All I have to say this morning is go Cubs.

Man I loved how they came back last night.

Well done.

I’m rooting for the Cubs to go all the way this year.


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  1. William Mougayar

    Cubs can go all the way, until they meet the Blue Jays!

    1. Jess Bachman

      Despite leaving Ontario, I’m rootin for the Jays in this one.

      1. Ryan Frew

        Where is the love for CLE? Cubs are getting loads of bandwagon for having the longest WS drought. But no one is interested in the Indians having the second longest WS drought. Cubs/Indians is like hell freezing over.

      2. Brandon G. Donnelly

        good man

    2. Salt Shaker

      Don’t understand why there isn’t another MLB team in CA? I can understand why the French didn’t embrace the game in Montreal (“What ziz dis baseball?”), but the rest of the country is rabid. For two years I’ve watched a migration to Seattle from all over CA when the Blue Jays are here. Truly shock and awe! Country needs a west coast team.

      1. Jess Bachman

        Agreed, another team is needed, but you underestimate how much sports-oxyegen hockey sucks out of Canadian air.

      2. William Mougayar

        I agree. Losing the Montreal team was heartbreaking.

    3. Brandon G. Donnelly

      my thoughts exactly!

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  4. Tom Labus

    Wanted: A closer, call Giants asap.

    1. pointsnfigures

      Why wouldn’t they let Moore pitch the 9th? He was mowing em down. I thought Dusty Baker was managing the Giants for a sec.

  5. wendy fraulo

    Back in Sept – you had a great hopeful post for both the Yanks and Mets. The next three weeks in Sept were ugly for Yankee fans, while Met fans held onto that hope. But this postseason – I’ve added my cheers to back the Cubs too.

    1. pointsnfigures

      We need you and thank you

  6. Salt Shaker

    No one is rooting harder than Bartman. Redemption is a bitch.

    1. pointsnfigures

      no doubt. He is forgiven, or at least should be.

  7. pointsnfigures

    I am going to need Xanax if that’s the way they are going to do it. I started to feel pangs of 1984.

  8. howardlindzon

    Blue Jays…take that back or pre money’s for Union will climb in Canada

  9. DaveGoulden

    Brutal for us Giants fans but the Cubbies were clearly the better team this year. Now they need to go all the way.

  10. Elia Freedman

    I don’t understand the Cubs fascination this year. Sure they have sucked for more than a century but they aren’t exactly underdogs this year. If they are your team that’s one thing. But if they aren’t?This is a postseason of “been a long time” teams. There are feel good stories everywhere. The Blue Jays are Wild Cards who swept the best team in the AL and haven’t won it all in 23 years. The Indians have had multiple heartbreaks over the last twenty years and haven’t won the WS since 1948. Plus the whole Believeland thing. The Nationals have never even appeared in the Series, in DC or Montreal, one of only two teams with that distinction. And the Dodgers have the whole Scully retiring thing going this year and haven’t won a Series in 28 years.The Cubs are as close as we have to an 800lb gorilla, actually.

    1. creative group

      Elia Freedman:”If they are your team that’s one thing. But if they aren’t?”That is the issue for 99℅ that isn’t their home team or close to it. The feel good stories they run and follow. We were elated when Cleveland Cavaliers disposed of Golden State Warriors to put the bandwagoneers to bed early. Feel good story followers.#Bandwagoneersbedamned

  11. creative group


    1. Lawrence Brass

      Huh? I root for the Yankees and yes.. I like my cap.

      1. creative group

        Lawrence Brass:Your Yankee support admission is no revelation. Everyone roots or hates the Yankees.The Yankees are the best.Yankees win! Yankees wiiiiiin!

  12. John

    If its the Blue Jays vs Washington Nationals then I think there will be a lot of Montreal Expos fans rooting for their former team.

  13. Fogpop

    This day in history Nikita K had a shoe tantrum at UN. Ironically, I did the same during 9th inning last night. #LongLivetheGoat

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  15. michael

    This is our year! The resiliency, positive leadership and accountability (as shown in game 4), depth, camaraderie and genuine joy these guys have playing the game with each other is what every team and/or business thrives on for success. It’s been exciting to watch and be apart of the energy around town. We ain’t afraid of no goat!

  16. pointsnfigures… This sums it up very well. Also, ” a loss this early in the playoffs wouldn’t be painful enough to fit the franchise’s narrative of suffering and disappointment.”. If you want to truly understand Sissyphus, you must become a Cubs fan with your heart and soul…..Painful.