Video Of The Week: The USDC Stablecoin

Our portfolio company Coinbase announced this week that they will be adding the USDC Stablecoin to their various services in the coming weeks. 

This video below explains what the USDC stablecoin is and why it is important.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    This? coins/ tokens pegged/ tethered to the USD going to be legal?”Our legal counsel has provided a memorandum that TrueUSD tokens are not securities. They are more akin to deposit & safekeeping receipts, which the SEC has previously analyzed and recommended no enforcement actions for their use (see 40 Fed. Reg. 1695 et. seq).”…Which is interesting because most every view i’ve seen and heard expressed by SEC policy wonks has been that every token except Bitcoin is a security. It gets very confusing. Where’s the clarity?

    1. fredwilson

      clarity is inside the mind of someone who avoids all the noise and focuses on the big picture

      1. jason wright

        For mere mortals to spend even but a moment to consider the legality of a business is to have clarity of mind. It is for others to chase for near eternity to bend regulators to their will and super-ego.Charlie Shrem – big picture, or small prison cell?Respect for the rule of law is all that separates a society from chaos.

      2. Matt A. Myers

        What you described can also fit the definition of a bubble of bias; what is considered to be noise, and likewise how large of a context is the big picture?The simple fact that it’s not acknowledged that most crypto-assets are structured as functioning Ponzi-Pyramid schemes reeks of a lack of intellectual integrity, honest critical thinking; is this comment or observation of mine (and of many) noise? There’s obvious groupthink and indoctrination observing from the outside of this crypto-asset craze.The fact that there’s never engagement in this line of thinking (to counter and explain logically why the Ponzi-Pyramid scheme pattern easily seen somehow is invalidated with these most popular crypto-assets; or it’s put-downs or other fallacious argument tactics), is more an attitude of ignorance is bliss than of clarity; it’s true everything can certainly feel clear – though it’s more of a calm and excitement than clarity – if one is hyper-focused without intergrating all parts.The reenforcement of bias via vested interests from literal investment of significant funds (and perhaps putting one’s ego and reputation on the line) shouldn’t be lost in one’s self-analysis – if it’s not actively done, then don’t fall to the sunken cost fallacy; it’s a challenge or impossibility to know if you’re self-aware enough to detect this, if you’re not self-aware enough..

      3. Richard

        are you quoting Adam West talkig to Alfred and Robin about the Joker or just drinking ?

      4. PhilipSugar

        Consider that stolen 🙂

  2. William Mougayar

    I’m not a fan of the native Stablecoins that have sprung up, because they espouse a lot of hidden risks. But, I’m supportive of the ones being pegged to existing stable currencies, such as this USDC and a few others like it. Indeed, one of their most important features is their programmability (not their stability).

  3. Dominic Maier

    How do the costs of keeping / using USDC compare to USD? For example, how much does it cost to transfer 1 USDC to a friend?