It Feels Like Summer

Speaking of doing things on our phones, I made this playlist on my phone on the train ride into NYC yesterday morning.

It was inspired by the Donald Glover/Childish Gambino track of the same name that kicks off the playlist.

I got off the train into a steamy NYC and I’m gonna need this playlist to get through the week.

Maybe you will too.


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  1. awaldstein

    Steamy it most certainly is.Relief to me is a glass of pet nat at my local wine bar on the way home at the end of the day.Escaping to Colorado for high altitude hiking and biking and sour artisanal beer drinking with family later this week as a break from the weather.

    1. Susan Rubinsky

      I’ve been swimming in Long Island Sound every day for 1-1.5 hours. It cools down your core body temp like nothing else. Enjoy CO!

    2. Pointsandfigures

      Tried Sours. Can’t get into them. Just not for me.

      1. awaldstein

        i’m a wine guy obviously but pretty funl on a warm evening in Ft. Collins, heading out on bikes after dinner in the backyard and stopping at microbreweries, sitting with the brewmasters and tasting. It’s beer’s version of natural wines. Fun and some I really enjoy!

  2. Susan Rubinsky

    I love when you post music. Always get turned on to something new.

    1. bsoist

      Same here – though my daughter is home from school on summer break so I’m already hearing a lot of “Fred’s music.” :)I listened to this playlist yesterday and there is some great stuff on it. Great for listening while I work.

    1. Susan Rubinsky


      1. aminTorres

        If only The Hudson river looked like this 😉

        1. awaldstein

          The Hudson is pretty damn clean with boaters, kayakers, and even otters!Not for swimming because of currents but a complete turnaround from the past.You see this different?

  3. WA

    Awesome list! Like deep breathing for the morning soul…Thanks.

  4. sigmaalgebra

    Wow! Free music! Ah, degenerate, degrading, disgusting, despicable — 4D — POP music! But, it’s free!!! As a child in Memphis, I heard a LOT of 4D music, heard WAY too darned much 4D music. But I got OUT’A that. By fantastically great chance I heard some Beethoven. And, soon enough, some Vivaldi, and much, much more. E.g., yes, Vivaldi wrote about summer:…Ah, for no extra cost can get some fantastic music, one of the early crown jewels of civilization! Bravo!!!!What is it with the 4D music? Are some people getting paid really big bucks to put up with that pure, ugly noise, assault on the senses, mind, culture, civilization, sense of decency, with high determination extracting miserable defeat from the jaws of magnificent victory?? Big bucks?

  5. jason wright

    it’s hot here too. no rain in five weeks. the grass is brown. my brain feels mushy.

  6. Pointsandfigures

    The humidity broke in Chicago today. Gonna be a sweet one. No more NOLA feel.

    1. Tom Labus

      Send it here

  7. Sebastian Aldasoro

    Very cool Fred. Sharing one of my summerish playlists: Cosmic American Music (no Soundcloud pro in Argentina, yet).

    1. Jeremy Shatan

      Nice list – that David Crosby album is one of the great lost classics of the 70s! Check out Jonathan Wilson:

      1. Sebastian Aldasoro

        Thanks Jeremy! It definitely is, such a lost pearl! Checking Wilson out now 🙂

      2. Sebastian Aldasoro

        I really like it. Will tune into his new record later today. Thanks!

  8. Jeremy Shatan

    Cool playlist! I’ve been using that Arctic Monkeys as a post-work chill-out on the commute home and it’s been working wonders. Same goes for the wonderful Natalie Prass and her terrific album The Future and The Past:

  9. Joe Marchese

    Seaplane from EH takes only 35 minutes, but may not be as productive.

  10. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Wow, especially good playlist this time 🙂

  11. David A. Frankel

    Definitely liking the new Deathcab single and the CG picks. Surprised you did not include Weezer’s version of “Africa” — that, for me, will be the song I think about when I think Summer 2018.

  12. george

    ice cream and some smooth sounds…cheers!