Funding Friday: Who Is She?

This Kickstarter project has been popping up in my various notification channels this past week and I finally got around to backing it. It seems like the perfect gift for a girl who you want to inspire to be everything she can be. Sadly all of the Christmas 2018 rewards are sold out.

You can back it here.


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  1. jason wright

    NFT alert. I wonder if this could be expanded to people (including male role models for boys) who have travelled a long pathway to success who are not necessarily ‘famous’, yet? I’m sure there’s a nascent dapp hiding somewhere in this interaction just waiting to enter a new kind of social market.

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    https://uploads.disquscdn.c…I hope that KS or someone does a case study on how/why this project is such an amazing success.One of the things I find appealing about it is the craftsmanship. I love getting things like this that I can consider to be heirloom quality.

    1. fredwilson

      yup. that’s why Etsy is doing so well too

    2. Donna Brewington White

      It’s really beautiful.

  3. Jonathan Baker

    thanks for the tip, my wife will enjoy.

    1. Donna Brewington White

      Who will she play with?

  4. Richard

    This is a great project but it leaves out a huge group of women – women whose careers were their families – who raised a family, often of 4-10 children, and did so without modern technology. What made these women special was their focus, their focus on wisdom, their focus of morals, their focus on literature, their focus on philosophy. This focus could never have happened if divided by the demands of a working. They are sorely missed today.

    1. sigmaalgebra

      Don’t worry: Mother Nature and Darwin are both strongly on the case and both focusing strongly on women who have lots of strong “enthusiasims” other than being good mothers, that is, other than love, marriage, home, family, and being really good at motherhood. Really good. Really good is crucial.Bluntly, weak, sick, or dead limbs on the tree have little or no future.In particular, strongly celebrating what some women do that conflicts significantly with being really good at motherhood has no future.This is some of what it sounds like:…That is an especially bombastic performance of the original in R. Wagner’s Lohengrin, but there’s way too much chance that without something so strong she won’t fully get it, get on the team, get fully with the program, bluntly be dedicated to being really good at motherhood.For some appropriate images and music, there is…Also crucial is for men, starting early as boys, to work hard to understand the situation and do their part. Sure, in part their part is to make the money to pay for it all and to get her pregnant. Guys, even in the animal kingdom, especially among the mammals and a lot of the birds, there’s a LOT more for what the male has to do to be a good father, that is, create strong limbs on the tree. E.g., it’s easy to guess that what an alley cat does is just find females in heat and inseminate them: Nope. Instead he viciously, really, devotes his life to it and, to the death fights with other males, likely dies from it, diligently marks and defends his territory and in effect protects the females and the kittens there.For humans in the leading current civilizations, he MUST be a good leader: I.e., it is NOT good enough for him just to keep away the obvious disasters and assume that then all the rest “will take care of itself”. Instead, for everything about being an effective husband and father, he MUST be in diligent, well informed, highly active control, like commanding a ship in a typhoon in waters with many hidden shoals and reefs.For this leadership he needs to know, in particular, quite a lot about human females, first when looking for a wife, second when he has a wife, and third when he has daughters. And for his sons, he must with great effectiveness pass down this knowledge.Then with all this knowledge, he must be a good leader of his wife and family. E.g., he must protect against influences, distracting, counterproductive, destructive, seditious, perverse, perverted, degenerate, wacko, e.g., from pop culture, influences that can so distract from the necessary, minimal goal of Darwin that the whole effort fails, and that’s not nearly enough. Very likely without a good leader, Darwin will apply his tree saw; there must be a good leader; the husband must be that good leader.Some examples:(1) He and his brothers were determined and bright and worked really hard, starting in an old warehouse in a bad section of town, and built a good business covering major parts of three states. She looked good, had one child, gained 150 pounds, and retired to a back bedroom. The whole effort failed to meet Darwin’s minimum.(2) He was a smart, determined lawyer, was a good provider, and they had five kids. She decided that since he was getting all the praise she would get a Masters and leave. She did and got a miserable job. Then, the usually crucial grandparent role was ruined, and likely they or their part of the tree soon failed to meet Darwin’s minimum. He won a big legal case and found a much younger model who looked really good in a white tennis outfit — maybe this time Darwin got pleased.(3) He was an expert in design of plants for the processed food industry and had a good business going. Commonly he left early on Monday, traveled to a client for the work, and returned home on Friday. There he found her passed out on the living floor surrounded by her best friends, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. After some years of that, finally he divorced her. Likely she soon died. Likely the result of all his hard work was a weak, sick, or dead (WSD) limb in the tree.(4) He was a big, strong, tough determined guy and had two sons who were the same. Son #1 traveled some and when he got back found his wife drunk having sex with several athletic guys. She wanted him to give away all his wealth, move to a commune, and live in a tent. Son #2 did well, quite well, and had some kids. One of his sons at a yacht club met a girl of 16, cuter than kittens and puppies. When she smiled it was easy to see or at least imagine a fine mist of bubbles rising above her. She was drop dead gorgeous, face, hair, figure, and really personable, great social skills. Two years later they had a very traditional marriage, with horses and carriage, long red carpet, the whole fantasy thing. Then right away she was unhappy, tried college, art school, being a leading horse woman, small business, and finally left for some, maybe media, job in a big city. Her husband cried in his pillow for a year. No kids — WSD limb on the tree.I have more, lots of WSD limbs on the tree.The issue is not small and, instead, is in the sense of Mother Nature and Darwin, on average, fatal — the birth rate is so low we are literally going extinct, rapidly. We come from a line, hundreds of millions of years long, with not a single failure ever, lived through ice ages, blizzards, droughts, floods, meat eating wild animals, poisonous plants, insects, and animals, injuries, infections, hunger, battles, wars, all the “hostile forces of nature and society” (E. Fromm, The Art of Loving), and now with peace and prosperity and some quite effective defenses against the hostile forces of nature. are rapidly going extinct.Well, that failing, fatal situation won’t last: We will, in a word commonly used with Darwin, “adapt”. In a few generations, what will be left are only women highly, totally, effectively devoted to being strong limbs on the tree, and not adapting merely genetically but also sufficiently well socially. The phrase “adapt or die” was never more solid and important. We’re failing.So, apparently part, much, of the solution is for him to be a good leader. A big part of this is, he must understand human females. This understanding is a big challenge for men: (1) Human females, apparently at least the ones that are promising as good wives and mothers, are very different from human males. (2) Boys and men in their early years don’t spend enough time with females to get nearly enough input for the boys to understand the females. E.g., it would be a lot better if the boy had several sisters, some younger, some older, and could begin to see the differences. (3) Our culture, doomed as it is, still strongly lies about nearly all the crucial topics for both boys and girls.E.g., when I retire, maybe I’ll write a book, or, better yet, publish as a Web site or instructional movie, awash in the best expertise, Girls 101 for Dummies — Boys. Necessarily if that is politically correct, then it will be a failure. So, for the effort, right at first, it will be necessary, but not sufficient, for it to be politically incorrect, wildly so — much of current culture must be junked.Darwin has a long history of dealing very effectively with all cases of WSD limbs on the tree and is strongly on the case now.

      1. Richard

        Well stated. And just to be clear to anyone reading who might misunderstand the message, an individual woman can of course accomplishment that what she is inspired to do – in any field — at any level – and there is a tremendous amount of restuctuing in the workplace that was needed to facilitate make this possible. The last piece to this puzzle is to teach men – with a very hard paddle to the backside – that sexual assault and battery can not be tolerated.

        1. sigmaalgebra

          That there is a problem with family formation is clear: We are doing so poorly at family formation that we are going extinct, quickly, literally. No joke.To be more clear, I treat kittens, puppies, girls, women, princesses, and angels all the same — cherish, treasure, and protect — and believe all of our society should. I regard human females as special, privileged characters.Women are free to do what the want.But from pop culture and much more, there are a lot of bad messages out there that would get women to do foolish things. I have no good solution to that problem now.But there are biggie, huge reasons to do well building strong families, and any man who wants such a family better keep building that family at or near the top of his priority list, be dedicated to the work, and be a good provider and a very well informed, insightful, and diligent leader to have his wife with love, home, family, marriage, and motherhood be the top of and nearly all of her priority list.Sure, considering what is currently politically correct, my ideas, and book should I write one, will have to be strongly politically incorrect.But there are many ways to be politically incorrect, and I am strongly against nearly all of them. So that I believe it is necessary to be politically incorrect does NOT mean that I endorse everything that is politically incorrect — very, far, across the visible universe far, away from any such endorsement or even tolerance.I can’t write my book here, and there’s no way for anyone to read what I’ve written so far and know with much accuracy what I would put in the book — NO WAY. So, I should not be vulnerable to people guessing and suspecting and, thus, charging, convicting me, etc. in absentia and before the fact.So, for “clarification”, I should not be accused of meaning what I didn’t clearly say. Thus, we should not need clarification.

  5. creative group

    FRED:We have already acquired this amazing game and supported in the early stages with the strong forward looking women within our group. The reminder was great. Appreciate it.Captain Obvious!#UNEQUIVOCALLYUNAPOLOGETICALLYINDEPENDENT

  6. kirklove

    Rad. Bean and I are excited to play!

  7. Mark T Reno

    Hi. Cousin Mark from Albuquerque.Uncle Tom is not doing well.It’s about time all his fans–‘ SHOW ME YOUR ENGEMAN!