Crypto Explorers

Crypto Explorers is a community that got it start here at AVC earlier this year with this post.

Crypto Explorers is a group of crypto enthusiasts that travel to Zug Switzerland (“crypto valley”) together and engage in discoveries and discussion.

Typical participants include folks running small crypto hedge funds, VC’s re-calibrating their business models, academics making sense of things, crypto holders figuring out their next moves, hackers/makers, and the generally curious and deep-thinker types around all this.

Their next trip is Jan 29-31 and you can apply to join it here.

They do roughly one per quarter so if you can’t make this one, there will be another one in the spring.


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  1. kenberger

    Thanks, Fred.Jeremy, Marcelo, and I look forward to meeting more AVCers and others through our growing, global community, in Switzerland and other places.It sure is a lot of fun exploring together what crypto brings us all.

    1. jason wright

      what other places do you have in mind?

      1. kenberger

        In Muscat, Oman, we had Crypto Explorers sessions. There’s been interest in places like Macau and Dubai, and I’d like to see things happen in NYC and SF too, even though those spots are inundated with events.We are putting together ways for interested people to host affiliate events all over, too. But Crypto Valley (Switzerland) is our spiritual home, even though the phrase is more a state of mind.

    2. LE

      Ken could you clarify exactly the criteria for getting ‘accepted’ to attend.…Each application is manually reviewed against a variety of criteria. Our goal is to create a balanced set of attendees with diverse perspectives across geography, race, gender, experience, age, technical knowledge and, most importantly, a demonstrated passion for decentralization technologies and a clear commitment to meaningfully contribute to our discussions (which often become intense and thought-provoking). We are fortunate to have significantly more applicants than we have space available. A non-acceptance should not be taken as a reflection on the individual.If this is to be taken literally it means that it’s not a place for some casual bystander but only someone who can contribute meaningfully to the conversation.Also will note that the cost seems unusually inexpensive. I think this is a great idea.

  2. JimHirshfield

    Crypto-fieldtrip. Please have your mother sign a blockchain permission slip.

    1. kenberger

      9 confirmations are necessary, too.

    2. jason wright

      just crash it. entrepreneur and permission are antonyms 🙂

    3. kenberger

      seriously, we originally did and still call it a “business field trip”, like something you’d do in school but for adults, because that is indeed the vibe.

      1. JimHirshfield


  3. awaldstein


  4. Gayatri Sarkar

    As a Blockchain VC and crypto investor, this is incredible. I applied, so lets see. Thanks Fred. I missed the last trip.

    1. Tom Labus

      Thanks, and all the best for you for 2018

  5. pointsnfigures

    Heard yet another story about someone mortgaging their home, buying bitcoin with it. It goes well on the way up, but sheesh! Hearing other stories about people that can’t afford to buy bitcoin, so they are using savings to buy litecoin and other alt currency. Don’t do it. This will not end well (even though I am bullish on the sector in a macro sense)

    1. Tom Labus

      Very jumpy about all the markets right now

      1. pointsnfigures

        One thing I think that cannot be quantified-if they pass the tax bill and drop corporate taxes to 21%, it really changes the internal hurdle rates and WACC of big companies. They should shift into acquisition mode-which might help cure the liquidity issues in startup companies.

        1. awaldstein

          Don’t buy this at all.Trickle down will impact nada in the startup world.

          1. pointsnfigures

            We disagree 100%.

          2. awaldstein

            That’s a start.

    2. LE

      Heard yet another story about someone mortgaging their homeNFW! [1]Will repeat what I have said before. At least three types of anxiety around crypto (in particular bitcoin)a) Those who never bought and are kicking themselves for missing outb) Those who bought but sold at a much lower level.c) Those who hold and have anxiety over when to sell.I have to say that I think ‘c’ is perhaps stress wise the worst place to be in crypto. At least with ‘a’ and ‘b’ there is a bit of peace given how you have missed out.[1] The first girl that I was engaged to (we called off the wedding) had parents who were going to mortgage the house to pay for the wedding. And I thought that was stupid.

    3. jason wright

      I read about the Dutch guy mortgaging his home. I saw it in an article where he was pictured with his wife and children under palm tress on a beach in the tropics. I’m doubting that his home was his only major asset. I think they promote their behaviour to encourage other people to contemplate the same move. he was probably already holding a bunch of bitcoin. the shilling gutter crypto press should be shut down by the SEC. the conflicts of ownership interest are close to criminal.

    4. kenberger

      maybe. maybe not. Such unknowns and folks wanting to discuss are exactly why we have these events.(and i’m just off a very long flight, so missed most of the comment action today!)

  6. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:”Typical Participants” – FredTranslation-people with a lot of extra time and money.Captain Obvious!UNEQUIVOCALLYUNAPOLOGETICALLYINDEPENDENT

  7. kenberger

    Cheese, chocolate and cuckoo clocks are enough for me

  8. William Mougayar

    Just left Zug yesterday :)I’m told that the Crypto Explorer idea germinated out of the New York Token Summit.

    1. jer979

      It was that week…a combination of Consensus and Token Summit to be sure. Looking forward to the next one… We need a presentation on crypto-marketing to help bring more professionalism and focus to the space. Happy to give it 😉

    2. kenberger

      We should collaborate on something in future !

  9. LE

    It’s not like me to think about this type of thing but seeing the picture of the men on the boat (one woman; at first I didn’t even see her) makes me realize how hard it must be for women to do things that men can do alone. That is pretty much that you can easily go anywhere and do anything without fear of personal harm or getting ‘hit on’. … https://uploads.disquscdn.c……


    Weuu! thank you for the invitation!

  11. Is AVC now The Onion?

    Either The Onion has taken over and is engaged in expert level trolling or Fred Wilson has lost his mind. I presume that later. In which case, this is really sad to watch.


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  13. kenberger

    you were a great attendee, and that link shows an awesome write-up of the summer event!