Funding Friday: Eyebeam's New Home

Eyebeam is a “a nonprofit studio for collaborative experiments with technology” which is based in NYC and has been connecting artists with technology for twenty years.

Eyebeam is moving into a new studio and is doing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for some extras. They have already reached their minimum funding target of $15k but if they can reach $20k, they will be able to “purchase live-streaming equipment to enable¬†event programs¬†to be accessed globally.”

I backed this project this morning and if you are a fan of Eyebeam, like me, you can back it too right here.


Comments (Archived):

  1. kenberger

    When i moved back to NYC in 2005, i remember Eyebeam having the coolest, “out there” tech events (such as virtual worlds (Second Life, etc), which was hot then)).

  2. LE

    I didn’t know anything about eyebeam but after doing a little research I see that it launched the career of Ayah Bdeir of and many other. (So I think you are actually underselling the value of this!)…They range from Cory Arcangel to Ayah Bdeir; Sanford Biggers to Mary Mattingly; and more than 400 illustrious alumni who have launched projects, businesses, and non-profits of their own.

  3. Mark S

    The author of this blog is a vulture capitalist, who takes excessively large portions of equity just because he can as a result of having more available capital than most people.The author of this blog is also losing his two biggest allies in the House that support destruction of the patent system. Rep Lamar Smith and Rep. Goodlatte, who are retiring and who have sold their souls to companies like rackspace that have made a lot of money by stealing inventions from small competitors. (Lamar Smith represents the district that Rackspace is in). Well, times have changed, haven’t they ? Now the author of this blog has to wait to see if the U.S. Supreme Court will destroy his pet project at the Patent Office – the Inter Partes Review, that Lamar Smith and Goodlatte pushed through Congress, despite all of the legal precedent that says that property rights can only be extinguished by a court, not an executive agency. So good luck watching all of your unconstitutional legislation from Lamar Smith and Goodlatte get thrown into the trash bin of history this year by the U.S. Supreme Court, along with Plessey v. Ferguson.

    1. Vendita Auto

      Mark Syman “Private” Troll reporting for duty.

      1. Mark S

        you can’t refute anything in my post with any verifiable information that anyone would find persuasive.

        1. Vendita Auto

          I guess I’m not anyone.I simply take offense of name calling “vulture capitalist” As I know the man has helped many people more than I could ever have hoped to have done. I am not being sycophantic as I do not GAF and do not know FW personally as for:”you can’t refute anything in my post with any verifiable information that anyone would find persuasive” The entire notion of truth is embedded in our minds including one as unique as yours.

          1. Mark S

            I don’t know about FW’s work, but every VC I have ever had contact with is a total blood sucker, even a VC that I know who has a high religious affiliation but still behaves in his work as though money is his god. I haven’t met one yet that isn’t a total blood sucker. They are really the greediest people I have ever met.but I do know that FW has repeatedly denounced patent protection for small companies.

          2. Vendita Auto

            Personally I cannot abide religion or nationalism but would not paint all with the broad brush you choose to use. Respectfully may I suggest looking through the archives to better understand the transparent free information/wisdom/mistakes therein. I have always liked the Oscar Wild quote “Ambition is the last refuge of the failure`” I am sure I would swop timelines with you. Good Luck.

    2. jason wright

      how is rackspace stealing inventions? an example?

      1. Mark S

        Here is one example where Rackspace was sued by a patent owner… and started their defense by defaming the patent owner on their website, and ended up ‘settling’ the lawsuit….The Chief patent counsel of rackspace has been very active at different legal conferences in denouncing small companies that own patents and use them in court against big companies.Just wait till you guys start a small company with a good idea, only to see some big tech company steal your idea and make nearly all the profits from your idea. You don’t think that happens? Happened to a friend of mine. AT&T stole their idea, in VOIP, and AT&T crushed them in court with expensive lawyers.There are more examples of rackspace stealing from small companies. We all know how to use search engines.In particular, rackspace has been using the unconstitutional IPR process to destroy people’s patents. A lawsuit on IPR that will have oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court (I think tomorrow morning) that nearly everyone I know thinks will be declared unconstitutional by next summer.

  4. jason wright

    I don’t know how things go in this space, but should I be surprised that an endeavour that’s been able to remain alive and active for twenty years needs to go looking for such modest levels of funding outside of its own sustainable economics?This not a reference to Eyebeam, but in my country the not-for-profit and ‘charity’ sectors are growth industries, tax exempt, and often turning over quite significant some of money annually, and often with overly well paid CEOs who many consider are ‘milking it’ at the expense of their charitable cause. The notorious aspect is the low % of donations actually being spent directly on the cause the money was raised for (from the generous public). The administrative suck on income revenue is at times quite scandalous. Nothing much is ever done about it. The ‘old boy’ network sees to that, and the enduring legacy Victorian attitude about charity as ‘good works’ mixed with the zeal of religious righteousness (a self serving deceit to hide the reality of gross economic inequalities in nineteenth century Britain) help to to keep the gravy train on the tracks.Eyebeam – a great name.