Video Of The Week: GoTenna Mesh

It’s a long weekend with many of us off the grid.

So what do you do when you are off the grid?

Get a GoTenna to stay connected.

This promotional video explains the power of GoTenna when you and your friends are off the grid.

Disclosure: GoTenna is a USV portfolio company.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    what is the maximum line of sight range from one unit to another?i like this idea, but pricing is a barrier to mass adoption. GBP 199 is too high.https://imeshyou.gotenna.comThere's one in my city. quite a few in Manhattan. it’s viral.p.s. so i can’t change my emoji choice????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Pointsandfigures

    Do you use it on the slopes? : ) This might be pretty cool at my cabin when hiking or for hunters when you are in the woods. We used to use walkie talkies

  3. Rob Underwood

    Been up in Maine and NH the last week and mostly disconnected. Thinking a lot about how, for me at least, I think I’m healthier and better off if I spend at least as much time disconnected as connected. I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend and getting some time to reflect and recharge.Also have been realizing what a blessing I received to grow up in Maine and northern New England:https://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.c…(In order these are at the Kennebunk River Club in Kennebunkport, Maine; Pawtuckaway State Park in southern New Hampshire; Popham Beach State Park in midcoast Maine)Glad to see the growth in mesh. If we’re going to have decentralized apps and protocols, we need more truly decentralized physical networks. Looking forward to the day when I can really, truly cut the cord which to me means cutting the cord from Spectrum or Verizon as my ISP, not just turning off my TV service.

    1. Vasudev Ram

      Great photos. I like the middle one the best.Are those kayaks, canoes, rafts or what?Disconnected from tech, connected to nature.

      1. Rob Underwood

        Kayaks. Thanks.

  4. Erik Guest

    How about a coupon code?

  5. johnmccarthy

    Great experience using these in Yellowstone this summer.

  6. karen_e

    It was disheartening to read that GoTenna is not supporting the product that they distributed in Puerto Rico after the disaster last year. I do understand that GoTenna is not a huge company nor particularly a rescue company, but it would be good to see some follow-up, some effort, some statement considering the acuteness of the situation. Does anyone agree? References:… /

  7. Dan G

    i use a garmin inreach se . also have an explorer 500 bgan

  8. Michael B. Aronson

    Hopefully my daughter will get to use at burning man..proud to be in this deal with USV

  9. LE

    Cool but I think the video actually does not even show the real upside in this company and it is here with this product (and variations) (not the video purpose just mentioning what I think is a more interesting usage of the concept):…I think what they need to work on (that no doubt they are working on) is the ability to power these remote dropped units for more than 40 hours.That said I suspect that without strong IP rights on the product they will be ‘chinesed’ out of the market by cheaper competitors (what happened to gopro) at least for non-military use.

  10. marko calvo-cruz

    Is being offline in the wilderness a bug or a feature?

  11. sigmaalgebra

    Tough to believe that USV just made a big investment mistake, but, then, curious to understand why not???Mesh? GOTTA be kidding! It can work in densely populated areas, but there Mbps data rate wireless, TCP/IP, and the Internet rule. In sparsely populated areas, so sparse that there is little or no Internet access, mesh will have trouble having enough nodes!!Okay; okay:Theorem 1: Distributed rules. Mesh is distributed and will beat the current wireless towers and ISPs.Proof: GOTTA be kidding!!!So, if the answer is not Theorem 1, then maybe:(1) Standard. If mesh grows, then the signal protocols will need to become standard. So, a startup now might have the standard and an advantage.(2) Patent. Maybe patent the standard and make the advantage stronger.(3) Hope. Maybe mesh will become a big thing for some special purposes, e.g., IoT, maybe forest monitoring towers, maybe Uber/Lyft etc. to save on current wireless and ISP charges.(4) Scare the Big Boys. Sometimes big companies with a lot of market position like to get rid of potential disruptors while they are small, e.g., buy them out and shut them down.But, gee, the video has the mesh used for looking for beer in Germany!!! It’s a problem finding beer in Germany? Beer and bratwurst? GOTTA be kidding! Okay, maybe mesh can help find bier, bratwurst, und Fräulein!!!! So, each beer garden, bratwursthaus,, etc. will have such a mesh device and, thus, be able to attract customers with a mesh device — cheaper than wireless and ISPs?

  12. Chris Betts

    Ironic that this comes soon after the atoms vs. bits missive