AVC - Issues With The Site

As many of you know, AVC was down for most of yesterday. We were experiencing what WordPress folks call the “white screen of death” issue. This issue emerged just after I posted the video of the week around 6:45am ET.

I was in Philly goofing off all day with some friends and couldn’t work on it until I got back early evening. Bill Soistmann was very helpful and we got the site back up by making some changes to the header code.

But as of now, the main page header is missing, and there are no comments.

I plan to work on this some more today with Bill and I expect we will get everything working before the end of the weekend. I appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through this today.


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  1. William Mougayar


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  4. Lawrence Brass

    fifth.. what are we doing here? :)There is a curious pattern, like a handoff, it didn’t showed every time though. Maybe it is disqus kicking in. Note that caches are disabled in the sample.I think the site could be slimmer.https://uploads.disquscdn.c

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  6. jason wright

    Late amongst equals.

  7. jason wright

    This web tech shit can be pretty fragile. Who in their right mind would invest in it?