Video Of The Week: Vitalik's Talk At Edcon

One of the most important questions in crypto land right now is “whither Ethereum?”

To get a sense of the answer to that question, it helps to listen to the important speeches Vitalik gives.

This one, at Edcon in Toronto last week, was quite helpful to me.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    Casper, the ghost? This branding may come back to haunt Vitalik and his ‘entourage’.

    1. Lawrence Brass

      New tribes invent new language to refer to already known (and named) concepts, like a code. I guess it reinforces the sense of belonging.

      1. jason wright

        the bonding of branding?

  2. LIAD

    This time last year Ethereum hadn’t even commenced it’s ascent. Now there’s a debate over it withering.Stuff moves faaaast.

    1. jason wright

      its rate of ascent was not based on fundamentals. it was massive pumpulation. the price is way ahead of the state of play.Ethereum is a huge moral hazard. too many insiders have already made far too much money out of it. it’s disproportionate to the state of play.

  3. Girish Mehta

    Did you mean (1) – Wither or (2) Whither ? I don’t know if that is a typo.I think you meant wither, but I don’t want to assume.Because…if you are in a archaic or poetic mood, Whither works as well :-). As in, Whither (goest) Ethereum ?

    1. JLM


      1. Girish Mehta

        whether it is whither or wither, crypto faces stormy weather.Sorry.

        1. Lawrence Brass

          I guess your wallet is archaic. 😉

      2. LE

        Exactly. A object that withers away can then provoke a statement such as ‘whither object’ in an attempt to identify if it still exists, or where it is. I say this in all seriousness I am not being Hirschfield here. [1][1] Leaving an ice cube out will cause it to wither away. Someone could then say ‘whither ice cube’?

    2. JamesHRH

      Holy Deep Plumbing Nerdball Olympics SPF 1000 Alert BATMAN!Half of his talk is about controlling bad actors in the crowd validating ecosystem. IF Blockchain powers the IoT or bank transactions, its not going to be open crowdsourced. Its going to be with a limited number of trusted miners (7 maybe) who hold the keys to a platformConsortium of big multinational banks – like the ATM business in Canada?Consortium of big multinational industrial / commercial manufacturers – the HTTP of IoT spearheaded by Siemens & Samsung?This is too far from Normals.Suggest – to a non-financial Fortune 500 CFO – that Ehtereum has a place in her IT stack and then show her 30 secs from the middle of this clip. She would laugh all the way to her next meeting.Next.

  4. Vendita Auto

    I have read a great deal about blockchain security but any modern-day Claude Shannon with access to D-Wave will come out to play superseding current encryption work. Right now you need a lot of qbits to break something like the discrete log problem. But quantum computers will surely break cryptocurrencies

  5. Evan Van Ness

    The first version of proof of stake is more or less ready to go live and is currently being formally verified. It will likely be ready in a few months. Since it will reduce mining rewards by 80%, it’s likely to make the price of Eth go up (if Bitcoin’s halvenings provide any guide). But it’s not a scalability improvement, what really matters is Plasma and sharding.

    1. Btc lover

      plasma will not be a generic scaling solution. Rather, it is application based. AFAIK, this summer or end of summer OMG will provide the first “MVP” of plasma and show the world what it is all about.

    2. jason wright

      “the price of everything,…”

  6. Xiaohan Zhu

    Lots of ETH will be locked for staking. Liquidity shortage alone will drive ETH up. Why would I hold any ERC20 tokens in such system?