Fun Friday: The Weekend At Wrigley

The Cubs and Indians face off tonight, tomorrow, and sunday and the result of these three games will say a lot about who is going to walk away with the World Series ring this year.

I think the Cubs will be strong at home and believe they will win at least two of these three games and possibly sweep.

What do you think?


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  1. Alex Barkley

    Having seen a few Red Sox’s games while living in Boston I can safely say the highlights are beer and peanuts. It’s possibly more boring than Cricket, which is saying something.

    1. Richard

      its a thinking persons game.

      1. Salt Shaker

        Absolutely! It’s frankly STEM on roids, literally and figuratively.

  2. JimHirshfield

    Football : Chicago BearsBaseball : Chicago CubsCoincidence?

    1. jason wright

      No. Bears have cubs.

      1. JimHirshfield

        So, two football players made a baby baseball player?

        1. Lawrence Brass

          there we go with the locker room talk.. 🙂

        2. jason wright

          Playing away?

  3. jason wright

    What World is that?

  4. BillMcNeely

    It will be a knock down, drag out weekend for sure.

  5. Elia Freedman

    I’m leaving Cleveland today where I saw the first two games. I met a number of Cubs fans here. Turns out it is cheaper to drive to Cleveland, rent a hotel room, scalp a ticket and drive home then it is to get a ticket to Wrigley.It is such a different experience watching a game in person than it is on tv. While the game can get tense I didn’t feel the tension like I would if watching it back in Portland. I’m guessing that the constant reminders of how many on base and the count and the outs are removed from play. Also no commercials, although we are constantly reminded of how much commercial time as there is a clock ticking down in centerfield. (I’d estimate the game is a good 40-60 minutes longer thanks to commercials. Interesting how limiting commercial breaks is never included in the conversation about speeding up the game.)It was fun to go in person, to see my beloved Indians and chat with the cool people sitting around us. It really is a fascinating collective experience.Go Tribe!

    1. pointsnfigures

      Agree, Eamus Catuli! (latin for Go Cubs)

  6. Tom Labus

    I hope it goes 7. Leaning to Indians. Like their team a lot. Both are great to watch

  7. TeddyBeingTeddy

    The “Big Scwarbino” pinch hits in game 5, hits a 3 run homer to put the cubs 1 run ahead in the 8th, then Chapman throws consecutive 105 mph fastballs to seal the greatest world series of all time.Bill Murray streaks the field and all hell breaks loose in Chicago.

  8. pointsnfigures… Cubs Fans Ready to Get Drunk On Only 2 Days Rest.I cannot really describe the scene at Wrigley. It’s always a bit crowded up there. I was there for the NLCS and will be there for 2 out of 3 WS games. It’s crowded, but not violent. People are just happy. When they won Game 6 to go, no one wanted to leave. When we left, it was a madhouse. Good thing I spent 25 years in a trading pit because it was easier to utilize that experience to maneuver. It’s amazing to me that next year is finally here.Economically, bars around Wrigley are charging $250/stool and getting it. Tables are $1000. A person in my building sold their tickets for $24k. People are flying in from all over the world, and driving from everywhere just to be a part of it.I have started to watch MLB network all the time. The coverage isn’t that great and a lot of it is on constant rerun, but this has never happened so who cares.I hope they can sweep at home. But, it’s pro baseball and the Indians are really good.

    1. Matt Kruza

      I will definitely be hoping for a different outcome than you are 🙂 I think tonight is huge. if we win to go up 2-1 with kluber going game 4 and 7 I think the cubs are in a ton of trouble. Likewise, if we lose tonight then I think the cubs will get to free wheel in game 4 as they will believe no one beside kluber can contain them. Tomlin for the win tonight 🙂 enjoy the games in person!

    2. LE

      Economically, bars around Wrigley are charging $250/stool and getting it. Tables are $1000.I am hoping that the next revolution in dining will be charging like this during any peak time. [1] The closest there is is a prix fixe menu which is not what I am talking about. As odd as it sounds there could also be some kind of a bidding system. This is an idea that with a little social proof would work and be adopted. It’s just not common enough now to make a restaurant owner feel comfortable and willing to take on potential backlash (which would come with some nice publicity). [2][1] The way to get around the outcry of this (at the start) is simply to say that the extra $$ go toward paying higher base salaries for help during all hours.[2] As I predicted Megyn Kelly and her 20 million in salary demands are directly linked to the way that Trump treated her and raised her profile (confirmed by WSJ).

    1. JamesHRH

      That’s terrific.

  9. The Editorial Board

    Cubs win 2 of 3 at home. Indians win in 7. Cubs win series in sweep next year.

  10. sigmaalgebra

    What do I think? I know next to nothing — even very much of the rules — of baseball.But my impression of the game is that the winner is mostly just a coin flip, maybe instead of 50-50 odds, 48-52 or some such. If so, then I don’t see how we could say much of anything beyond coin flipping about what will happen in the next three games. Can say a lot about coin flipping: The law of large numbers, the central limit theorem, the arcsin law, an approximation to Brownian motion and,then, its envelope, an astounding result, martingale results, Markov results, and more.First cut, ballpark, (darned pun), the chances of the Cubs winning all of the next three games are 1 in 8. Okay, for any died in the wool Cubs fan that thinks the Cubs will win all of the next three, how about an even money bet where I take the side that the Cubs won’t win all three?

  11. kevando

    I think Hillary Clinton attends game 5. Cubs blow it in typical Cubs playoff fashion.. New curse.

  12. LE

    I am hoping that it stretches to 7 games. Just better business wise for all of those involved as well as the fans. Gives everyone a longer time to savor the ups and downs. Everyone makes out at the expense of where the money would go if it didn’t go to 7 games.

  13. Alan Warms

    Spit 3 times Fred. Let’s get through tonight!

  14. Mitch Kline

    7 games series. Two great teams!

  15. baba12

    Will the Bears or the Browns win more games than either the Cubs or the Indians? I think neither will win 4 games with 9 games left in the regular NFL season. Cubs win in 6.

    1. Concerned Citizen

      Bears and Browns are in a heated battle for the first pick at the next draft!

  16. Alan Warms

    you sound like a white sox fan