I Read Your Newsletter

I get that a lot.

And I saw this on Twitter this week (which made my day, Matt is great).

I certainly don’t think of AVC as a newsletter.

I think of it as a blog, a public place to write every day.

But many/most of you get it via email and read it that way (and reply to me that way too).

Which is fine.

The format doesn’t really matter as much as the frequency, the writing, and the topics I touch on regularly.

I get that and support that.

If you don’t get AVC via email but want to, you can do that here.


Comments (Archived):

  1. LE

    Usually with an addiction you are self motivated to seek out the drug rather than having it fed to you by way of a picc line. [1][1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wi

  2. Semil Shah

    I think of it as a blog, but I have the actual text ripped from RSS and sent to me via IFTTT. It is a daily read that I want to have “in-line” from email in my work flow vs going to a destination like your site or waiting for the @avc account to post.

  3. DJL

    Well, since only 5% of people read the comments (based on a previous post), maybe it really is more of a “newsletter”!I get it via email but always click to the live site. It’s amazing how few people in the total universe of your feed have the time or inclination to leave comments. I understand it ebbs and flows over time.

    1. jason wright

      5% – which previous post is that? Thx.

      1. DJL

        Fred shared that a few weeks ago in response to a JLM comment that he was not very fond of. I have no idea if that is the real number.

        1. jason wright

          Thx. I missed that.5%, if accurate, is surprising to me.

          1. DJL

            On the high or low side? I think AVC has 200K plus readers.

          2. jason wright

            on the low side. All of those diverse and interesting points of view just one click away. a missed opportunity, but in a busy world. people have to prioritise their time. I wonder where else they go?

          3. DJL

            I am guessing that most people do not care about another point of view beyond their own. :>)

          4. jason wright

            that’s where they’re going wrong.

  4. Vendita Auto

    I think of it as quality thought / information that is hard to find in world of echo chambers. No need of AI on AVC, good on you.

  5. BillMcNeely

    I just enjoy going to site everyday. I guess I am old school. I do get the The Hustle everyday and another investor’s esports newsletter each day though. So I am open.

  6. Adam Parish

    I get the email daily, but I almost always click to read it on the site. Personal preference. Then I meander for 30 seconds or so in the comments. Mostly looking to see if Fred has responded to any comments.

  7. Chris O'Donnell

    I read via an RSS reader.

  8. jason wright

    my email inbox has become an infested sewer. why would i want this sent there?

  9. Sebastian Wain

    Like a ritual, AVC is one of the few URLs I type everyday in the browser instead of consuming it via an RSS feed or via a bookmark. Even when I have thousands of RSS feeds AVC deserve a special attention. Thanks!

  10. apebeast

    Newsletter or blog, or whatever medium people may refer to this as–in the end of the day, I’m thankful to be able to your insight, and look forward to reading it daily as well. Keep it up Fred!

  11. Jeremy Robinson

    Enjoying your blog Fred, especially when you speak personally. Also enjoy your wife’s blog a lot. Love her passion for social justice. You seem like a guy who is becoming progressively more comfortable in his own skin yet has the hunger to change the world still burns. An enjoyable combo to be in contact with. it’s purim, so this blog needs a quote from a wise Rabbi. How’s this one: “If you don’t know what you’re living for, you haven’t yet lived.” Sometimes the wise Rabbis sound like Zen Masters to me.

  12. JLM

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  13. JLM

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  14. JaredMermey

    Feels like I know half the commenters and Fred very well, yet never met anyone in person. My morning revolves around it and when Fred moves West for the winter my daily schedule changes too.

  15. Lawrence Brass

    https://uploads.disquscdn.c…I like the bar and the bartender analogy.OK, it’s your bar.. but these guys are friends of mine too. : )cheers!

    1. Twain Twain


  16. Chimpwithcans

    A nice little Email delivery, then a click through to see the comments section. This blog is gold for its characters, and diversity of views is key.

  17. jason wright

    Think Darwin. Add human behaviour. They determine change.

  18. John Risner

    I have to put in a plug here for Matt Levine’s email on finance. Every day I am amazed at the quantity and quality of his writing. Breaks it down well.