Funding Friday: The Bottery

I like 3D printing and I like ceramics.

So when I saw this project on Kickstarter this morning, I backed it instantly.


Comments (Archived):

    1. Lawrence Brass

      your oracle predicted this!

  1. sigmaalgebra

    Interesting!Some of the designs are nice. Some are close to hideous!But, can’t eat the results: Sooooo, use 3D printing for cake decorating get something can EAT!!Might be able to use 3D printing for other things can eat.

  2. awaldstein

    Bet they could 3d print a Kveri as they are super pricey and can’t get made fast enough to meet market demand.

    1. Lawrence Brass

      Is this market demand coming from organic wineries?

      1. awaldstein

        Predominant from natural wineries (they are different).Both the clay Kveri from Republic of George and local similarly shaped hand-made clay pots from Spain and Portugal (and some others) are built by a tiny number of craftspeople, are quite expensive and with long, long wait periods.This market has spawned the concrete egg trend as a result with is not buried in the ground like its clay counterpart but has the similar benefits of a neutral vessel, natural temperature control and circulatory patterns driven within the vessel naturally during fermentation. And much less expensive.I first tasted and saw wines being made in these vessels a dozen years ago at Cos Vineyards in the SE Corner of Sicily.Love wines fermented in these vehicles especially clay. You can taste it.(sorry–way more than you asked for.)

        1. Lawrence Brass

          Very interesting. I asked because in Chile you still can see old colonial tinajas de greda lying around in gardens. They are more spherical than the Kveri. A friend has one in her old family country house and she recalls that it was used for water treatment and purification.I am sure that there are also artisans that do this type of work here for experimental wineries. I will do some inquiries to know at what cost.

          1. awaldstein

            yup, interesting.the major difference will end up in being the shape i bet as during fermentation especially in R of Georgia they are sealed for at least the winter and depend on the circulatory impact of the shape.Cool stuff.

          2. awaldstein

            Yup!Natural wine is the most intriguing artisanal revolution.Natural Wine—where artisanal fits in a world where tech and scalability are sacrosanct…Been writing on it for a decade on my wine blog.Of course, with amphora pots, they have been doing it for over 8000 years starting as wine did in the Republic of Georgia.Have a great weekend.

        2. Lawrence Brass

          Don’t be. Its always a pleasure to read you.

  3. karen_e

    Backed! As robots approach their territory, traditional artists and craftspeople will push in new directions, which is also worth backing.

  4. Vendita Auto

    Hmmm I choose to pay more for individual / multiple craftsmanship not the design replicant model

  5. DaveGoulden

    I saw this live at the Maker Faire last weekend. Mesmerizing to watch it and very cool designs.

  6. ErikSchwartz

    I used to date a ceramicist. To her, one of the appeals of the art was working the clay by hand and the imperfections that introduced.

    1. awaldstein

      Why i like intalio and large hand pressed prints so much.

  7. JamesHRH

    Fun Twitter account update – after a Faux Bot Suspension froze my account, the folks at Twitter got me back in the game with everything as it was……..except for the list of 100’s of people I follow.Sigh.I could use some pottery.

  8. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Wow, I love the tile cabin. My favorite hangout in Denver while going to college was a cafe/bookstore with a pink, broken ceramic covered exterior. There was nothing like it in Denver. The interior was also 100% covered in broken in ceramics, and they even covered the street lamp pole in front with broken ceramics. The entire building was a work of art.It’s since been demolished and replaced with a truly ugly Cold War style office thing. Such a shame.

  9. jason wright