SoundCloud Home

Our portfolio company SoundCloud, which makes one of the most popular apps in the world, is launching a new Home experience in it’s mobile apps today.

SoundCloud is the first place musicians post their music and it is the first place listeners discover new artists.

In the past, listeners had to use a feed experience (like Twitter) to discover new artists and new music. This experience works well for power users who take the time to curate a following list. But it doesn’t work great for most users.

So SoundCloud is launching a new Home experience today which moves the feed to a second tab and replaces with a curated and personalized experience for users.

Here is what the new Home looks like:


If you have the mobile app, you should get pushed an update today or tomorrow with the new Home experience

It is also available on the web at

If you want to stay current on the latest in up and coming new artists, SoundCloud is the place to do that and it just got a lot better at doing that for you.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    is SC a free service, or a freemium service? I’ve never even looked at it.

    1. fredwilson

      >80% of the listening time is on the free tier but there are two premium tiers that give users more content

      1. jason wright

        so it’s that 80/20 ‘rule’ of distribution again, the one we can see in various market economies. it’s fascinating to see how ubiquitous and enduring it continues to be. I’m wondering if it will repeat in ‘tokonomies’ or be ended.Listening to music isn’t something I get to do that much, and I prefer those serendipitous moments of being somewhere when something just happens to be playing in the background. the feeling of it in the moment is for me the ‘pure’ experience. I don’t ‘collect’. I don’t ‘accumulate’. I don’t ‘index’. those approaches seem to take away the ‘moment’. They are just a process.

  2. Frank W. Miller

    This might be a great new feature. Just some more of my crazy advice, but I think if you really want to make money with Soundcloud, you need to make them into the next Capitol Records + iTunes. Farm that talent you’ve been able to gather!!

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Really cool. This is good news for me because I haven’t been able to make the time to be a power user on SoundCloud, yet I really really want to keep up with new music. Any time I find myself thinking, “I need to get some new music,” SoundCloud is where I go. Excited to try it out.

  4. Steven Kane

    Love this!

  5. hillary2

    Soundcloud sucks. It needs to fix the technology it’s built upon. After all these years, it’s still glitchy.

  6. DJL

    Super cool. I am waiting for “Soundcloud Place” It is a subscription where a store or restaurant can curate songs from the people in the room’s playlist and play them or similar music. Hearing your favorite artist when you are in a place is an amazing experience.We have integrated shopping and location; someday music and location.

  7. Accommodation in NYC

    I hope the new look will feature better navigation. I find Soundcloud painful to navigate my way around. Cannot find tracks and stations I know I had previously liked etc.

  8. Ryan Albert

    I like the new layout – as someone who has been a power user for many years and knows what he wants when listening to music, I can see the value for new users and more passive users to find new and curated music with that SoundCloud “edge” on it. A couple of thoughts though: I discover new music on SoundCloud by looking at what some of my favorite artists are liking on their profiles, and used to discover music through what other users that connected with me on the platform. I feel like that community aspect and connecting with others has been drastically diminished and not emphasized by SoundCloud anymore, but I could be completely wrong. Feels like the platform has been sharply separated into content creators/uploaders and listeners. Also, does SoundCloud have any plans on promoting long-form sets and mixes? I would say that more than half of my total listening is from mixes that artists previously played at festivals or creating a megamix. I often use to see what songs have been played in these mixes and then I can hone in on that song/artist and branch out from there. Could be an interesting integration for SoundCloud.