Mapping A City

My friend Ro Gupta co-founded and runs a company called Carmera which makes real-time HD maps for the autonomous driving market.

They do this by operating “an owned and professionally crowdsourced vehicular sensor network” (ie Google StreetView) which captures real-time data about what is happening at street level.

In an announcement they made today, they describe a partnership with the City of New York in which they “will share data with the NYC Department of Transportation, including historical pedestrian density analytics and real-time construction detection events. In turn, we’ll gain access to key city data sets that allow all parties to work together to improve the accuracy of street inventories while doing our part to increase private-public transparency.”

This is an example of a pedestrian density map of the west village in NYC, where we live.

This is an example of a growing trend I am seeing where tech companies, which traditionally have wanted to “do it ourselves”, are partnering with the broader ecosystem (large companies, governments, public agencies, etc) to build more comprehensive data sets.

It is also an example of goverments and other large bureaucracies getting more comfortable sharing their data and being more open to working with startups and the broader tech sector.

This is a very hopeful trend.

We have significant problems to solve in the coming decades around a warming planet, overloaded and failing transportation systems and urban infrastructure, and many other things.

If all sectors of society come together to work on these problems, we stand a much better chance of solving them.

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  1. Ro Gupta

    Thanks, Fred. Figuring out how to work with govs was something we didn’t initially know much about and had to learn — and we had a lot of help from orgs like Tech:NYC and EDC. I’m sensing a bunch of our startup peers are on a similar learning curve. We’re still learning but this is an encouraging start.

    1. William Mougayar

      Congrats Ro. Curious how do you incentivize users to share/participate?What do you think of blockchain models like for example, where the token is used by users to stake their participation and sharing of location data?

      1. Ro Gupta

        Thanks, William. We don’t really do crowdsourcing for spatial data in the traditional sense — although definitely rooting for some of these new blockchain experiments. We tend to need a lot more control over coverage, freshness and quality, so we partner with professional fleets who’s operations fit our needs, and provide them a safety analytics and monitoring service in return for helping us gather this data efficiently through sensors we install on their vehicles. Our little term for this is “pro-sourcing”; sort of a B2B twist on pure consumer crowdsourcing.

        1. William Mougayar

          Got it. Thank you

    2. awaldstein

      Nice to see your face pop up Ro!

    3. JimHirshfield

      Nice. Congratulations!

    4. mosjef

      Go Ro Go!

    5. Tyler Hayes

      Yea Ro!

    6. steve cheney

      Ro – you the man! Your success growth and funding is so fun to see. Super impressive what you’ve accomplished.

  2. JamesHRH

    The entire world’s comfort with the web and information distribution will lead to new structures.P3s will be a big part of it.

  3. jason wright

    i’m not clear how this pedestrian density data (the map above) is being collected in the west village. what’s the tech, anyone?

    1. falicon

      100% my guess…but…it sounds like it’s cameras on cars driving around – the pictures then get auto-tagged and analyzed…and so that’s probably how they are detecting how ‘crowded’ a given street or corner is for something like foot traffic.

      1. jason wright

        thanks. i wonder how often the cars snap the same corner (rhetorical thought)? sounds a bit hit and miss (lacking accuracy). i’m surprised mobile phone data connections to cell network nodes aren’t being used in real time to capture density.

  4. Kelly Quann Bianucci

    Well aligned with today’s announcement of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ launch of Results for America, an initiative that helps cities use data and facts to tackle their most pressing challenges and improve residents’ lives..

  5. Scott Lancet

    Thanks for sharing Fred! This is great! I live on Jones St in the West Village (between Bleeker and w 4th) is there anyway to zoom in?? Would love to see the activity around my building at all hours.

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    1. Lawrence Brass

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  7. Alex Wolf

    The trend towards sharing data opens the question of its standardization which makes for better sharing, and its tagging/metrics.We just came back from a conference at NASA on biomimicry, and after presenting our biological and pattern systems, we joined clusters to solve for this kind of open source private public partnership of large open data sets. Making data sets open for usage, makes them more available (say medical or education info) when masked, and yet still, sets of standards make using the info still clumsy and cumbersome, an example being metric vs imperial.We will be part of visual/class tagging solving with groups there around this and machine learning, so while it’s exciting to see this open up to these collaborations, I’m still curious as to how we efficiently mount the hurdles so the data is less work to deal with. Any thoughts?

  8. lisa hickey

    This is a great trend. Am particularly excited to see how it can be used to help solve environmental issues.

  9. Pete Griffiths

    Friend of mine is building virtual road networks to train autonomous vehicles. Huge training set.

  10. Stefaan Verhulst

    Thanks for sharing – Great example of the emergent practice of data collaboratives – We have tried to capture and learn from 100 + examples and translate that into a methodology of how to set up these new public private partnerships toward solving public problems using privately collected data – See

  11. Todd Bida

    Thank you Fred for calling this out. It’s great to see this breakthrough public-private partnership getting traction. Solving public problems using privately collected data (and getting past the inertia and roadblocks that abound while trying), is a core challenge and opportunity for our generation.If you’ve not already read it…… McKinsey’s Smart Cities is a worthy read that complements this.Final point: This kind of heatmapping could also positively impact hyper-local urban neighborhood and community enhancement efforts. As retail stores empty out and are left vacant with the onslaught of Amazon (and neighborhoods suffer as a result)…this kind of data has potential public and private sector value in assessing foot traffic patterns and densities for re-use of some of these vacant store fronts. (re-use and neighborhood development/enhancement efforts).Todd