Let's Go Mets

Last year the Mets woke up on the last night of July. I called it here on AVC. They went all the way to the Series, losing badly to the Royals.

This year it took longer, but anyone who follows baseball knows that the Mets are the hottest team in baseball right now. They’ve won eight of their last ten and something like fourteen of their past eighteen games.

I started watching closely a few weeks ago when they started to put back to back wins together. And I’ve tried to watch as many games as I can since then.

They took a lot of hits in the first half of the season, most notably the loss of their ace Matt Harvey, but they have hung in there. If Cespedes does what he did last year and Curtis stays hot after a lousy year at the plate, then we’ve got a chance to make the playoffs and then anything can happen.

The Cubs and Nationals look like the better NL teams this year but the if the Mets stay hot we could be playing baseball in October in NYC. And although I’m a Yankee hater, they also might pull off a late charge. There is nothing quite like the cool fall nights in NYC with postseason baseball in the air.


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  1. kirklove

    No chaaaaaaaaancccce

    1. Rob Underwood

      Wait, who is your team again Kirk?

      1. kirklove

        A team with even less of a chance – the Phillies

    2. fredwilson

      Hard to love and hate a comment as much as I do this one

    1. Jess Bachman

      For people who seem to have a ton of quotes attributed to them, like Berra, I always wonder where these quotes first appear. Is Yogi writing newspaper columns? Is he dropping these at press conferences? is there some guy in the dugout that just writes down stuff he says? Did he publish a Yogi Berra Quote of the Day Calendar?

      1. JimHirshfield

        You’re like, “How did people share snippets before Twitter?”And I’m like, “I dunno, maybe famous people are always within earshot of reporters?”

        1. Jess Bachman

          Maybe, but Im not sure if Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, or Einstein had reporters hanging around all the time. Even so, I’d still like to know the context in which these quotes originially appear.

          1. JimHirshfield

            Good one. Love this, ’cause I live it…His failure, at those times, to be amusing made me love him even more. He became a real person to me. He hit .285 lifetime, so why should I expect him to wit .500?

          2. LE

            Fwiw back in the late 90’s when I would work at getting quoted in the paper (or online and was quite good at it) when a writer wanted to talk to me I would always insist on knowing up front what they wanted to talk about so I could come up with the witty, quotable or outrageous line …. that I knew they would reprint. I had them all planned out in advance.

          3. jason wright

            Yes, it’s all behind the scenes technique of one sort or another. Most creativity has an engineered foundation, that we never see or fail to appreciate is there.

    2. Rob Underwood

      The startup business is ninety percent product-market fit. The other half is team.

      1. JimHirshfield

        Frame that!!

        1. Rob Underwood

          Sure. But should it have my photo, yours, or our host’s?

          1. JimHirshfield

            Yogi Berra’s, duh!

          2. Rob Underwood

            Right. But given the original post, we’d probably want to use a different photo. Maybe one like this –> http://cdn.newsday.com/polo

  2. Tom Labus

    Easy on the Yanks, those new guys are playing well. AL East is a great 4 team race at this point.

  3. Steve Poland

    Good luck to your Mets- I see they just got Tebow as well.What’s your typical 2nd-screen experience when watching a Mets game solo? Twitter? Texting? Curious what others say too. Mine is Twitter, but it doesn’t satisfy me. I want to engage in conversations with others watching the game like me- not HOPE someone replies to a tweet of mine. We have lost the real-time Chatrooms of the 90s in our exploration of the social web.Josh Elman is big on this as well https://twitter.com/popo/st

    1. pointsnfigures

      I prefer Twitter myself for watching sports events. Been a great year on the north side of Chicago. Let’s hope it continues.

  4. Rob Underwood

    Red Sox fan having been born and bred in New England. After 16 years in NYC though, I’ve adopted the Mets and love ’em. The amount of injuries this year has been incredible. It’s great to see them making thier run.Looking forward to the football talk too. Patriots season!

    1. Steve Poland

      Go Bills!

      1. Rob Underwood

        I thought in the AVC community acceptable use policies the only permitted AFC east teams identified were the Pats and Jets? 😉

  5. William Mougayar

    The playoff picture still looks blurry with several teams in the hunt. Of the contenders you mentioned, I would add the Toronto Blue Jays for sure.

    1. pointsnfigures

      Yup, playing well. Watch out for the Tribe in the AL.

    2. jason wright

      Isn’t Toronto in a different country? What kind of league is this?

      1. William Mougayar

        Part of the American League East.

        1. PhilipSugar

          I might try to get to Toronto for the end of the season to see the Orioles crush your dreams. :-)Of course your reply should be mmmmm what are their records against each other.

          1. William Mougayar

            I would be more pleased to see you than the outcome of the series.

          2. PhilipSugar

            Feeling is the same.

  6. JimHirshfield

    Tim Tebow to be signed by Mets… Just saw that news on ESPN

    1. fredwilson

      I just got a push notification from ESPN. Not sure what to make of that news

      1. Rob Larson

        This will be as impactful as when Michael Jordan signed with the White Sox. i.e. their minor league affiliate will sell more tickets, but this won’t have any impact on the Mets.

        1. onowahoo

          Except when Tebow comes, he brings the Circus

          1. pointsnfigures

            Tebow is a great athlete. If he can hit, he will make the majors.

          2. Rob Larson

            “Tebow is a great athlete. If he can hit, he will make the majors”Yep, MJ was in the same bucket. Unfortunately, hitting in the majors is the most difficult athletic skill to acquire. Which is why MLB has the farm system in the first place – it takes years for top draft prospects to develop their hitting skills enough to contribute to a MLB team. Other sports don’t need such extensive farm systems because they don’t face the same learning curve.If Tebow keeps at it, for many years, he might eventually get called up. But that’s a long road, and the odds are unfortunately against him.

          3. LE

            Is there any precedent in sports for this actually working other than from a PR and marketing perspective? Where does being good at one sport translate into the many years of specific practice (competing at the top no less) with someone that has been focused in that sport?Would think a better use of his time would be buying a car dealership next. (a joke)

          4. LE

            When I was growing up there was a tv show about a blind doctor. He was truly special in being able to pull that off. The fact is most people aren’t that kind of aberration. My guess is that numbers wise this is an extremely atypical achievement.Except for a shitty doctor he would have made the Hall of Fame in the NFL and the MLB.But that’s part of life. That’s the part that is called “luck”. Luck that something good happens to you and also luck that you avoid something that holds you back or something bad.Imagine if in college you had someone who told you “be this instead of that”. That would be great, right? Imagine Donald Trump w/o Fred Trump as his father. Imagine Hillary Clinton w/o Bill Clinton as her husband (or importantly vice versa).

          5. Rob Larson

            “Except when Tebow comes, he brings the Circus”So did Jordan 🙂

          6. PhilipSugar

            You need to put in Bo.

          7. Rob Larson

            Yes Bo was incredible. Maybe the greatest athlete of all time. Deion Sanders was a pretty good 2-sport athlete as well, but couldn’t compare to Bo.Bo was so good at baseball that he was drafted 2nd round by the yankees in high school (just in case) despite his intentions of playing college football and baseball. Great college baseball player. And with all his talent, we wasn’t ready for the major leagues till after 4 years in college and most of a season in the minor leagues.Tebow… well, he was a good high school baseball player – that’s all. Not drafted out of high school. No college experience. In order for him to learn how to hit, it’s going to take many years in the minors. Not impossible, but… he’s already 29. If he has incredible latent hitting talent that has gone undeveloped so far (BIG if), maybe he learns to hit at the MLB level by age 35? When others his age are retiring? i.e. it’s safe to say he’s never going to win the world series for the Mets.

          8. PhilipSugar

            Not debating about Tebow.As I said I’ve met Bo.Well after he had retired.When you see that man and shake his hand you know what it feels like for a boy to see a man. He is formidable. Super personable.And I know that is tough for him http://www.stutteringhelp.o

      2. Juliet Peters

        Dude,, thought today’s post will be about the Apple event from yesterday

  7. Jorge M. Torres

    Let’s Go Mets!

    1. jason wright


  8. David

    Jays vs Mets World Series

    1. Guy Lepage

      As a Canadian.. We need another team other than the Jays.. So until that happens, Go Mets Go! 😉

  9. Salt Shaker

    Interesting that Mets ownership was vilified for lacking the resources and desire coming out of the Madoff scandal to make the team competitive. Same ownership today has entrusted Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins to right the ship and they’ve done just that last year and this year despite a slew of injuries (e.g., Wright, Duda, Lagares, D’Arnaud, Wheeler, Harvey). Sched favors Mets for WC and hopefully they can hang on. I too am not a Yankee fan, but GM Brian Cashman is one of the best and brightest in the biz.

    1. jason wright

      what’s the connection between Madoff and the Mets?

      1. jimmydddd

        Mets owners lost a lot of money in the Madoff affair. Team’s finances are under some control by lenders. Many feel this has put financial restraints on the team, that plays in big market NYC, and should be able to spend more freely for players.

        1. pointsnfigures

          yes, they only assembled the best young pitching staff in baseball. trouble is this year many of them got hurt.

  10. jason wright

    “I started watching closely a few weeks ago when they started to put back to back wins together.”- is this what VCs do?p.s. a good day to give Techmeme a miss.

  11. BillMcNeely

    Well if all goes well the Mets will face the Rangers in October.

  12. LE

    And although I’m a Yankee haterBecause the Mets don’t win anywhere near as much? (Just a guess..)There is actually a site for you:http://www.yankeeshater.comNo such site for the mets. No metshater.comMets have only been around since 1962 and have won 2 World Series titles.The Phillies on the other hand have been around since 1883 and have also won 2 titles. That’s pretty sucky.

    1. creative group

      LE:Thank you for highlighting the obvious.Nothing disgusts a true New York sports fan after disliking anything out of Massachusetts (Patriot’s, Celtics, Bruins, Redsoxs), Dallas Cowgirls, NFC East division, is Met fans.

  13. LE

    What’s the story in NY Metro with who supports the Yankees instead of the Mets?I thought that was one that I wouldn’t be able to google and get an answer so I gave it a shot and found this article from 2010:http://www.wsj.com/articles…The most interesting takeaway was this:Male Mets fans were 43% more likely than Yankees fans to drink beer. They also drink more in general: the percentage of male Yankees fans who said they don’t drink was almost double that of their Mets counterparts (30% to 16%).

    1. creative group

      LE:Just to set the record straight. Mets fans are sports losers. Bandwagon and fare weather fans. Beside a star player talked about on ESPN or popular media these losers couldn’t name position players if their life depended on it.(They will now Google it)True Met fans are followers of these teams.MET FANS1. METS2. BROOKLYN NETS3. NY JETS4. ISLANDERS(Losers)YANKEE FANS1. YANKEES2. KNICKS3. GIANTS4. NY RANGERS(Winners)(A knucklehead bandwagoner will now post an exception)Blah, er

      1. LE

        Honestly to me (and I’ve said this before) the NY Yankees Logo rocks. To me it ends right there. If I was a baseball fan it would be my team just for that reason.Wow I just found this (re: Logo) boy do I have a knack for this stuff (pats self on back). They ran a contest. Hah ha wisdom of the crowd produces mediocrity.http://news.sportslogos.net…NY Yankees logo was done by an “expert”:https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…As always, go with those who know their shit if you want the best results.

        1. awaldstein

          Need to say after a career of making logos and choosing names, some are better, some worse,None of them are more than you make of them.None of them will matter at the end.

  14. pointsnfigures

    Mets got pitching. http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/stan… Giants faltering badly since the All-Star break. I am excited about the Cubs chances…..looks like we might have to make another bet.

  15. pointsnfigures

    Your pitcher is off the DL too

    1. Aaron Klein

      Yep — waiting with bated breath for tomorrow.

  16. Elia Freedman

    Not to mention the Tigers have been awfully good in the last month or so.

  17. Joe Marchese

    The guys are having fun, and it shows. Another data point for the POV that the dominant science in professional team sports isn’t biology. It’s chemistry. [Same applies to corporate teams, too.]

    1. Jess Bachman

      “The dominant science in professional team sports isn’t biology. It’s chemistry.” – Joe MarcheseI like it.

  18. Richard

    Baseball is a team sport. And because it is the combinatorial math of 25! makes every season feesh and exciting. This team feels like a winner and are definitely the most likable team in MLB. With the team effort of guys like Cabrera, Cespedes Reyes, Flores, Granderson, they have a real shot.

    1. JaredMermey

      I’d argue baseball is an individual support disguised as a team sport. It would not be an original argument.

      1. Richard

        on any given day .. but intergrate over 162+ games and that’s all that matters.

  19. erichamm

    “There is nothing quite like the cool fall nights in NYC with postseason baseball in the air.”Post Season in San Francisco ain’t bad…and we’ve had a lot of it the past few (even) years to enjoy. Unless the Giants can turn things around as dramatically as they turned things around (the wrong way) post-All Star break, it doesn’t appear we will get to enjoy the cool fall nights this season. Having said that, we all should enjoy whatever run the Cubs can muster. “Next Year” might just be here!

  20. JaredMermey

    It’s already fantasy playoffs.Baseball’s playoffs always felt the cruelest. A long season defined by having the persistence to make it through momentum swings and streaks gets boiled down into a handful of best of 1, 5 and 7 series.At least the games are more frequent than they used to be so relievers can’t pitch every game but can’t think of another sport whose postseason is so antynomous (is this a word?) from its regular season.

  21. peteski

    Hey, that’s my bike!

  22. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:The METS just signed Tim Tebow. Desperate media seeking wh** just like the JETS.Pathetic!And in other meaningful news.

  23. Paul M

    The most interesting thing about the season is that the Cubs have been by far the best team in the NL and every Cubs fan I know is absolutely terrified of October. Since any team can have a bad century we’ll have to see if year 117 is the charm on the north side.

  24. RV

    If only we had a healthy David Wright! This team has done so much with so little. Cespedes is proving he is not a 1 year wonder. I really hope they squeeze into the playoffs with the last Wildcard spot. It’ll be fun to watch them down the stretch. Let’s Go Mets!!!

  25. pointsnfigures

    Being a Cub fan that knows all too well about curses, I hate to even post this but it’s relevant. http://www.nytimes.com/2016