Funding Friday: Blockchain A-Z

I backed this project today which is attempting to build a comprehensive online course on blockchain technology.


Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    A bold idea. Takes a massive dedication to learn the fundamentals and keep up. I know this personally.

  2. JimHirshfield

    I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to harness the power of the blockchain. Thanks for sharing.

  3. kenberger

    “Comprehensive”?! Re blockchain as of early 2018??My SLA would read more like “As we go”…

  4. Vendita Auto

    Good on the team liking the financial Crypto hook

  5. Matt A. Myers

    The problem with all educational (or lobbying) efforts like this, is there’s no equal space given for any opposition – people opposed to the idea for whatever reasons – to articulate, in parallel why they are opposed to it, while the learner is being educated (indoctrinated if information served is allowed/structured to be biased). If equal space was given and important that they’re cross-linked as a highlight of this structure – this would be real learning, allowing someone to flow where they will. If you want to argue that there is opportunity for equal space, this isn’t really true because the amount of money and effort going into and incentivizing its adoption vs. the no money incentive going into countering — I’d love for someone to make a fool of themselves countering this above truth, alas it will be ignored to keep up the guise.Alternatively we get these silos of information (radio/TV channels, online platforms), whether that be someone as “epic” as Trump and the silos his followers and supporters regularly use or are exposed to – or people looking to take advantage of a society through Ponzi-Pyramid scheme structures — whether the majority of those people and organizations truly believe if they are or aren’t a Ponzi-Pyramid scheme — there is no equal effort to slow down the beast that VC-capitalistic model requires towards their prize infinite return model; if these incentivized structures, where wealth is unreasonably and subtly reallocated and weighted towards the earlier adopters (these are different from stocks, and I believe I have figured out the single link that breaks this illusion which I haven’t posted yet), was the only way to lead to global collaboration, then I’d say great – let’s do it – however even Albert in a video talk he posted to his Continuations brought up the alternate option of State/government-mandated use of blockchain, if blockchain ends up being a good option for society globally to implement.This is the right battle to stand for — getting everyone working together, aligned in the world — it’s an inexcusably greedy and underhanded way however to try to force it through with manipulation of regulating bodies with lobbying a biased perspective with trillions of dollars worth of reasons incentivizing it. It’s the lack of critical thinking, along with bias and greed, that leads to this ignorance.Unfortunately a lot of the world isn’t taught how to develop the skill of critical thinking, nor really given the time to develop it. They’re squeezed through the educational industrial complex “as quickly as possible” into narrow veins, where in certain fields we then call them professionals – an inherent trust society then associates with the word and therefore them – even though what they’ve been trained in is likely a) out of date, and b) in certain professions your graduating or success/having a job isn’t predicated on your intellectual abilities holistically – they’re primarily dictated on ability to memorize and regurgitate information, lacking the most critical point (other than for grunt/practical work) of critical thinking. Being indoctrinated into any religion – meaning into religion without critical thinking, usually a signal of a closed mind/not having or being allowed to have an open mind, or it’s blocked from development or not stimulated enough for development – is another avenue that many are born into structure and context wise, behaviours first imprinted with to not include critical thinking.Capitalism of course perpetuates and accelerates this, primarily through ignorance/indoctrination and greed. This holds true perhaps most strongly because of fear of survival built into capitalism’s current structure with time constraints attempting to squeeze every ounce of value/life out of someone, leading to a very unhealthy/sick society physically – emotionally, mentally/ego-mind in control as a coping mechanism for the emotional trauma caused – and in some cases because of a shallow excitement of opportunity, lacking critical thinking which is where depth and nuanced understanding comes, hopefully along with removing bias.I am not judging anyone on any side or with any specific beliefs. I can see and understand the path and constraints/biases that guided everyone to where they are. If wanting to counter-argue anything I’ve said above with that the internet is open and all view points/information is available for people to find and perhaps that people are free to do what they please, it’s a scapegoat and a straw man argument in part to avoid responsibility, and perhaps disingenuousness if a person wants to keep their belief under a veil from the truth.Society would need to determine, essentially by vote, as to which view points they believe in — and presented not as a means of divisiveness but as to create conversation, and as a learning platform to guide everyone (students) on a certain path. Do you have a role model for whatever reason? What path did they follow, what beliefs do they have that lead them to their level of success? All conversations and information should be open to easily accessible view points – managed by the community to allow all view points to be organized and structured, with forkable qualities like git, along with other learning and community features.Anyway, I need to make a blog post now and then do some errands.