Audio Of The Week: Andy Weissman on Twenty Minute VC

In this podcast, my partner Andy talks a lot about USV’s investment process.

It’s a good interview.

#VC & Technology

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  1. Tom Labus

    Andy, in the forward to the 50th anniversary edition for “On the Road”, they talk about how Kerouac wrote it in a single burst of creative energy and on a huge, single ream of paper. I hope it’s true!!Amazing interview, thanks to both of you

    1. Rick Mason

      Here’s one of the most complete stories on the writing of On The Road that I’ve found. Kerouac did type the book on a single 120 foot roll of paper in three weeks. But earlier drafts were written in his journal over a six year period. So the idea that the book was entirely written in three weeks was a clever myth Jack created during an appearance on the Tonight Show with Steve Allen.

      1. Tom Labus


  2. DJL

    Lots of good stuff on VC process for other VCs. Not much on how various startups cracked the USV “code”. (Except for the last 1 minute on Flip!)

  3. george

    Andy loosens up in this podcast – Nicely done!

  4. Michael Molino

    Andy – i love the Phish references…”Come waste your time with me”…”Whatever you do, take care of your shoes!”. Well done, sir! And good interview, too.