Last Minute Etsy Shopping

If you really want to buy someone a gift that is unique and special from a real live person on Etsy vs some mass produced crap from Amazon, but you think it might be too late for that now, don’t fear. There are plenty of last minute items that can be bought and shipped directly to your friends and family from an Etsy seller.

Here is an Etsy Holiday Gift Guide for items that can be shipped in one business day.

And here is a blog post from Hello Giggles that features sixteen awesome last minute gifts on Etsy.

This is my favorite item from that Hello Giggles post:

I told that to my friend Josh who is the CEO of Etsy and I think he bought it on the spot for me. I should do that more often 🙂

Anyway, you can shop on Etsy for a few more days and get gifts that are fun, special, and wonderful and you don’t have to leave your home or office to do it.

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