USV Is Hiring Two Analysts

It’s that time again. USV is hiring two analysts, each for a two year rotation.

The hiring process is similar to what we have done in the past, but the role is a bit different. We are adopting more of an apprenticeship model:

For this analyst cycle, we are changing things up a bit by transforming the program into more of an apprenticeship. What does that mean? You will work mostly with two partners at the firm, one of whom will be primarily responsible for your training. We are looking for two people. The first analyst will be working primarily with Andy, the second primarily with Albert.

The USV analyst role has been a nice launchpad for the folks who have done it:

Past analysts have gone on to join other venture firms and even start their own (AndrewCharlieJoel), work at USV portfolio companies (JonathanEric), help launch new products (ChristinaBrian) and start their own companies (ZanderJennifer).

If you are interested in spending a couple years at USV, here is our process:

Our process starts with having candidates answer two questions by recording videos, as well as submitting two short written pieces. These will be due by end of day Thursday, February 15.

From the initial submissions we select a smaller group for telephone interviews and then a set of finalists for in-person meetings. We expect the process to be finished by the end of March and candidates should be available to start work in April or May.

Here are the questions:

Video 1: Why are you interested in the analyst role? [30 seconds]

Video 2: What is an example of an initiative you took outside of school or work? [60 seconds]

Written 1: An email asking for a meeting with the founder of a startup you admire.

Written 2: An argument for why one of the following is either overvalued or undervalued [Twitter, Snap, Bitcoin, Ethereum] [750 words max]

If this seems right up your alley, you can start your application here.

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  1. Jordan Jackson

    Wow this is so cool. I am going to apply! Thanks, Fred.

    1. fredwilson


  2. jason wright

    overvalued? – ‘those things worth valuing are beyond valuation’ (7 words).

    1. fredwilson


  3. PJN

    “An argument for why one of the following is either overvalued or undervalued [Twitter, Snap, Bitcoin, Ethereum] [750 words max]”I hope you make a blog post of the responses you get to that question – it would be fun to read.

  4. Mollie M McKillop

    This looks like a great opportunity – thank you for sharing. How flexible is the starting date?

    1. fredwilson


  5. PhilipSugar

    I love Video 2: Something you did outside of school or work.

  6. BillMcNeely

    You should look at and see if you can a veteran to apply

  7. Donna Brewington White

    Great opportunity. Great hiring process. Great results.But it sure makes me aware of how long I’ve been around here and how old I am becoming, to realize how many of these I’ve witnessed.

  8. JamesHRH

    This reminds me of Howie Long talking about the Oakland Raiders scout coming to Villanova – Villanova!!!! – and asking him to 1) crash down the line from his DE position; 2) bullrush the G; 3) swim move the T.*They drafted him and he’s a HoFer.When you know what is needed, you don’t need 8 interviews and 210 goofball questions to get it right.* guesti-remembering / paraphrasing the requirements here.

  9. Matt Zagaja

    I’m not applying but Twitter is unquestionably undervalued. If you look at the fundamentals they’re all there. Media/influencers ask people to follow them on twitter and not Facebook. They have a third party app ecosystem that is awesome despite the fact they neglect it. It is a fantastic business networking tool, better than LinkedIn once you figure it out. Twitter’s biggest challenges are on three fronts:1. Dealing with harassment and the cess pools that they have let fester.2. Fake bots that dilute the perceived value of twitter followers, a key metric for many people.3. Building a user experience that helps the new users leverage the platform for the things that I found so useful.If it solves any or all three of these, user growth will follow. Ad revenue follows eyeballs. The question is not whether twitter can win as a company, it’s whether it has the will to do so.

  10. Thomas Luk

    Alternatively overpriced or cheap, instead of valuation… 😉

  11. Adwate

    Hi Fred,Will you be open to hiring people from other countries for this role? I have been following your blog since I started my career and would love to work with you

  12. Matt Ward

    @fredwilson:disqus will you consider remote or partially remote individuals if they can bring something else to the table as well?Will be in Toronto due to green card issues for wife – apparently Switzerland is one of those sh*t hole countries…