Airpods and Android

I wrote a post a month or so ago saying that I had fallen hard for Airpods while I was briefly using an old iPhone and was going to miss them when I moved back to Android.

A bunch of readers responded to me in the comments and via email that the Airpods would work just fine as Bluetooth headphones on my Pixel phone.

And they were right. I have been using the Airpods with my Pixel for a month now and they work great.

So if you are an Android user like me and like the idea of tiny wireless headphones in your ear without wires or bulk, you can absolutely get a pair.

Now if Apple would only make iMessage work on Android there would be no reason to use an iPhone 😉


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  1. Bob Fitterman

    And Facetime too. Another hole in Android I wish could be plugged up.

    1. fredwilson

      I use Signal to talk to my friends and family over WiFi

      1. Bob Fitterman

        Alas, I do a bit of remote mentoring of clients, some of whom aren’t very capable with technology. Among them, some number are really only comfortable using Facetime. Ugh.

  2. jason wright

    which platform is having to work harder to make sure the other doesn’t eventually win out? it doesn’t feel like Googoid is, as the Pixel 2 and XL demonstrate.

  3. Alamin Uddin

    Have been using my airpods with the s8+ for awhile now. Great for workouts

  4. LIAD

    feature request:1/slide finger to adjust volume2/gel ear bud version so can actually hear music/call above the dim hum of city life

  5. LE

    there would be no reason to use an iPhoneI stopped in the Apple store last night and looked at the iphone X. I currently have both a 6s and a Samsung Galaxy 8+. Two phones on two different carriers (diverse path routing).The facial recognition on the Galaxy 8+ vs the iphone? There is really no comparison. The Iphone setup procedures involves rotating your face and does so in a way that allows for opening the phone from many different angles. The Galaxy face recognition works but can’t recognize me with a hat or with reading glasses. The iphone adapts and can. Any questions?My point is simply Apple has once again out engineered others with what amounts to a very simple feature. This is to my point yesterday regarding the talent and effort put in at Apple vs. other companies (and my discussion with @philsugar regarding that Blackberry would never have the talent, management or drive to make anything like the iphone even if they wanted to).Compare this (Samsung):…With this (Apple):

    1. creative group

      LE:Samsung will adapt quickly. This is a software issue not a hardware issue.

      1. LE

        My point is they didn’t have the creativity, talent, knowledge and interest in quality to do it in the first place. Just like with the 100% junk Samsung phones prior to when the iphone came out. Just like with TV remote controls (both Fios and Comcast). It’s this general attitude they have not understanding and appreciating or feeling the need to create any type of great product.

        1. Dan G

          the large “edge to edge” iPhone X screen – copied from, and made by, Samsung

    2. Dan G

      for its plenty-usable fingerprint unlock, the $300 on a used Galaxy S 7 off eBay was money I well spent.

  6. obarthelemy

    Why AirPods specifically ? They were not even the first “full wireless” earbuds, and there are a lot others to choose from, especially if you want noise cancellation or isolation (which you might not).

  7. SubstrateUndertow

    No reason accept the Apple Watch paired with AirPods.To my total surprise my 29 year old sons has suddenly found religion in the convenience of his new Apple Watch and paired AirPods.So much so that he is actively up selling all his buddies on it.

  8. kenberger

    Glad it worked for you too.But, there are a few other products on the market that I think are better, and have more compatible codecs with Android devices (especially if it has Android O which has AptX embedded).Here’s just one:…These are the in-ear version of the BT over-the-ear headset that I’m currently in love with (trounces the Bose). About to jump on a long flight right now and can’t wait to use them:

  9. Adam Bogard

    I recently bought a pair and love the functionality, especially for physical activities. Also, they work well with my Microsoft surface laptop.

  10. Salt Shaker

    My prob w/ earbuds is fit, and sound quality will def vary significantly by fit. Everyone’s ear canal is different. There’s a reason audiologists make a mold for folks getting in ear hearing aids. Wish a manufacturer would design a system so the rubber tips can be molded to your canal, say dip in hot water, pad dry, insert in ear and they’re pliable for molding before hardening once again. Custom fit.

      1. Salt Shaker

        Thx, but those are pro line in ear stage monitors @ $900+. Mass market customization would be a really good feature.

    1. Kirsten Lambertsen

      So much yes. Guaranteed this is the future of earbuds, if earbuds are the future of listening to devices.

    2. dgay07…I haven’t tried these, but I have gen1 without custom fit and they fit quite well.

      1. Salt Shaker

        Yeah, this! How’s the sound? They do look a little bulky. Starkey is a leading man of heading aids. Seems like a natural fit w/ a good fidelity company. At $599 still a tad pricey, though. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Kyle Widrick

    @Fred, how is the pixel? Just ordered the Pixel 2 XL. Transitioning from iPhone user for life. Intrigued by the pixel bud language translation functionality.

  12. Gili Golander

    Did you see this? I find it more than a bit disturbing and it stopped me from getting airpods.

    1. creative group

      Gili Golander:Review our post on alternatives to the Apple Airpods.

  13. John Pepper

    One note on AirPods that I had to learn the hard way (after running over one of them with my car). When you lose or destroy one, the remaining one works great for phone and internet calls and frankly felt less optically awkward than the two “white earrings” hanging off my ears. I’ve since lost that one so now I have both again. Point is that while early reports said if you lost one the other was useless, in fact that’s not the case.

  14. Adam Parish

    Please Apple, make iMessage for Android.

  15. pointsnfigures

    iMessage is the only thing that locked me in. My kids and wife and I have threads that I can’t give up.

  16. OurielOhayon

    You don t get all the juice from AirPods on iOSEg: when you pair AirPods on android you don t have them paired simultaneously on all your other iOS devices. Eg: You don t have the “find my AirPods” if you lose them somewhereEg: You can’t invoke Google now (i think)Eg: If you don t have other Apple devices you won t seamlessly switch from device to deviceEg: when Apple pushes for updates (which happened recently when they allowed you to change the tap settings from Siri to playback control) you won t get them on your Android deviceThey re good for music playback. But not elegantly integrated in the experience

  17. jason wright

    Is there a fix for the blue tint??

    1. creative group

      jason wright:Google is informing customers of the Pixel XL that the blue shift in screen is normal. Pixel XL owners are not satisfied with answer. We will evaluate it when phone becomes second generation.

      1. jason wright

        “normal” – well, then blue is the new black 😉

  18. OurielOhayon

    Oh I forgot. Pairing requires you to go to settings. Versus. Well. Versus nada

  19. Robert Rokoff

    Fred, I am a Android Phone / MacBook user and found an app that works great. Allows me to send/receive from phone AND from Apple Messages seamless and synced. I have no affiliation with the firm but am a fan of their widget service. Here:

  20. Dan G

    our family chat is on Google Hangouts, since most are on Android – iPhone-using members would be out of the loop if they didn’t use Hangouts. My Ingress groups are on Hangouts, Slack and Telegram. I’ve arranged accommodations at some remote Philippine island resort; gotten local, specific road conditions from California Highway Patrol and US Forest Service using Facebook Messenger. What’s iMessage?