal who cares”. Maybe she shouldn’t have been binging so much.

        2. creative group

          Kirklove:What does always a Bro mean? (couldn’t have been what you were saying)Would that be like the characterization of:They are always the serial killers They are always the pedophiles They are always serial rapistThey are always the mass shooting killers of children and adultsActually all the above would be always ignorant to think and say.

          1. creative group

            Kirklove:Thanks! misconstrued Bro.

        3. LE

          I like the sound of jagoff better.

        4. Twain Twain

          Also people who see a mother struggling with her pram and child or an elderly person going up stairs (there are’t always elevators & escalators) and they don’t even offer to help.

          1. meredithcollinz

            Yes, that’s always shocking to me – it just has to be brutal from start to finish using public transportation with a baby in a stroller. And if you have to do it frequently, life is probably not easy all around. Odd when no one helps even in the simplest ways. On the UWS tho, those moms use their prams as weapons! You definitely don’t want to get in their way! ;~)

    2. meredithcollinz

      People who stand at the top or bottom of the subway stairs texting away! Or in the middle of a busy sidewalk. Drives me nuts.

      1. Hunter

        oooh, or people who stand still in the middle of an escalator, making it so you can’t walk past them and backing up a whole line of people getting off the subway. Just stand to one side!

        1. meredithcollinz

          Oh, yes. Crazy-making. I also love tourists who walk three and four across the sidewalk so you can’t pass.

    3. Rob Underwood

      My pet peeve is when some joker from Carroll Gardens makes a super NYC specific comment that gets as many up votes as my far more inclusive, ubiquitous pet peeve comment. I hate that almost as much as the word “meta”, inside jokes, and self-referential comments.

      1. kirklove

        That guy sounds like a dick! I would totally avoid him at the Smith and 2nd Street stop!

    4. Brandon G. Donnelly


    5. Dustin Hannor

      My pet peeve has always been the number of guards saluting me as I enter into my private aircraft.

    6. Jonathan Conway

      My pet peeve has always been about men that scratch their privates and raising a leg to facilitate a fart. All at the same time and in public places

  29. mfeinstein

    I hate it when people are late, even a little late, without letting me know they are running late. We all end up late at times (or often!), but it’s disrespectful to run late and not tell the person who is waiting for you.

    1. Supratim Dasgupta

      It’s always 5 mins and I will make up and it’s no big deal.calling and informing will further delay me(even if am in a taxi sitting and doing nothing)

      1. mfeinstein

        I’ve heard all those excuses, and many more. None of them work on me.

    2. LE

      Or women who are late with their period.

  30. Supratim Dasgupta

    TSA that will be busy with small talk instead of helping move the stuff on the conveyer belt.Happens a lot in Newark terminal A

  31. BillMcNeely

    Not showing up for meetings without prior communication

    1. Supratim Dasgupta

      Hey I didn’t get the meeting invite.Am facing issues with my outlook lately

  32. Supratim Dasgupta

    Loud Music.Hey it’s Saturday night.This actually was the reason I moved out earlier his year

  33. Supratim Dasgupta

    Windows down.Car stereo blasting.Blasting my Bluetooth speaker taking a walk in central park

  34. Quantella Owens

    I hate when you ask someone a question and they answer anything but what you have asked because they are too busy anticipating and assuming…both the answer and what you want to hear. Example: I once emailed a real estate agent in Alaska to ask who built a house with wonderful decorative woodwork-think LotR-and instead of answering me she said “Oh, he’s dead.”

    1. Mike Geer (MG)


    2. Vasudev Ram

      That sort of second-guessing (it that’s the right term for it) is very common in India. It drives me nuts. (So I guess that’s my pet peeve.) I keep having to tell people (even well-educated ones) that: don’t try to read my mind, I’m asking the question aloud – just listen and then answer. Wastes both parties’ time when they don’t get that.

  35. Matt Zagaja

    +1 for lateness and flakiness in general. However the worst is people who RSVP to events and do not show up. Have put on a lot of meet ups and things where the RSVP count is high, we plan for everyone (food, venue, etc.) and then get a 25% yield. Made even more painful by the fact that the people who did that prevented someone on the waitlist from being able to attend. (Conversely this is sometimes offset by people who show up despite not having RSVP’d, which is not as big of an issue at least until too many of those show up and you don’t have enough food for everyone.)

  36. Supratim Dasgupta

    People who don’t pick up after their dog. Huge UES Central park problem.Govt should install cameras that catches dogs in action and fine people 1000 dollars. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Deborah Newman

    People on subways (or buses) in the “disability seats” who won’t get up to let me sit, even when I ask them to (nicely). They can see I use a cane, but that doesn’t seem to matter a lot of the time.

  38. Brett Matesen

    People who squander a left green arrow turn signals

  39. Supratim Dasgupta

    People who fart in planes.The Red eyes are guaranteed to have one.And I always happen to be sitting in vicinity of one of them ๐Ÿ™

    1. William Mougayar

      we need an app as a smell detector to point these out & people with bad breath or BO.

      1. Supratim Dasgupta

        And the app will turn on the reading light exposing the culprit!

        1. William Mougayar


          1. Supratim Dasgupta

            And lower the oxygen masks?

      2. creative group

        William Mougayar:If you ride public transit interacting with the homeless is inevitable. When you are around what appears by dress to be regular people smelling like a month without shower camping trip is ridiculous.. Who continues to employ these folks?

      3. Vasudev Ram

        A device or sensor (could be in, or an add-on, to a cellphone) connected to an app.

    2. scottythebody

      I was once on an Austrian Airlines international flight of exceedingly long duration and had the privilege of my work sending my Business Class. They served a cabbage soup right before “nap time”. It was horrific.

  40. Seth Godin

    Peeves make lousy pets.They’re difficult to care for, they eat a lot, they don’t clean up after themselves.

    1. Aryeh Carni

      Incredibly needy creatures….

  41. TeddyBeingTeddy

    Drivers that cut in right at the end of a backed up exit. The worst people on the planet.

    1. William Mougayar

      yup. especially taxi drivers that do that. that’s why i’m rooting for Uber to get them off the roads and replace them by civilized drivers.

  42. sigmaalgebra

    Technical WritingPeeve: Undefined TLAs — that is, three letter acronyms!Deliberately Deceptive Distorting, Disgusting, Destructive, Dangerous NewsiesPeeve: Newsies that distort what political candidates say. I want complete quotes, with context, from primary sources, with solid references, i.e., common high school term paper writing standards. It appears instead that newsies want to grab people by the heart, the gut, and below the belt, always below the shoulders, never between the ears, sure that from grabbing readers that way their eyeballs will be sure to follow and then the newsies can get ad revenue.For a newsie who appears to have a partisan political bias, I gave up believing that they really believe in that side of the issue and, instead, are just trying to get the eyeballs of readers who do.Newsies Without Good DefinitionsPeeve: Newsies who don’t give good definitions. E.g., there is a newsie report that in the last month the US economy created only 38,000 jobs. I have no idea what that means. In particular, I’d like at least an operational definition on how the measurement is done.Sloppy NewsiesPeeve: Newsies doing very sloppy work while many people in our society in their work are very careful and precise, e.g., for work in mathematics, physical science, medical science, law, finance, medicine, much of engineering, and more. Why newsies are so sloppy and why the readers put up with it is beyond me. There should be at least a large enough audience, if only now via the Internet, for non-sloppy news reporting.Car Ads and DesignsPeeve: Car ads and car designers emphasize aspects of cars I don’t care about and ignore the ones I do: I care about ruggedness, durability, utility, resistance to corrosion, and ease of maintenance. In a car for high performance, in addition I want great acceleration, braking, and cornering. Suspension? Stiff with as little play as possible, e.g., solid bushings. Instead the car ads and designers concentrate on style, comfort, social status, luxury, etc.Web Pages with Too Much JavaScriptPeeve: Too many Web page developers write and/or use too much JavaScript. Results: (1) Slow Web site loading with the screen contents jumping during the loading. (2) Large virtual memory usage on my computer. (3) On my computer, 100% CPU busy for minutes per page and, apparently, even infinite loops. (4) Changes in how the user interface works, e.g., loss of focus, changes in what the keys and mouse clicks mean, unwanted responses to mouse movements, etc. For some news Web sites, I’ve written some code that parses the HTML, rips out all the JavaScript, and displays the rest — often that is much better!Hype from Computer SciencePeeve: The computer science community pushes out too much outrageous hype, especially about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Really, the hype is so severe it is should be considered academic misconduct. Much of the hype is from renaming now classic work in statistics, and that should be considered academic theft. One intention appears to be attention from obfuscation — my response is a pet peeve, irritation.Microsoft Software DocumentationPeeve: Microsoft, for the sake of Microsoft and any developers they want, needs to learn how to do good technical writing.Sweet Pickle RelishPeeve: Tough to buy good sweet pickle relish. It’s summer and, thus, time for hot dogs, sometimes with sweet pickle relish. Well, once at Sam’s Club I bought, for a nice, low price per ounce, a one gallon jug of sweet pickle relish. Terrific — just what I wanted, cheap, plentiful, lasted well until the jug was empty. But, apparently that was too good. So, instead, now all I can find is little bottles of relish that is too expensive per ounce, in a bottle that is a pain in every way (apparently was designed by an MBA marketing twit), and is way, Way, WAY too darned sweet. Sweet pickle relish — simple, standard, old product our economy had right and then made a mess out of. Bummer. If all the marketing MBAs were laid end to end, it would be a good thing!

  43. Matthew Zadrozny

    People who require infinitely many messages to decide a time and place to meet (especially after insisting they want to make it happen), or who sit on an invitation to a simple thing. They can’t decide, are keeping options open, don’t communicate that they’re not yet in a position to decide, or fear disappointing. Millennials in particular seem to have this problem. Respect others’ time and learn to satisfice.

  44. Mike Geer (MG)

    My pet peeve is when a person does not answer a direct question in a one question email. I spent the time to send the question. I obviously need the answer and the person responds without answering the one direct question.I fully understand email should not illicit strong emotions, but that gets me every time ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. scottythebody

      Depends on the question. There is a low barrier to entry and a potentially very high effort required for response. I ignore emails all the time. In fact, if I read and responded to every email I receive, then that would be my only job. I think Fred calls it “email bankruptcy”. That used to be a pet peeve of mine, now it’s a survival tool ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Sebastien Latapie

    Pet peeve is people who chew with their mouth open / chew very noisily. Hearing that saliva sloshing and lip smacking is un-appetizing! Yuck.

    1. PhilipSugar

      How about after that when they lick each of their fingers?

  46. Mitchell Kline

    Waiting in a long line and finding out the reason-The service person having a personal conversation about their evening or weekend plans.

  47. Kirsten Lambertsen

    It drives me crazy when people use “magic bullet” where they should be using “silver bullet.” A “silver bullet” is a good thing. The “magic bullet” was a horrible, terrible thing.When the toilet seat has been left up in a unisex public bathroom.Calling a grown woman a “girl.””Mompreneur.”

    1. Ana Milicevic

      “Mompreneur” makes me want to burn things. Almost as much as “lifestyle business”

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        “…burn things.” ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Lawrence Brass


      2. LE

        Agree to me it’s like a subtle putdown. Of course “lifestyle” isn’t anywhere near as bad as “mom and pop” or “small businessman”.

    2. PhilipSugar

      I don’t know about the second one, if it doesn’t have a lid. You put it down I have to put it up. Why do I have to put up and down.My 50+ year old wife always refers other woman as girls. That is a gender thing, I would not, but I also might say the boys and I are going out.”Mompreneur” I have never heard that one. That is seriously disgusting because I never have heard about a Dadpreneur.

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        I can yield on ‘girl’ in your example. Quite fair.But on #1 (pun intended), if I could pee standing up, believe me I would. I cannot. The civilized thing is for people who can pee standing up to put the seat back down. If everyone would just pee sitting down, none of us would have to touch the toilet seat at all. Srsly.

        1. PhilipSugar

          A part of us would have to touch the toilet seat unless we “hovered” which makes a total mess.There are 838 five star Amazon reviews for this product which says you can:…I cannot speak to effectiveness.

      2. LE

        Why do I have to put up and down.Same reason I have to pay for date night with my wife even though she makes plenty of money at her job. Just the way it is.

        1. Kirsten Lambertsen

          It’s actually quite practical: nearly half of the population is incapable of peeing standing. Nearly all are capable of peeing sitting down. If everyone would just pee sitting down, then *no one* would have to *touch* a *toilet seat*.

          1. LE

            Well the upside is that you have no idea how disgusting some men’s bathrooms are.Funny story. Way back in the day I was looking with my cousin who was interested in buying a Burger King in some poor neighborhood. The very first thing I thought was whether there was an extra bathroom for the management to use or if they had to use the same one patrons used.

          2. PhilipSugar

            I can assure you from having to clean the female ones at our fraternity and traveling with woman who have to use my club pass at the airport because the public ones are so bad it is equal opportunity.

    3. LE

      My ex father in law use to say things like “she’s one of those broads that hustles”. He called every woman/girl “babe” after the name. So you would be “Kirsten babe” for example.

    4. someone

      “Couplepreneur” is like nails on a chalkboard

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        I haven’t seen that before. Egads.

  48. Hunter

    TSA lines. Theses security checks are asinine in the first place, but they particularly annoy me when a line is backed up at one station while a station right next to it is fully staffed but completely unoccupied.

  49. Kirsten Lambertsen

    People who don’t bear right walking along the sidewalk in NYC. It’s just like driving down the street. Please bear right. You really mess up the flow walking down the wrong side of the sidewalk.

  50. William Mougayar

    People that email me and say-can I buy you coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner.that’s a pretty low value proposition as an entry point.

    1. Twain Twain

      How about a Tesla then? :*)

      1. William Mougayar

        now you’re talking ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. jer979

    People who misuse it’s, its, and its’.People who stand on the left side of escalators or moving walkways.People who say “I know we are short on time, so I’ll be brief.” By saying that, you’re already not being brief. Skip it and just be brief! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Ana Milicevic

    Native English speakers who do not grasp the concept of possessive nouns and pronouns.People who speak on the phone in an UberPool while riding with strangers. Usually they’re the same people who get in the car w/o saying hi or even acknowledging the driver and other passengers. Poor manners.

  53. kenberger

    #FirstWorldProblems come to mind.Folks, lets remember to keep our “problems” in perspective at all times. I loved this campaign:

      1. kenberger

        Great domain name for this !!Bill Gates has done an incredible job on this topic, constantly pointing out: before you worry about gigabit internet, first get the people running water.

        1. LE

          Fuck Bill Gates. He’s the asshole burned out elder statesman who made his fortune aggravating an entire generation of computer users with his shitty bug filled blue screen of death product(s). There are book titles to describe the pain (talk about pet peeves) that his customers have had as he basks in his glory now as someone doing good (in some people’s eyes honestly I am not kept up at night by running water in other countries honestly..). I don’t use Windows except when 100% necessary by the way, I am just empathetic to those that were required to use it.…”To use Windows is to be annoyed — and this book is the best way to solve any annoyance you come across. It’s the most comprehensive and entertaining guide you can get for turning Windows into an operating system that’s a pleasure to use.”My #1 pet peeve has to be heads of business (whether large or small) that are so far above and detached from the front lines (and/or customers) in a way that allow them to ignore the pain that those users suffer. That they know about and don’t care about or that they don’t know about….

          1. Quantella Owens

            I was automagically switched to Windows 10 on Sony VAIO and it crashes-literally shuts down and sends me some stupid blue screen error message-at a minimum of four times a day. All random. I am usually in the middle of working on something and down it goes. It has been happening for months and is slowly driving me crazy.

    1. scottythebody

      I think that’s the whole point of a pet peeve, it’s supposed to be something that really isn’t a big deal but annoys you or even enrages you for no logical reason.

      1. kenberger

        sure, it’s why it’s called “pet”. and I think my point is still a good one.

        1. scottythebody

          it is a good one. Great image, too.

  54. Ryan Connolly

    Failure to maintain speed on the freeway. 70 –> 65 –> 80. Ban that driver!

  55. Pointsandfigures

    PowerPoint presentations where they only read the slide

    1. Rob Underwood

      PowerPoints where they only read what’s on the slide.

    2. PhilipSugar

      Powerpoints period

  56. William Mougayar

    Speaking of….can someone explain the Pet sign here:

    1. Lawrence Brass

      PET, polyethylene terephthalate, as if anyone normal would know the exact type of plastic a container is made of. This is one of my pet peeves: when someone uses a particular field or technical language and acronyms in a casual non-technical conversation.

      1. William Mougayar

        That was at the Amsterdam airport btw. That explains it. Thanks.

      2. scottythebody

        Yes. I hate it when people subject you to their internal professional jargon. Like when a restaurant says something has been “eight-sixed” or refers to something as the “starch” (ugh).

  57. Dave Pinsen

    Restaurant deliveries that pack a cold can of soda next to a container of hot food.Medical co-pays that are probably more that the whole bill would be if it weren’t inflated by insurance.People who do anything other than squats or presses in a squat rack and don’t rack their weights in an organized manner.Drivers who don’t signal before turning.

    1. William Mougayar

      Ditto for #1. I hate that to the hill, when they pack cold and hot food on top of each other.

    2. LE

      Restaurant deliveries that pack a cold can of soda next to a container of hot food.Sometimes lost today is the difficulty of running a traditional business with the labor pool that is out there. It’s often not getting customers it’s not losing the customers you have. In a business that I owned some time ago we had a saying. We called it “wheel….of….fuckups” said to the tune of that game show. You come to work everyday and you deal with all the things that got messed up the other day (or the current day). Unfortunately the quality level of the people that you are able to hire determines the problems that you have in this area. It’s a balance between hiring at the bottom and hiring someone who is good and won’t stick around and will leave for another job. Lest you think that (as in your example) working in restaurant takeout generally results in super qualified people overall.

    3. RichardF

      Oops, no inverted rows when your around then Dave ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Dave Pinsen

        You can do Pendlay rows on the floor.

  58. JamesHRH

    people who drive below speed limit in left hand lane, next to vehicles driving the same speed in other lanes.

  59. Jc_mellinger

    People who bring food onto an airplane. We can’t be friends if you do.

    1. Rob Larson


  60. Paul Sanwald

    My biggest pet peeves are transit related:- People standing on the left side of an escalator. What is so hard about standing on the right, walking on the left?- People boarding the subway without letting passengers off first. Why do people do this?- In a baggage claim area in airport, crowding the rails of the baggage claim conveyor. If everyone just stood back 5 feet, then everyone could retrieve their bag in an orderly fashion instead of having to jostle with each other. This is a tragedy of the commons problem but it’s super annoying.- Anyone driving in NYC that does not respect pedestrians or drives in a reckless fashion. I am a runner, and have been almost killed by reckless drivers on many occasions.

  61. Thor Snilsberg

    Pedestrians looking at their phones rather than where they are going. + this goes for drivers and cyclists too.

  62. Josh Rutstein

    I am tired of the pre-meeting meeting. “Meetings” have become “post-meetings”. Why even have the post-meeting if all you are doing is rubber stamping something that was already ‘shopped’ to 10 people before that event and is now watered down to be nothing? Be a grownup and go to a meeting prepared to have an honest discussion and make a decision on something you may not know everything about: That is why there is more than one person in the room.

  63. jason wright

    Oh the love we humans feel for one another ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. LE

    The latest annoyance that I just ran into (right now) was calling Nordic Track for service on a treadmill. And after going through the long phone tree I hear a message which said to call back in 1-1/2 hours. Because they were training their staff to better assist customers. No mention of when the 1.5 hours started, could have been 5 minutes ago, could have been 1 hour 25 minutes ago. Truly brain dead losers who work in some jobs as well as the people that manage them.

  65. Erin

    When people use the word “less” incorrectly, like I have less bags than he does. It’s “fewer”.

  66. LE

    Overpriced products with invented names that appeal primarily to millennials and/or metrosexuals…

    1. creative group

      LE:Metrosexual (metยทroยทsexยทual) a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste. ————————–Those of us who are heterosexual, take daily showers, pride ourselves in being groomed and enjoy dressing fashionable are lumped with being young (Descriminating against us baby boomers), urban and liberal political views. (Always been registered an Independent)

  67. Nikhil Krishnan

    People that stand still in the middle of escalators. They don’t move to the side or walk, just stand in the middle and don’t let anyone pass

  68. Murtaugh

    1. When people line up to board a flight and instead of turning the line into the boarding area just take it straight out into the walkway. Always happens at Denver for some reason.2. People that are in the left lane at a red light and then turn their left hand turn signal on. Applies mostly to urban areas.3. Trying to pay for something in an Apple Store. “Is there anyone here that will please take my money…”4. When I check into a Marriott hotel and they say thank you for your platinum status like its a good thing. They don’t seem to understand that I don’t want to be there and would rather be at home with my family. What they should say if they really know their customer is, “My condolences on your Platinum Status; may I offer you a complimentary, stiff drink?”5. When there are not gas stations within 5 miles of an airport rental car return facility.6. Proposition 13 in California.7. Parents that take Little League games way too seriously. It’s not about you; it’s about the kids.

  69. warrickt

    Lateness – people being late to meet me, or me being late. With G/Maps and predicted travel time estimates there is no excuse, even in a busy City like SF. Must be my military background…..

    1. Rob Underwood

      People are on time to the things that matter to them. People are late to the things that don’t.

  70. bfeld

    People who preface what they are with adjectives. For example, “I am a value-added investor” makes me want to rip my eyes out.

    1. fredwilson

      i also dislike “in my humble opinion”why does your opinion have to be humble?

      1. bfeld

        And “Honestly, …” fits in this thread. “Honestly, everything that I say after the word honestly is complete bullshit intended to manipulate you.”

  71. Mark Essel

    Having to work till I’m 80.This time of year it’s almost too beautiful to be indoors.

  72. Vasudev Ram

    So, Fred, your “innocent” question brought out a shit [1] ton of responses.[1] Pun intended (considering some of the topics in the thread).A Socratic dialogue.Well done sir.The part that’s left is action on fixing these peeves. With more of individual and crowdacting, it may happen.

  73. Lawrence Brass

    stupid USB type A connector that never seems to be the way it should, billions of mankind seconds lost in eternity.

  74. creative group

    Askhan Mizani:It is referred to as crowdshitting. People not only want the experience to be communal but also like to share their smell.

  75. Mariah Lichtenstern


  76. Joel Natividad

    How the out of order light on Citibikes are only visible from one side. How hard would have it been to put them on top of the dock, or have multiple led lights?

  77. Brandon G. Donnelly

    judging by the # of comments, there are lots of pet peeves out there!mine is rubbernecking on the road.especially when it’s an accident on the other side of the road and it should have no impact on traffic on my side of the road.keep driving! ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Luis Figueroa

    People who check or answer their phone while a movie is playing.

  79. scottythebody

    Just about everything to do with customer service and running businesses here in Vienna, Austria.

  80. scottythebody

    People who compensate for something by having those obnoxiously loud motorcycles. When I lived in Aspen they used to wake me up every damned morning so they could go ride in “nature”. Idiots.

  81. scottythebody

    The “everything is a remix” series and “culture”. Making videos to show off your pop culture literacy and using a bullshit word to replace “influence” and, also, this idea was “hot” when Mondo 2000 was around. Please.

  82. Richard

    People who go back for one more thing when their groceries are next in line.

  83. DonRyan

    Mine are occupational hazards (I work in the healthcare industry). Stint vs. stent. A stint is a period of time. A stent is a catheter placed into a blood vessel to augment the lumen. Also, ventilator and respirator. A ventilator breathes for you when you can’t (hence, mechanical ventilation). A respirator is something you wear to keep paint fumes and such out of your lungs.Both drive me crazy. I should seek therapy.

  84. Jeremy Robinson

    People who stand in line at a grocery store or a bank and don’t get their credit cards or money out until they reach the front. Then they decide it’s also a wonderful moment to have a robust conversation with the cashier collecting their money. Grrrr.

  85. David Noรซl

    Auto tune in music

  86. JimHirshfield

    Don’t worry. Problem solved when we all start checking our messages on our retinas.

  87. Supratim Dasgupta

    Thank you! Next time you are in NY would be honored to meet you over some cortado ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. LE

    Hah. My pet peeve (sorry) is people who try to frame something that bothers someone else as a first world problem that they shouldn’t be annoyed at. And that they should be happy for what they have that others do not. That’s not acknowledging that someone has a right to be bothered and annoyed. It’s as if to say “that doesn’t bother me it shouldn’t bother you”. Or “what’s the big deal”?

  89. Kirsten Lambertsen

    When someone is eating Nutella and doesn’t share it. The struggle is real.

  90. LE

    Try this one. When someone pulls up in a nice car start the conversation by telling them that your Dad drives the same model. See what happens.What percentage of people tip when dropping off a car?

  91. PhilipSugar

    That is great!!

  92. LE

    So wait you say when dropping off 95% of people tip? That’s hard to believe and doesn’t jive with the fact that when I have tipped dropping off often I’ve gotten one of those spaces on the ground floor in view of the pay booth.

  93. Vasudev Ram

    “aks” for “ask”, “I could of” for “I could have” …

  94. Vasudev Ram

    Direct to brain via radio wave, sir. No hardware needed. Cheaper. Internet scale. Gotta scale that puppy.

  95. Rob Larson

    Interesting back story behind where that song came from:…. It seems that Leary stole that bit from Louis CK. (here Louie’s talking on the Opie and Anthony show – story gets going at 2:49.

  96. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Oh, the irony!

  97. Rob Larson

    LOL, so true!

  98. Lawrence Brass

    verld vide veb would sound too deutsche.

  99. Lawrence Brass

    Ads transmitted directly to the brain via RF, lots of potential there. ๐Ÿ™

  100. Vasudev Ram

    Good physics pun there.

  101. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Yeah, I tend to naturally not use weapons, war, and sports metaphors. Just not my nature. However, the silver bullet is a supernatural metaphor, so in my book it doesn’t count ๐Ÿ™‚ I also like superhero references like, Kryptonite and golden lasso.

  102. scottythebody

    Great idea.

  103. William Mougayar

    It’s a job. I once had a $3/hr job at McDonald’s. That French proverb that I included in my response to James is translated as:”There are no stupid jobs, there are stupid people.”