Going Back In Time

I woke up to an awesome holiday gift today. Sitting in my inbox was an email fromĀ Greg Galant. Greg had read about the missing Positively 10th Street podcasts from 2005-2007 here on AVC a few weeks ago. So he dug up an old hard drive and found five episodes in his iTunes folder. And he sent them to me.

I just listened to the first episode of the bunch which we did with our kids right after they came back from eight weeks at summer camp in August 2005. It was like going back in time. USV had just gotten going, Twitter didn’t exist but that team was working on a podcasting service called Odeo.

Podcasting has come a long way since then and so has our family. But like pulling out an old family photo album, the ability to go back and hang out with our family as it was eleven years ago is pretty fantastic. So thanks Greg.

And if you happen to have any files in your iTunes folder with a name like this [8-21-05 Positively 10th Street.mp3], please send them my way. I have renewed hope that I may be able to collect all of them eventually.

#streaming audio