Token Summit III In NYC

On  May 17th, AVC regulars William Mougayar and Nick Tomaino will be hosting the 3rd Token Summit in New York at Pier 36 (aka Basketball City).

There are still a few tickets left but I think it will sell out soon.

The agenda was released a few days ago.

There are some interesting topics on the agenda:

Security Tokens
Token Regulation in the US
Non-Fungible Tokens
The Asian Crypto Landscape
Token Regulation in Switzerland

I will be there and will talk to the CTO of CryptoKitties Dieter Shirley about digital collectibles. My partner Brad Burnham will be on a panel discussing token regulations. And some of our companies will also be speaking, such as Blockstack and Coinbase.

May 14-18 is “Blockchain Week” in NYC and also features the Consensus Conference where I will be doing a fireside chat mid-morning on Wednesday May 16th. If you are in the blockchain/crypto sector, NYC will be the place to be the third week of May.


Comments (Archived):

  1. LIAD

    pissed me off how Consensus is charging startups/service provides $2,000-$3,000 for tickets. yet government employees ‘only’ $1,000. Says everything you need to know about the type of conference it will be. Industry has changed a lot from the meetups back in 2013 which took place (in London at least) sitting on the floor in derelict office buildings.token summit agenda looks very strong. informed conversation by insightful people on pressing challenges and new opportunities.

    1. William Mougayar

      Thanks Liad. Are you coming back this year?

      1. LIAD

        very tempted. looking into it. x

        1. William Mougayar

          email me for a discount.

    2. jason wright

      i don’t think there was an ‘industry’ back in 2013. now it’s a corporate lockout, and an open opportunity for innovation at the grassroots. times change, and times change…

    3. WA

      Grabbed Consensus tickets last year at 1299 right after the conferences. Never liked “surge pricing” either.

      1. LE

        It’s not surge pricing. It’s both yield management and simply giving an incentive for someone to make a decision early. Very valid and makes sense. Otherwise with no deadline the entire group of attendees loses out because total demand is less and everyone pays more. And you have to give people a reason (very important) to make a decision and manipulate them into doing so. [1].That said if you were only holding a single conference (never to be repeated in other places or at another date the next year) the following model wouldmake the most sense.1) Early bird pricing #1 (discount)2) Early bird pricing #2 (discount, less at a later date)3) Iterations of 1&2 if you want.4) Regular price (draw close to date of event)5) Day(s) before the event drastic drop in price(since the product is _______ (shit can’t think of the word for this!))’sell it before you smell it’ (which applies to food) at any price. Of course nobody knows this until the last minute. (Otherwise the strategy won’t work)[1] I am working on a deal right now. The price is $x and if the decision is made by Y date the price is discounted somewhat. But if it’s made after Y date the price will increase. This is because the difference in price between ‘quote’ and ‘discount’ is not great. The object of the discount is to force a decision. The object of the ‘jacking’ is to put FUD into the equation (that amount has not been stated). Of course the potential buyer has to believe that the price will increase (this is done by employing other methods..)

        1. WA

          Agreed that it is early bird #1 in my case. Perhaps I answered too fast…which was precisely how I read and responded – too fast -though I have to admit, by definition of the word surge (outside an Uber like operations modeling equation) it appears the price is doing that (surging -Miriam Webster Def…) the closer to 0 hour it gets. Of course in this community the term “surge” evokes a different definition that most mere non engineering mortals (as in moi) may mean. I remain spanked and in the corner…though not sure if my reflexive quip elicited more fun for you responding or my reading it just now. Touché

      2. jason wright

        the ying and the yang.every action has a reaction.they have surge pricing, so counter with ‘rush arriving’.someone local should flash a gorilla event.

    4. falicon

      If you do end up in town for the event, would love to catch up…got a super interesting crypto side project cooking that I would love to get your take on…and of course grab some drinks on me too 😉

      1. LIAD

        if i do, drinks on me bro.

        1. PhilipSugar

          I might have to come if you guys are going.

          1. falicon

            I’m not going to be at the event, but would *always* be happy to catch up with you if/when you do end up in town.

          2. awaldstein

            if this happens ping me.

      2. Matt A. Myers

        You code crypto?Edit: I was tempted to make say “You code crypto bro?”

        1. falicon

          I built a small thing for the Toshi app awhile back…but I’m putting together a much more ambitious thing at the moment that has a crypto component.It’s game based and mostly for my own interest/entertainment though – so pure side thing of interest (and something for me to dig into with my backers in my weekly drip posts; basically I have been documenting my thinking and learnings to them as I work through the project)

    5. LE

      Come on Liad you can game that with either a university email (use someone else’s) or a local government employee’s. This is more fun than a computer game you get a real reward.Fact: I once attended a medical conference for free. I simply made up credentials saying I was press including a website of an actual ‘publication’. The conference was the American Psychiatric Association annual event.Here is another one (of many): The first Unix computer that I purchased for my business way back was at actual real dealer wholesale pricing through the distributor. I had to just get checks printed with the name of a computer reseller. Saved quite a bit of money. Of course it helps to be able to bullshit or con your way through the process. I say that with pride and no fear btw.

      1. LIAD

        dude – i’ve my fair share of those kind of stories too. love that stuff.

      2. Salt Shaker

        Hmmm, sounds like multi-personality disorder 🙂

      3. Richard

        Ha! Love living next to convention centers, crashing random conferences.

      4. cavepainting

        Bullshitting your way through situations (as long as some lines are not crossed) is an incredibly valuable skill. I often find that people raised in ultra competitive backgrounds or who face tough challenges early in life are far more good at this.

    6. Matt A. Myers

      Why shouldn’t they take advantage of the hype train… not sure if I’m saying this sarcastically or not.

  2. jason wright

    Is the Token Summit always going to be in NYC? Isn’t it time to open up a new frontier?

    1. falicon

      There are other places in the world besides NYC?

      1. jason wright


  3. Ben Longstaff

    i’m really looking forward to the session onGovernance and Cryptoeconomics. Chris Burniske (Placeholder), Joel Monegro (Placeholder), Sebastian Bürgel (Validity Labs) ~ with William Mougayar

    1. William Mougayar

      That’s great. Thanks

  4. Tom Labus

    Looks like it’s “sold out”.

    1. jason wright

      a ‘sold in’ experience?i wonder if this is really where the innovators of the space in the next ten years will be seen?

  5. awaldstein

    If people from this community are in town for the event, I’m cool with getting together over a bottle of natural wine either Mon night for BYOB at Racines or more informally. [email protected]

      1. awaldstein

        Yup very good switch.Most exciting to me is having my good friend Pascaline as Somm and getting to see her most every day when I stop for a glass on my way home.

  6. William Mougayar

    Any one from AVC can email me for a discount. [email protected] We only have about 100 tickets left. I have a feeling we will be oversold with a wait list, again.

    1. Jim Ritchie

      I attended I and II and pinged you on email about discount for III. Thanks!

  7. JLM

    .@wmoug:disqusYou did this, Wm. Well played.I remember when I could catch a cab ride with you before you were famous.Break a leg!JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  8. jason wright…Is Consensus forming part of the next wave of democratic ‘consent’?Is it the right place for a pissed off mind to be?

  9. Geoffrey Hamilton

    Remember when William said that core’s influence would be diminished by the segwit 2x fork before it got rekt? Not that he had any credibility before but he definitely has none now. His involvement in this event as producer dramatically reduces my interest in the event.