Developer In Residence

For the past six months, Jed has been helping USV build some much-needed tools to connect people at our 60+ portfolio companies to each other.

It has worked out well, so well that we decided to ask Jed to join us full time in a new role that we call Developer In Residence.

Why would a VC firm need a full-time software developer?

Well, we have always had people at USV who can code, but it was always a side thing, never our full-time job.

And there are things that we are doing at USV that require a full-time commitment to the code.

Jed explained all of this and the fact that he moonlights as a bass singer in a barbershop quartet, on the USV blog yesterday.

At USV, we are committed to helping our portfolio companies without asking them to do a lot of the work to enable that.

Ultimately that requires intelligence that is automated and that means writing and maintaining code.

And so I’m thrilled that we now have a full-time person at USV who is doing that for us and our portfolio.

#VC & Technology