Audio Of The Week: Ryan Selkis On The Messari Project

On this episode of the Epicenter podcast, Ryan Selkis, founder of the Messari project, talks about what they are trying to do with Messari and how it might bring needed transparency and accountability to ICOs and other token projects.


Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    Listened yesterday on a bike ride to the GW Bridge and really enjoyed this.Particularly his side thought about how there is a reality gap between the valuation of tokens and any chance that in full usage in a functioning model they could actually be worth that amount.Smart thinker with an interesting personality edge.

  2. Richard

    Crime – it’s time for the bitcoin community to own up. They have been looking the other way for far too long while bitcoin facilitates crime. Give up on the annonymiity imbedded in the current blockchain. It’s unnecesaary and has proven itself to be harmful.

    1. jason wright

      infinitely more crime is facilitated with paper money as the medium of exchange, and it’s highly anonymous.

      1. Richard

        That’s a nonsequitor.In addition to the bitcoin co-conspirators (USV has repeatededly lobbied NY legislators with the same the same nonsequitor)It’s also time for the hypocrite illegal drug users and their facilitators to be held fully accountable for the harms they are perpitrating on Mexico and Central America.It’s time to pick a lane on helping or hiring the countries south of our boarder. Drug user have been getting a free pass for too long . *countries like Iran who have a grip as they spend enoemous resources confiscation opium.

        1. jason wright

          Is it? That would be the governments of Mexico, Central America, and the CIA. The ‘War on Drugs’ is a lie. It’s a state sponsored process to keep Mexico’s elite class in power and to stop the country going socialist, the CIA’s biggest nightmare.

  3. jason wright

    i wish people would not use the dot io registry. BIOT (think Diego Garcia) is a sad story, and its former inhabitants receive none of the money by way of some small compensation for being evicted from their islands by the British government (at the behest of the US government i might add). web tech gets involved in such shitty things at times, and with eyes wide shut. ignorance is bliss.

  4. Michael Elling

    Everything about Selkis’ prescriptions exists in some fashion in other markets, and therefore there is nothing new.There is no way that decentralized networks or systems are sustainable. They all tend to centralization. Anonymity doesn’t work. Trustless doesn’t work. By work I mean scale and remain both generative and universal.