First On SoundCloud

Our portfolio company SoundCloud is the first place most musical artists post their music, the first place most musical artists are offered an opportunity to monetize their music, and the first place most listeners discover new artists and their music.

To celebrate that, SoundCloud is launching the First On SoundCloud campaign:

“First On SoundCloud” kicks off with SoundCloud’s first-ever creator advertising campaign spotlighting 10 groundbreaking artists from across SoundCloud’s global community. Spanning hip hop, electronic and pop, these artists represent the more than 10 million creators heard on SoundCloud every month, and the accelerating global shift toward creators building their sound, their audiences, and their careers directly online.

But there is more. Because SoundCloud is for all artists, there is an opportunity for everyone to participate:

Alongside these featured artists, we’re also giving all creators the opportunity to upload and be heard as part of “First on SoundCloud”. Beginning today, you can upload an original track to SoundCloud and tag it #SCFIRST, for a chance to be promoted across SoundCloud, including:

“First On SoundCloud” playlist: Creators uploading their latest tracks to SoundCloud with the tag #SCFIRST will be considered for inclusion in the “First On SoundCloud” playlist on SoundCloud’s homescreen, giving them global exposure to new fans, plays, likes and follows.

#SCFIRST on social: After uploading a track to SoundCloud with the tag #SCFIRST, creators can use SoundCloud’s seamless Twitter integration to immediately tweet their track with the #SCFIRST hashtag. SoundCloud will be randomly selecting creator tweets and tracks to promote to its millions of social followers.

Fast track consideration for monetization in SoundCloud Premier: Creators uploading content with the tag #SCFIRST will also be reviewed for inclusion in the SoundCloud Premier monetization program which offers creators a leading revenue share and additional promotional resources from SoundCloud.

#SCFIRST in SoundCloud newsletters and blog: SoundCloud will also randomly choose creators who upload their tracks using #SCFIRST for spotlights in SoundCloud’s newsletters and blog posts.

Every day, almost 200,000 tracks are uploaded to SoundCloud, close to 10x any other music streaming service.

So when you upload your next track to SoundCloud, tag it with #SCFIRST, and participate in this campaign.


Comments (Archived):

  1. JamesHRH

    I realize this is a negative, but this seems like something they should have done in 2012.As a non-SoundClouder, I actually associate the app with ‘first place for audio’.

  2. Richard

    All we need now is now is musicians. You can’t spell musicians without music. Maybe that’s why it’s SoundCloud vs MusicCloud.

    1. Jeremy Shatan

      There are tons of musicians – and many of them are on SoundCloud, although I prefer using Spotify to build playlists. Catch up here:

  3. awaldstein

    Need to say that as a podcast platform, SC is next to none.

    1. Richard

      I’d like to see a searchable database of transcribed podcasts.

      1. awaldstein

        Dunno if there is one.Not of interest to me. Transcriptions are useful at times but the power of podcasts is that you listen you let people into your head.I listen every morning in the gym and often when I traveling to meetings on subways or in a car.Big fan.

        1. Richard

          Not for reading the cast, but for listening discovery.

          1. awaldstein

            The best podcasts create show notes which are searchable and do that for me and open up other shows.

          2. sigmaalgebra

            > listening discoveryYup, a lot of people want to listen; discovery is a problem; current solutions are at best poor.My startup is intended to be the first good, and a very good, solution to highly personalized Internet content discovery, recommendation, search, notification, and subscription that honors the meaning, including the artistic meaning, of the content.”Listening discovery” is of course an important but small special case.Production quality code running. Alpha test ASAP!After solving some nasty problems, first server hardware built with successful first power on yesterday — POST and BIOS both perfect! Need some operating system system management and data collection, more testing, then alpha test!

    2. Girish Mehta

      I find Pocket Casts much better. Also used Stitcher earlier. Have downloaded and tried Soundcloud twice (both times after reading one of Fred’s posts), but didn’t work for me.

      1. awaldstein

        Thanks–I’ll try them out.

      2. Chimpwithcans

        Pocket Cast is excellent IMO. Cannot figure out Soundcloud – it is so chaotic and alien to me. I feel like I am missing something….I’d actually like to see a power user like Fred use the app in front of me to demonstrate its power. So far it has been impossible to get into.

  4. leigh

    Smart marketing strategy – dual audience target, reach new creators, promote current loyal customers …

  5. Jeremy Shatan

    Looks like a good campaign. And part of it is already working as, even though I’ve been a user since the beginning I didn’t know SoundCloud had a blog!

  6. DJL

    Nicely done. Two thoughts/questions:1. Has SoundCloud “monetization” replaced using KickStarter to fund new “CD” creation and production;2. Is our NYC street performer (from funding Friday) on the list?

  7. Salt Shaker

    SC definitely has legit points-of-diff vs. other streaming music services, but is the market robust enough to successfully support several? Spotify will prob kick some ass w/ their IPO, while Apple’s service is inconsequential to their bottom line, despite the fact the service is growing. (I can see AAPL bundling their music offerings w/ other entertainment vis-a-vis AMZN Prime. Echo/Dot is a key driver of their streaming usage, btw.) Pandora is still trying to rejigger its biz model w/ new sources of ad rev, but more likely they’re an acquisition target than a standalone. Tidal? Floating in the abyss. Interesting and competitive space, but what industry isn’t. Still think discovery and curation is the industry’s biggest prob.

  8. jason wright

    when’s your exit, unless SC can reconstitute its architecture for 3.0?

  9. larry

    Soundcloud just never worked right. Why is it glitchy?

  10. TeddyBeingTeddy

    “But wait, there’s more!” would’ve been so much more delightful than “But there is more.”

  11. South of the Border Band riles

    Been thinking of the 200k tracks/day uploaded to SC from Fred’s post which is ~73 million/yr which makes one think SC is the place the world goes to sing… til THAT made me think 73m is a lot of singing but still only ~1% of the world. Great start. Yay! Still a ways to go to get this one whole big voice going but reckon it’ll get there one day thx to SC.