Video Of The Week: AirCraft By Dronebase

I saw this video a drone enthusiast made on AirCraft and thought I’d share it with all of you this week:


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  1. pointsnfigures

    Met and engineer out of U of I that has created software for drone dummies. One of the problems with drones is you have to learn how to fly them and it takes practice. Their software makes the onboarding/learning process moot because it makes it so anyone can do it.

  2. @mikeriddell62

    How’s about a drone to fix poverty

    1. BillMcNeely

      There is a company using drones to deliver medicine in Africa

    2. Richard Carlow

      What are you working on?

        1. Richard Carlow

          Best of luck. Fixing poverty is a big challenge. I would suggest that drones in general are a positive toward that goal. Even the gaming aspects, perhaps especially so. The more kids (big and small) engaged with technology the better.

          1. @mikeriddell62

            The more that technology is used to fix poverty the better. Agreed.

  3. BillMcNeely

    My 12 year old son and I enjoyed the video at the barber shop this AM. He could relate to the minecraft aspect

  4. LE

    Love the part where he says ‘it’s getting me outside…getting me to new places’.

  5. Kirsten Lambertsen

    I’m trying to understand how this is more useful than conventional 3d graphics software? Is it just a lot of fun?I keep thinking that there must be a way to see what other people have created with Aircraft in locations where you’re flying around, or something. Or, once it’s mixed with VR it’ll be really sick?Not seeing a practical use, but maybe there’s not supposed to be?

    1. LE

      It’s not.I think it’s just a proof of concept and will get refined (graphics wise) for a real purpose. It’s a start. Right now the people that it would appeal to aren’t anywhere near what the target end users should or will be. Hopefully. For one thing people like the person in the video (and I really really am trying to avoid saying this) are essentially gaming couch potatoes. In a zone for hours maybe days. Per my comment below he even said ‘it’s getting me outside…getting me to new places’. There is a reason he stays inside and (I am presuming) games. It’s because it’s easy to sit there and veg out and get in a zone. (Plus from appearance, sorry, is not one of the cool kids.) Going outside is an entirely different experience for a totally different type of person. I gutted my other comment (trying not to be negative) but the truth is this will never be big with that type of crowd because it does take ‘going out’ (effort and planning) and there isn’t a good feedback loop from others for what you have done. And even if there ends up being a good feedback loop (youtube views or your spouse and parents like what you have done) the amount of people that are going to want to put in the effort to ‘go outside to new places’ is a small sliver and slice niche and you can’t build anything on that. I am talking from the perspective of someone that had a darkroom for years and did photography and the feedback was 10x on the money to the ‘hey nice picture’. That was what made it fun and worth the effort.On the other hand the kids are sitting there checking snapchat every single minute of every day and instagram etc. It doesn’t take any effort and it’s immediate feedback. And pleasure.I was thinking of getting one of those DJI drones that the Apple store sells now for $1000. But then I thought ‘ok so where do I have the time to go out and shoot things’ and more importantly ‘when will I do the post production’ and then the last ‘and who is around to even appreciate what I shoot and to give positive feedback?’. I’d rather sit and work on another time saving program that helps me in business. (That is my obsession). There is no feedback loop from people for what I do (wife doesn’t care) but I get benefit from what I create and it’s a challenge and is good for every other reason. A nice video? What does that do w/o others to enjoy it?

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        Yeah, drones can be amazing for video creatives. I think they’re also starting to get used by the news, which is pretty cool. Casey Niestat does some gorgeous stuff in his videos with drone footage. I’ve no doubt drones are set to all but replace cranes and booms in filmmaking. But I’m with you. I can’t imagine carving out the time to fly a drone for fun right now. Too busy.If you were a YouTuber, it’d be cool to be able to set your drone to just automatically ‘shadow’ you and film your movement. Or, just for everyone, be able to set the drone to fly around the house and film everyone on Christmas for the entire day, ha ha!If Aircraft could share its creations with other users (like a Minecraft shared world) using the app from, say, inside a helicopter (on an iPad?), I could see the usefulness in military and rescue and, say, firefighting. Have the drone find a target and then ‘draw’ a big arrow in the sky pointing to it or even just put a beacon on the exact spot that could then be ‘seen’ by the helicopter pilot. I dunno, maybe there’s not even a need for that… ha!

    2. Vasudev Ram

      >Or, once it’s mixed with VR it’ll be really sick?Did you mean (sorry Google 🙂 sick or slick?Or maybe you used the word sick as slang, to mean cool? Seen that usage a few times 🙂

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        Heh 🙂 Slang, as in ‘cool.’My kids’ influence on me, I guess, ha!

  6. jason wright

    flying Lego.

  7. Jordan Jackson

    wow – can you imagine an artist like Kieth Haring expressing themselves with this … man i hope i live to see that!