Feature Friday: Gmail Predictive Typing

I was typing emails on my new Pixelbook yesterday and as I started a new word, Gmail would finish the word and often suggest an entire phrase to come after the word. All I had to do is hit tab to accept the suggestion.

I’ve had a version of that on the Gmail app on my phone for a while. It looks like this:

But the type assistance functionality on my Pixelbook was much more useful. First it was in line and it suggested entire phrases, not just words.

I’m of two minds on this feature:

1/ It is super useful and once I get used to it, I should be able to construct messages much more rapidly.

2/ I am not sure I want Google reverting my communication style (and yours too) to the mean.

I suppose if Google was using just its understanding of my writing style and nobody else’s in its algorithms, then it is helping me be me. And I like that a lot more.

But if it helping me be you, well I’m not as excited about that.

#email hacks