Video Of The Week: Henry Blodget at DLD


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  1. LE

    This is another time when a post didn’t show up on the home page of but appears if you follow from the twitter link.

    1. fredwilson

      its a caching issue.

  2. JimHirshfield

    Nice overview. Thanks Henry!

  3. LE

    Everyone is impacted. Even the NFL (this is the latest in a string of stories about this topic).NFL Calls New Plays to Protect Its Lucrative Franchise…

  4. Vendita Auto

    Good overview; My Thanks FW 4 the link

  5. creative group

    FRED:We appreciated the video. It was concise, informative and engaging.

  6. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:does anyone who believes in the Free Market have an idea why US based Global companies are targeted by world Governments that are not actually doing anything nefarious but just maintaining a competitive business model?The sure to come US & EU eyeing Google’s money stock pile. Henry briefly mentioned how it effected MS during the same market share dominance cycle.

  7. John Pepper

    Fred,curious if you have a system on watching videos and listening to podcasts. Certain time of day? Committed number of minutes per day? Would love your quick thoughts on this.

    1. fredwilson

      no, i don’t. the only thing that comes close is the podcasts i follow on soundcloud show up in my feed

      1. Phillip Akhzar

        Hi Fred- which ones do you follow?

  8. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:OFF TOPIC ALERT!Amazon is shuttering their IMBd website comments section for obvious reasons. But the comment section and data base (archives) has a unbelievable use. Can it be monetized and re-branded? Does anyone else see the value in a community already established with strict controls on eliminating (Minimizing trolling, etc)

  9. Mitchell Henderson

    We will likely see a small slowdown in 2019. The next massive economic contraction will come between 2025 and 2030.

  10. William Mougayar

    Summary: Everything is going up and to the right. 😉 There will be a Boom, a Bust and then an Echo.

  11. cavepainting

    While directionally ok, not sure it is fair to compare TV ad spend vs. online video. TV ads are top-of-the-funnel brand advt + direct response. One would have to take a category such as brand advt. and then see how the dollars are being distributed across TV, Display, Online Video, Thought Leadership, Sponsored stories, etc. This is harder to do as the data is not always available at this granularity, but more likely to be accurate.

  12. Brian Carroll

    Was posted January ’15. Glad to see that most of his conclusions are holding up.

  13. someone

    talk about second acts. can’t believe this guy rehabilitated his career. he and Milken…

  14. Tim_Dick

    Good, but bear in mine this is a Jan. 2015 presentation based on 2013-14 data. Some trends and players have changed significantly.

  15. Phillip Akhzar

    10:25 in, I wouldve liked to have seen adults 65+ vs. adults 75+…seniors vs. 75 which is an age that is a privilege denied by many (too old of a benchmark).

  16. jason wright

    this was two years ago?