Video Of The Week: Paradex

A few weeks ago, our portfolio company Coinbase announced that they had acquired a company called Paradex, which operates a 0x relay (in other words a decentralized exchange). If you want to know more about what all of that means, here is a video from Token Summit where it is explained in less than five minutes.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    why did they choose DAI as the trading pair reference?and no royal wedding? i’m completely at a loss as to what to do today.

  2. William Mougayar

    I’d love to see more liquidity on these DEXes.

  3. Pointsandfigures

    What are their fees? I find the way a lot of these exchanges charge interesting. A lot of the time, uninformed traders might think they are making money on an arbitrage but the maker/taker fee structure accounts for the difference.

    1. cavepainting

      If global real estate can be: a) fractionally bought and sold, b) made instantly liquid and tradable, and c) bought and sold across international borders, it is a game changer.Lots of firms in this space now, but mostly around new developments and funding developers. Making it work for existing real estate is the more fascinating opportunity in my mind, but that will take some doing.

      1. LE

        What I see is the potential for a massive increase and potential inflation of property values as a result of a,b and c. [1][1] I am thinking I must be missing something because it really can’t be that good.

        1. cavepainting

          Yeah, I wonder about the same thing. But I imagine there are issues around governance, fraud, educating the market, etc. that make adoption at scale much harder than it appears at the outset.

        2. PhilipSugar

          I think the same thing. But I worry about the border thing. Many nations have or make laws where you as a foreigner can get screwed.BUT:Let me be clear, my worst decisions are around real estate. Top three1. A widow asked me to buy a townhouse I was renting for $60k. I thought naaah. Worth today: $300k.2. My wife asked me to buy a beach house with a beautiful lot on beach block, knew the owner’s asking $175k if we bought before listing. I can see the sand through this old beach shack. Lot price today: $800k++ (now has condo’s on it)3. Airbnb: What a stupid idea.So part of me says if I think one thing it’s wrong, which means you are right.

    2. Maneesh Sagar

      One of our portfolio companies is already tackling the “real assets” market – – happy to make an introduction if you’re interested.

  4. cavepainting

    Most users truly do not care if they are using centralized or decentralized exchanges as long as their tokens are a) secure, b) they can get fast trades (i.e. liquidity), and c) the fees are as low as possible.A decentralized something is worth it only if the core user job to be done behind that something is accomplished as well if not better than the centralized alternative. I wrote more on the same last week that might be relevant.