Our former USV colleague Jonathan Libov finally took the covers off a side project he’s been working on since he was at USV.

It is called Coindexter and it’s “a collaborative library for long-term investors in decentralized, blockchain networks.”

You can contribute to Coindexter, like a wiki, or dive into research areasthat interest you. Feel free to ask a question if there’s something you’re looking to learn.

Check it out if you are into token/crypto investing.


Comments (Archived):

  1. OurielOhayon

    Cool stuff. good job Jonathan. A Wikipedia style for tokens/coin is a great idea. Hopefully will get very valuable over time!

  2. kenberger

    Filed in my “How didn’t i think of it first?!” virtual cabinet (which is quite large).

    1. kenberger

      …the site link is broken right now (for me). Oh the power of !

      1. jason wright

        and for me. was working earlier. interest overload, the Fred Effect.

  3. Twain Twain

    Something about adjusting your elastic load-balancer for expected traffic spikes in case Fred blogs about it … https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  4. LIAD

    ‘former colleague’- many eat their young. USV sets them free.

    1. fredwilson

      yes we do

  5. kenberger

    William did perhaps think of this first (re my previous comment where i wish i did): andhttp://startupmanagement.or…But coindexter still gets the “phenomenal name” award!

  6. JamesHRH

    Check it out link not working for me?

    1. falicon

      Prob. the avc effect…when Fred posts about something it tends to get crushed with traffic for awhile (and if it’s a side/personal project, it prob. isn’t on a hosting tier that was ready for that sort of thing).Check back in a bit and it will prob. be back up. 😉

      1. Jonathan Libov

        Indeed, fixed now, sorry about that!

        1. Amar

          The images are not loading for me. On the road and in India today (so might be a latency issue?) Given that this is such an image heavy layout – hard to use it without images. Help please 🙂

      2. LE

        If cloudflare is fronting this (they are now maybe that was the fix?) and the content is static shouldn’t that eliminate this type of outage from traffic?

        1. falicon

          I’m not involved in the project or the tech. behind it, so not sure of any of the details…but yeah, in theory cloudflare should help with this sort of thing (but cloudflare costs additional money that a lot of small/side projects don’t incorporate until the first crash like this) 😉

          1. LE

            Cloudflare is free for things like this:…My best guess is that this was a website misconfiguration not a load issue.Note: I just verified that the site had cloudflare on this prior to today.

          2. falicon


    1. Jonathan Libov

      Indeed, and main page is back up now

      1. LE

        First love the name (‘dexter’ fan) and the fact that it is a wiki..I am curious how you are going to scale this. This page for example: am remembering “Jerry’s guide to the world wide web”.Categories to add maybe:- Experts (ie @WilliamMougayar)- Investors (ie USV)- Consultants (ie @WilliamMougayar)- Events

      2. Twain Twain

        Its format reminds me of SeedTable from 2012. They pulled data from Crunchbase and presented new startups as tombstones that then clicked through to profiles. People could add new startups (a form of crowd-sourcing).…Why did you choose this peach and burnt orange color scheme? Thanks.

        1. Jonathan Libov

          @twaintwain:disqus I wanted it to feel web-by, so I took some of the inspiration for the orange from Hacker News. I also wanted to give it an erudite finance sort of feel, and so took inspiration for the peach from The Financial Times. And generally speaking I wanted it to be very distinct, even if that meant going off the reservation some.

          1. Twain Twain

            A-ha …Terrific it’s not “corporate blue”. Apparently, Zuckerberg chose blue because he’s red-green colorblind. https://uploads.disquscdn.c…FT’s bg is #fff1e5 which is on the warmer tones of peachy pink. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  7. Sebastian Wain

    Is it possible to add a blockchain services category? One of my companies is working in this space as a “full stack” blockchain solutions firm. Our clients include RSK Labs, Jaxx, Status, and the SegWit2x group.

    1. Jonathan Libov

      It is an explicit choice not to include “Services”, as this is intended as an index of all the products one might use as a consumer or developer

      1. Sebastian Wain

        Ok, understood. I think then you should add plenty of development frameworks like OpenZeppelin and Truffle.

        1. Jonathan Libov

          It’s a wiki…would love for you to add those products

  8. mplsvbhvr

    Awesome stuff – very excited to see how it develops!

  9. JaredMermey

    If half as helpful as AVC community is, then Coindexter will be incredible resource to learn (maybe debate?) crypto.

  10. DJL

    This should be fun. The “research areas” link seems to go to a strange place with ‘snarks’? I am looking for direct cyber security applications of blockchain tech.