Funding Friday: A Flying Saucer Tortillero

I am a big fan of small creative projects on Kickstarter. And I also love supporting creators from other parts of the world.

As an example, I backed this project out of Mexico today. The designer is creating a tortillero, a tortilla warmer, that looks like a flying saucer.

And, naturally, I also love warm tortillas.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Jeff J

    Love this project Fred, thanks for sharing!mHaving lived in Mexico for two years after college I fell in love with the people, the cuisine and the culture. Fondas are an integral part of the culture and a wonderful place to meet and immerse yourself into that culture.And who doesnt love warm tortillas?

  2. kidmercury

    Not a big fan of tortillas but do recommend folks explore flying saucers. My three favorite books on the subject are operation Trojan horse by John keel, thetthreat by david jacobs, and final events by Nick redfern (last one is only tangentally related to flying saucers, but still an important text in that regard). All are I think the only books I’ve ever read that gave me trouble sleeping and truly haunted me. Read during the day time.

    1. jason wright

      and anti-ballistic missile (that deliver nuclear warheads) space weapons, which is a context to consider when contemplating the rapprochement in US relations with North Korea.

      1. kidmercury

        a book on my (neverending) reading list is UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites . i read excerpts about that in some other books and the stuff that goes on at nuclear reactors when UFOs are around is fascinating, mind-boggling, and certainly worthy of further research.

  3. LE

    And I also love supporting creators from other parts of the world.The idea is to get a project funded? Then this is a marketing fail because kickstarter doesn’t provide tools or a way for a foreign creator to either have audio in english or at least subtitles in a video.I wouldn’t expect a creator overseas to pull this off, but it’s certainly something that kickstarter could do. Also raises the questions of how you communicate questions for a project where the creator doesn’t speak english if you have any questions before during or after funding.

    1. Lawrence Brass

      The cultural and language barriers are huge for small entrepreneurs in Latin America targeting anglo-markets.The barrier work both ways, shielding opportunities from capital markets and capital markets from entrepreneurs.

    2. jason wright

      Kickstarter is an example of centralisation in a world going in the opposite direction.

  4. awaldstein

    As am I.Supporting the small, the artisanal, the unscalable is important to me.Huge fan of almond and chickpea flour tortillas.

    1. Kirsten Lambertsen

      Are you making these from scratch or buying somewhere? They sound fab!

      1. awaldstein

        trying to make them ourselves but these are great, truly terrific brand:…no gluten in our house.

        1. Kirsten Lambertsen

          Thanks 🙂

          1. awaldstein

            try them. cool stuff.since gluten is not necessarily bad but offers no benefits we simply removed it from our home. pizza when out–certainly! good balance that works for us.

          2. LE

            but offers no benefitsI am wondering what you basing that on?To check my thinking I just pulled this up. I am sure there is quite a bit pro and con but my point is it isn’t clear cut in any way like ‘offers no benefit’. It isn’t that simple.…I buy gluten free pizza (Amy’s iim) but the reason is I actually like the taste.

        2. LE

          Strangest thing. I looked at that site and saw the founders connection to Lupus. Then I remember as a kid that my parents had a friend and a neighbor of ours from the old country (my Dad had actually dated her) whose younger brother (a Physician) named his dog Lupus ‘after the disease’. So I wondered what happened to him. After a few false searches (I looked for his sisters married name) I remembered that the parents last name was “Emmett”. A search quickly turned this up:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go…All based on the fact that you referenced Siete Foods and they referenced Lupus (and that dog name).Have to send this to my mom now.