Funding Friday: Kita No Hou E

I am in Japan right now so I decided to back a Japanese project this week.

This is a film about a road trip to Northern Japan. It looks like the kind of film I would enjoy,


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  1. awaldstein

    Enjoy and safe travels.After years of swearing off ever doing business in Asia again, I am readying for a call with a new client in Hong Kong so guess I don’t listen very well to myself!

  2. jason wright

    I once had a Japanese girlfriend. Her name translated to English as meaning ‘Little White Lily in the West Rice Field’, which is cute, as was she. She now lives in Seattle. It’s a small world we inhabit, and which we need to care for a little bit better than we are doing at the moment.

  3. sigmaalgebra

    Yes, the girl is essentially all of the light, energy, excitement, life, interest in the film! She is really cute, emotional, expressive, spontaneous, outgoing. In contrast, the boys are stiff, dull, boring.Much the same in Western Europe.So in this sense East Asia and Western Europe are close.Okay: But from some DNA analysis, the most recent common ancestor of East Asia and Western Europe is about 40,000 years ago. Each of the East Asia and Western Europe are necessarily closer to the common ancestor than they are to each other. So, we know a lot about the most recent common ancestor, i.e., just the gender differences we see in the video clip.

  4. Richard

    Share some pics ?