Funding Friday: Brooklyn Cider House

I backed this project today. The idea of a cider bar and restaurant in Bushwick seems so right to me.

There is less than 24 hours left on this project. I’m hoping we can help them get across the finish line.


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  1. Rob Underwood

    We all must embrace our true selves and your true self is a proud Brooklyn resident. Stop fighting in and move already! 😉

  2. JimHirshfield

    This cider the river or that, it’s all the Big Apple.

    1. Vendita Auto

      with Rosey

  3. Vendita Auto

    Based in the the south UK Devon & Somerset historic cider growing areas, cider was for the agricultural workers (very cheap) we used to call it screeeech as the old boys would have shaky hands personally love a traditional barrel cider (not sweet) two thirds cider with one third lemonade on a long summers day.

    1. pointsnfigures

      Never knew that. Interesting. I love Calvados from Normandy, and love the story of D-Day behind it when the villagers gave shots of it to American GI’s on liberation. By the way, best way for “farmers” to make money is turn their product into something unique. Apples=commodity Cider=unique. Sort of like entrepreneurs that turn free stuff into a product. (and by the way how cool are the uniforms for the Army-Navy game this week!)

    2. mplsvbhvr

      Two thirds cider one third lemonade sounds delicious…reminds me of a boozy version of my favorite red jacket flavor. I’m definitely making myself some screeeeeeeeech in the near future

    3. JLM

      .I love cider and lemonade, but I have always mixed it 1:1.An Arnold Palmer (called a Jasper in Colorado) is iced tea plus lemonade. It is a good vehicle for a bit of vodka.I will try the 2:1 mix on your recommendation.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

      1. Vendita Auto

        Good cider Devon / Somerset apples are sour to taste the raw apple is not a reflection of the traditional wood barrel cider end product taste.

  4. JamesHRH

    ‘ cider bar in Bushwick seems so right to me. ‘Your inner hipster is alive and well.

  5. curtissumpter

    Yeah man! Let’s crowdsource gentrification! Join in!

  6. Seine

    How is this cider different from all the other ciders on the market except it’s from Brooklyn? Where is their value proposition?

    1. LE

      A good question and here is what they say on their web page:At Brooklyn Cider House, we use one simple ingredient to make our ciders – apples. So the structure, aromas, mouth feel, and any residual sugar are definitively tied to the quality of our apples. Our mission is to make really great cider that we personally want to drink everyday and to make it naturally, with minimal intervention and without additives, flavorings, or sugar.What they haven’t done though is say why their apples are better. I don’t think there is anything unique about not using additives, flavorings or sugar. (And if there is they should say that).So what is special about the Apples that they grow in New Paltz, NY?They should talk about that.In short they are doing what many businesses attempt to do with marketing. And if that is not the case and they truly feel the end product is better (because of the unique ingredients or production methods) then highlight).Here is what the Orchard website says;In the Fall, our famous “ugly apples” are full of flavors supermarket apples can only dream of. Our apples are grown by farmers not engineers. One bite and you’ll be convinced.Is this really the case? Are the apples that much flavorful than what you would buy from Whole Foods? Are Whole Foods apples grown by engineers?

        1. LE

          The pies are probably super awesome.

          1. PhilipSugar

            They are but these are better:…But the best are actually my wife’s.She is well known. For the Amish (actually Mennonite) that do work on my house she every day lays out a pot of coffee to start and a pie and coffee for supper (lunch). As a Nurse Practitioner (retired) she will stitch up and clean up wounds. They actually will touch her, which is literally unknown, because of their modesty, not because of discrimination.

      1. Vendita Auto

        Good cider Devon / Somerset apples are sour to taste

  7. awaldstein

    Artisanal cider, vermouth, whiskey, Krass makers are all over Brooklyn.Basically a huge supporter of fermented goods in general, beverages and food.

  8. JLM

    .Austin EastCiders — vegetarian, vegan, Kosher. Been around for a couple of years. Texas apples are the best.https://www.austineastcider…Full disclosure.Cider is the new cider.Most cider, like OJ, is made from the worst apples. Austin EastCiders has begun to flavor their ciders. I love their Blood Orange Cider.Try some when y’all come to SXSW.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  9. Mike Zamansky

    Lots of good cider being made in NY albeit further north. We’ve got Kite and String Cider (formerly Good Life), Bellwether, and Awestruck just to name a few.

  10. davidhclark

    I lived in Bushwick in 2005. I looooove it there.Was just thinking of how you’re THE shot caller. Amazing Coinbase is #1 in the app store.