SegWit2x Update

I posted last week about the debate between the SegWit2x Bitcoin update and the threat of a soft fork.

Since then a number of important things have happened.

BIP91 locked in on Thursday and and yesterday BIP91 enforcement was activated.

That means that SegWit is now active on the Bitcoin network.

This is a big deal because the most contentious protocol change in the history of Bitcoin, the introduction of SegWit, has finally happened.

The SegWit2x road map is not complete yet, as the next step will be to introduce a block size increase.

Jeff Garzik, who has been leading the SegWit2x implementation, has a good interview up on Coindesk explaining all of this and more.

Bitcoin has a lot of great things about it. As Jeff says in the interview, it is by far the most secure blockchain. But it’s developer community has had a hard time finding consensus and moving forward together.

SegWit2x is an opportunity for that to change. And I am encouraged by that.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Andy Kim

    What is your/reader’s view on Bitcoin Cash (BCC)? it seems like chinese may go with BCC?

  2. William Mougayar

    One small step for a system, one giant leap for an ecosystem.

    1. ozlanthos

      How so? And don’t direct me to segwit’s whitepaper. It doesn’t answer the question, and none of SegWit’s cheerleaders have been able to do anything else. Mostly I think it’s because you have been told that by people you believe, and you think that is good enough.-Oz

  3. Pierre Rochard

    Bitcoin Core contributors deserve much more respect than this.They are the ones who implemented SegWit, yet they don’t get a single mention.They are working tirelessly instead of playing politics.John Newbery makes this crystal clear in this Medium post:…I’m incredibly grateful for all the work they’ve put into making Bitcoin actually scale.

  4. pointsnfigures

    A corollary. The first electronic trading systems we had at CME were around 27 TPS (trades per second). Every time they added headroom to the system, it immediately filled up. Every time we thought we had enough headroom, we didn’t. Now the system is so fast, a trade happens faster than you blink your eye and they process millions of trades per second.If bitcoin is going to be a credible threat to credit card payment systems, its processing power is going to have to get a lot larger.

    1. JamesHRH

      Its never going to threaten CC payment systems.

  5. Amy Castor

    SegWit not active. BP91 is active.

    1. ozlanthos

      Shut up! You’re messing with their narrative!-Oz

    1. ozlanthos

      It does? All it means to me is that you don’t know how to read. What on that page says “segwit is now active”? Did you know that it has failed to meet ANY of the activation thresholds? If it were any other BIP, the community would look at those metrics, and say “this shitware hasn’t been activated yet, and after 2 years, it’s not likely that it will”…but not SegWit! For some stupid reason, it gets all the passes. 95% consensus? FUCK THAT! We’ll reduce it to 3% if we have to to get what we want! “Voluntary”? FUCK THAT! YOU WILL USE OUR SHITWARE OR WE WILL BLOCK YOUR TXS!!! It has to be active before we tell people it is? FUCK THAT! We’ll LIE CONSTANTLY FOR MONTHS about when and what has been activated, and then put other fuckware in that bumps all non SegWit blocks until we get it activated! Community? THE ONLY “COMMUNITY” THAT COUNTS ARE BANKS AND GOVERNMENTS! SUCK IT UP SERFS!I mean really, it should be that if the shitware isn’t something a 95% majority of miners want to mine, that everyone stfu’s about what software they should be running, and get back to trying to write BIPs they will readily accept…you know, like a simple 4mb block-size increase…-Oz

      1. joelatone

        I should have clarified: the link was meant to show it’s clearly NOT active. I didn’t want to call out Fred so explicitly, only “Go see for yourself.” I fixed it up a wee bit.Bitcoin sure does ignite peoples’ passions.

        1. ozlanthos

          It most certainly has mine! Sometimes I wish I hadn’t gotten involved, but it has been everything I dreamed possible and more. I would love nothing more than to see the ability for everyone to experience it as I have to remain open.-Oz

      2. fredwilson

        I think you could have made your point better with a calm and cool articulation. This community values respect and calm discussion

        1. ozlanthos

          You’re correct Fred. I could have, and for your sake, I am sorry I didn’t. But honestly, I have been involved in Bitcoin since the beginning. Watching what has been going on, and constantly being blocked, censored, talked down to, and ridiculed for doing nothing more than asking basic questions has done nothing to enhance my calm about this. I hate liars. I think lying and cheating are among the least honorable things humans do, and it disgusts me most to see it going on in Bitcoin. Again…my apologies.-Oz

        2. JamesHRH

          Fred, I think you should pause to consider the value that is delivered by people who are not calm. Most often, it is a personal issue, but, as this commenter quite clearly shows, it can be a sign of someone who has been poorly treated by a system or community.Food for thought.

  6. willcole

    The developer community is not having trouble reaching consensus. The developer community has been pushing for segwit for quite a while, receiving pushback from certain miners. These miners found a sympathetic outlier in Jeff, but to my knowledge he had nothing to do with segwit.Segwit is also not activated yet. Hopefully it will be soon.

    1. ozlanthos

      Can you tell me what is so wonderful about SegWit? As far as I can tell all it really does is alter the blockchain so miners don’t verify txs anymore, installs a MITM position that does verify AND censor, reverse, misdirect txs, and makes it so bitcoin can be easily monopolized by banks and/or government.-Oz

        1. ozlanthos

          Yes. I have read these repeatedly, and if you know how to read, you’ll find that NOTHING in there addresses the concerns I raised. As a matter of fact, those are the specific documents that raised, and affirmed my concerns.-Oz

  7. Eau de Javelina

    Am very disappointed that Jeff Garzik is getting ANY credit for Segwit. Core and the UASF BIP 148 movement are responsible.