AVC Community Code Of Conduct

I received a few suggestions yesterday that I outline the “rules” for participating in the AVC Community (the comments section).

So here they are:

1) We do not tolerate racism, sexism, and hate speech of any kind

2) We seek to encourage a wide diversity of opinions

3) Debate and discussion is expected

4) We respect each other and are careful to use polite and civil language

5) We avoid aggressive “in your face” language and trolling

6) We do not ban, mute, or delete comments unless they are spam, porn, or hate speech.

7) No ICO/token promotions and scams will be allowed.

I may add to this list if anyone comes up with additional good ones but this covers the basics.

I acknowledge that I have violated rule number five at times. I am not perfect but I believe the totality of my comments over the 13+ years is a pretty good record and is one of the reasons this community is a model of civility in an increasingly challenged medium.