Funding Friday: THE 2018 New York City Pothole Art Project!

I backed this cool pothole art project this morning.

This is the very kind of thing that our portfolio company Kickstarter makes possible.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Pointsandfigures

    In Chicago, we could keep more artisans busy than the Medici’s could support

  2. jason wright

    are they being installed in the early hours of the midnight shift?Public information notice;Sunday, Belgium, the Tour of Flanders. An enormous mosaic of cobbles.

  3. Vendita Auto

    Thought a pot hole was something entirely different, you youngsters are so artistic nowadays

    1. Richard

      There is a Pie Hole in LA. amazing apple pie!

  4. LE

    This is tremendously creative (as deployed) and honestly more so than a great deal of art that is in some museums and art galleries. This is truly unique. I think this artist could make a very good living (or someone else) installing this is shopping center sidewalks and similar.