MBA Mondays

For almost four years, from Jan 2010 to late 2013, I would write a column every Monday called MBA Mondays where I tried to cover the basics of a business education here at AVC.

There are roughly 200 posts in total that I wrote during the time this weekly series was active.

Since many regular readers have shown up since then and may not know about MBA Mondays, I thought I would let all the new readers know about it.

You can see the entire MBA Mondays archive here.

There is a lot of good stuff in there.

#hacking education

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    1. fredwilson

      nah. it was USV day, three back to back long USV meetings. we got a lot done!!!

      1. JimHirshfield


  1. Adam Sher

    The employee equity post is the one I return to the most. Thanks!

  2. LIAD

    they finished nearly 4 years ago! jeez, how time flies.

  3. awaldstein

    All I can say is Thanks Fred!

    1. Tom Labus

      A classic

  4. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:We have asked Fred to continue with the series but it has fallen on death ears. Hopefully we have become the “it is a good idea whisper”. It may take a while but it eventually is addressed.MBA Mondays assists those without a MBA but a BS who are CEO’s, Managing Partner’s, President’s and Operational Managers. We do appreciate the archives which we have continuously made part of our reading routine.One of the many gems on the MBA archives is How to make a return on your Investment. The comment section provided some real operational gems.Appreciated.

    1. cavepainting

      There is a question I have always wanted to ask you. Who is “we”?

      1. Vendita Auto


  5. DJL

    Thanks for re-posting. It is easy to skip the ones that weren’t on top of the priority list at the time.

  6. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:OFF TOPIC ALERT!BTC over $4K is un-fundamentally ridiculous….

  7. Biniyam Asnake

    Thank you Fred! I discovered your blog about a month ago so it’s helpful to discover useful resources like MBA Mondays, which new members may not know about.

  8. mikenolan99

    Just sent off my MBA 690 syllabus, with an updated link… have used the same reading assignment https://uploads.disquscdn.c… for 10+ years….

  9. JaredMermey

    How much of this is modified by crypto?

    1. creative group

      JaredMermey:Business applications or methods can be applied to any business model or Going Concern. Tweaking those principals is the key.

  10. Toby Eggleston

    Thanks Fred – I regularly share the ESOP session with founders as a great resource

  11. Ashley AItken

    Don’t forget there are also audio podcasts of the MBA Mondays posts, which are great if you are out and about:

  12. Thomas Luk

    A great source of wisdom and insights, highly recommended!

  13. Vendita Auto

    Thanks for the re-post. Quality from the Yoda of VCs

  14. K_Berger

    “There is a lot of good stuff in there.”Understatement of the year. That goes for the posts themselves as well as many of the comments.

  15. Donna Brewington White

    MBA Mondays is a gold mine! Once again, thank you, Fred.And this explains why out of the blue I received a LinkedIn connection request from someone who said that he had recently read my guest post. Couldn’t figure out how that surfaced.In that post, I highlighted this little early stage startup founded by AVC regular Aaron Klein. Riskalyze has gone on to become one of the leading fintech growth companies — and truly an amazing company, with another AVC’er as Chairman (Andy Swan) and other AVCers as advisors and investors. Just last month had the privilege of helping Aaron hire a great CFO, and in the process networked with other AVC’ers — a career highlight for me.And another person highlighted in that guest post was Max Yoder. The company referenced is no longer, but the other company Max was beginning to work on at the same time, Lessonly raised a Series A and is thriving.MBA Mondays is one of the rich legacies of AVC. A rich network of some of the best and brightest (and nicest) is another.

  16. fredwilson