Vertical Accelerators In NYC

The Partnership For New York City operates some excellent “vertical” accelerators for companies that are getting started and are focused on serving industries with big footprints here in NYC.

Financial Services – FinTech Innovation Lab

Health Care – Digital Health Innovation Lab

Fashion – Fashion Tech Lab

Biotech – The BioAccelerate Prize

Transit – Transit Tech Lab

Both the Transit Tech Lab and the FinTech Innovation Lab are accepting applications right now for their next programs.

You can apply here:

Fintech Innovation Lab

Transit Tech Lab


Comments (Archived):

  1. Pointsandfigures

    Our fund has one investment in NYC. (One in Ireland three in Chicago) We want to do more since all we do is B2B Fin Tech if you are a seed stage B2B fin tech Entrepreneur and can’t get a warm intro feel free to cold call us. We are easy to find

    1. LE

      I can’t decide if the reason you didn’t put a link is because you are being respectful to Fred or you only want people that can figure out how to contact you (or both).

      1. Pointsandfigures

        Being respectful to Fred for sure. Second is if I put a link there, any lazy person can click it. If a person really wants to chat they will have to do the research on us and how to get to us. If they send us a cold email that speaks to what we do we can chat.

      2. jason wright

        the kindergarten holds talent, but they’re not yet ready. that’s the only cohort that may struggle to find JC.

  2. awaldstein

    Super useful.Surprised there is not one for food as there is so much intersection of tech (and blockchainO) and the evolution of the food industry.Finishing up a month long dive into speaking with every blockchain/crypto project touching the wine world deciding whether to invest, participate and generally understand what is being done. Will be publishing a summary shortly.

    1. Kirsten Lambertsen

      You should start an accelerator for food + blockchain startups 🙂

      1. awaldstein

        Thinking about how best to invest/advise/participate in the array of passions that I love and have deep knowledge and networks in.Looking forward to hearing about the Sweet Greens Blockchain trial next week as the criteria for when it matters and makes sense and when not is the key knowledge point to get under grips.

    2. Pointsandfigures

      Anyone can innovate a bagel. (This is a joke). Food in Chicago. See Cleveland Avenue. It’s former CEO of McD incubator. What you guys really need to do is innovate on NY Pizza (another joke)

      1. awaldstein

        Ha!Lianna’s brother is just about to open a pizza place which is a good thing to have in the family!

      2. Richard

        If there is a food entrepreneur out there, take a Kabob (halal/kosher/grass fed) fast casual and run with it.

  3. Lawrence Brass

    Looked at the transit tech lab and found that requirements are quite heavy, oriented to teams that already have working products and financing to roll them out. Somewhere between seed and an A round.

  4. LE

    Yet another example of why if you have the hustle you want and need to be in NYC.

  5. Terry J Leach

    I don’t know why the cybersecurity accelerator https://hub.NYC wasn’t listed on the website.

  6. pjbnola

    Food-X (part of SOSV along with IndieBio) is also based in NYC and focused specifically on companies impacting the overall food system.