Pacific Time

It’s that time of year again. The Gotham Gal and I are spending the rest of the winter out west.

Blog posts will start coming in around 6am PT/9am ET.

We plan to spend this winter in Utah (where I am now), LA, and I will also be in the Bay Area a fair bit.

I find this time of year to be particularly invigorating for me.

Getting out in the fresh air and skiing, biking, and that sort of thing always gets me going.

But it’s mostly about reducing the back to back to back meeting grind that my work day in NYC has become and replacing it with reading, writing, thinking, and dreaming that I find so helpful.

The Gotham Gal and I are going to go out and ski the 16″ of new powder that we have gotten in the past 48 hours this morning and then go see some great indie films this afternoon.

Should be a great Sunday.

#life lessons

Comments (Archived):

  1. William Mougayar

    Variety is the spice of life. Breaking the routine is the best thing anyone who feels they are in rut should be doing.

    1. Richard

      Does 6 months make a rut?

      1. jason wright

        not in my book.

      2. William Mougayar

        Only if you feel it.

    2. Robert Metcalf

      Not sure where this “quote” came from, but it comes to mind:Q: what’s the difference between a rut and a grave?A: the depth

      1. William Mougayar


  2. awaldstein

    Enjoy Fred.There is little that offers perspective in life like being out on your skis at 10k feet or so with family and sucking in nature’s generous bounty.This is in Vail’s back bowls on Friday with me the spec on the right. https://uploads.disquscdn.c…En route home now.

    1. Rob Underwood

      Awesome. See my comment above. How about an AVC community ski trip?

  3. Michael Blend

    Would be great to have a coffee in Venice!

  4. jason wright

    Terrific Time.Here it’s sludge mud.The American Dream.

  5. bsoist

    Enjoy the change in routine!

  6. Rob Underwood

    Fred, post photos of the pow!! I expect Jupiter Bowl, 99/Red Pine, and Murdock are all on the list.Serious question — who is up for an AVC community ski/board trip next year? Maybe someplace central like Colorado?

  7. Vendita Auto

    Not indies but did enjoy & Billboards & Phantom Threads this week

  8. Shalabh

    So jealous of your Sunday plans 🙂

  9. Ben Werdmuller

    That sounds like a great pattern – I’m so tempted to do the reverse to my own schedule and spend much more of the year in NYC. It’s such an incredible city.

  10. JamesHRH

    Just desserts.

    1. Vasudev Ram

      Dry wit.

  11. Salt Shaker

    https://uploads.disquscdn.c…Our choice for the winter doldrums is this. Zihautenejo. If spelled wrong blame it on the margaritas.

    1. Vasudev Ram

      Ha, nice. Been to places like that, except not with such a good-looking (palm?) umbrella. Rock on.

    2. Robert Metcalf

      Headed out to Yelapa for 10 days of the same in February. Can’t wait!

    3. Joe Marchese

      Say hi to Andy and Red for me.

      1. Jean

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  12. pointsnfigures

    Have fun in the powder. We are in the Bay Area the entire month of February this year.

  13. Semil Shah

    Enjoy the powder. Hope to see you all a few times if we are lucky in SF or LA!

  14. Andy Chiang

    Enjoy the time! Would love to host a meetup in SF!

  15. Keith O'Toole

    Enjoy Fred, 16″ can only mean one thing: Alta! Enjoy the deep snow. Come up to ski Snowbasin in early February and I can be your guide. Hit me up.

    1. Ryan Frew

      Skied Snowbasin for the first time this year and was really pleasantly surprised. I do about a week in Alta every year. Snowbird was terrible around Christmas time, but Snowbasin was good! Totally underrated spot.

  16. Korf

    Cavallo Point in SF was sublime this morning. If you’ve never been, its a great place for Sunday brunch with a view of the bridge and bay when you are out this way.

  17. Adam Parish

    I’ll be in LA next week. Let’s grab lunch.

  18. scottythebody

    That sounds perfect. I have come to understand that downtime is actually as productive and in some cases way more productive than “the grind”. I will be doing the “full unplug” in two weeks. I won’t be so dramatic as to throw my phone in the Andaman sea, but I *will* be uninstalling work email and carrying only my Kindle instead of my phone to the beach.

  19. Gregory Magarshak

    That’s pretty excellent!People live lives. Companies create products. (That’s our motto anyway.)Go out and live!

  20. mikenolan99

    If you get up to Sonoma, my buddy just opened William Cofield Cheesemakers at the Barlow in Sebastopol. Let me know and I’ll arrange a tour. (Now featured at French Laundry)

  21. paramendra

    Hello from Fresno