Video Of The Week: Setting A Holiday Table

It is that time of year when we are having our families and friends over and celebrating holidays with a big meal.

And there is no better way to create that personalized one of a kind table than going to Etsy and getting the stuff you need.

This video/advertisement showcases that so well.

Disclosure: I am the Chairman of the Board and a large shareholder of Etsy.

#Deals and Steals

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  1. kenberger

    I was just explaining to someone the fable of the Chicken vs the Pig… and how it relates to VC vs startup ceo…And the lead still from this video looked like the image of that. (guess it’s really a bear vs some sort of bird, on closer look)

    1. LE

      Thanks I actually never heard that one. It predates football.Interesting that in the case of a startup ceo vs. an employee with stock the CEO is the Pig and the employee is the chicken.bear vs some sort of birdThe images maybe should be flipped to be looking at each other. An picture with a face typically should not point out but in. (At least the way I see it…)

      1. kenberger

        I am not so sure of that, not at all.Plenty of times the employees are the pigs– to the slaughter– *at best*. While the ceo can have multiple ways to lay/have interest in more eggs regardless of ultimate outcome (via secondaries, pooling her interests with other peer company equity, and other creative modern-day arrangements).

        1. LE

          You can argue either side of that. An employee can get out and move on easier to a new opportunity than a CEO can. One factor is that they need less to float their boat. But by the same token you are right a CEO does have other options that an employee doesn’t have.This is why trites bother me. It’s kind of like a Rorschach and it can be made to fit what you want or already think.An employee has an easier time typically with their skill set of landing a job quickly and moving on. A CEO or someone at the top it’s not a quick and easy process to become another CEO or high level position of equal pay and/or stature.Let’s say I am the founder of a band vs. a member of a band. Which would have an easier time? The founder making a new band or the guitar player finding a new gig? (I know nothing about this and you do so feel free to bat me down on that example).Article the other day about how certain positions (because of low unemployment) are being hired over the phone with no interview at all…. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

          1. kenberger

            LOVE it that you remembered by rock n roll band experience!!i think you make a big assumption re employees– that there is a hot market and the person has a hot skill. Otherwise what you describe isn’t nec always true.Re a band founder vs guitarist, really depends on a bunch of things.

          2. LE

            Interesting I would like to be able to play an instrument but have no interest in playing in a band. I would be really interested in being David Geffen though. I found the PBS on him fascinating and thought ‘yep I could do this for sure’.As far as assumptions? That is what I do. And it’s like card counting. You are not always right but my experience has been the correct assumptions far far outweigh the incorrect ones!Yes I remembered (I think you had even said I was confusing bass guitar with ‘guitar’ (I didn’t know the difference to me it’s just ‘guitar’)) and bringing in that I knew that about you was on purpose and a technique that I use. For example when I am trying to convince my wife of something I often say ‘for example it’s like you in medicine don’t you….’.For bass guitar though after you said that when I watch web videos I figured out who the bass guitarist was something I never even thought of before.

        2. jason wright

          at lastminute dot com the employees were well and truly slaughtered by the two founders.

    2. JLM

      .Same story, same meme featuring different stars — the Ham and the Egg.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

      1. kenberger

        I am Sam, Sam I am.

  2. Richard

    Who in the world finds these plates appetizing ? If so, why?

    1. jason wright

      i don’t think the idea is to eat the plates.

  3. awaldstein

    Yup–i love this time of the year, with people always over and every variation of party from pot luck, to sit down and from the oven.There is something about the magic of a meal, that is captured I think best in two of my favorite movies–Big Night and Mostly Martha.

      1. awaldstein

        A fan of that as well but i think right now Mostly Martha is on the top of the list of all time food movies.I will add Chef to that list as well on second thought.

  4. george

    Love Etsy Branding, cute piece…great resource for adding the special touch.

  5. LE

    Etsy Commercials: I had jury duty a few weeks ago. You sit in the jury room for hours on end waiting to be called. In the front of the room they play HGTV fixer upper type shows. Anyway very interesting there were at least 4 or 5 ETSY commercials that I remember seeing while sitting there with the rest of the captive jurors. Never having watched TV during the middle of the day I am guessing that was the media buy that makes sense. I don’t remember seeing ETSY commercials on similar HGTV shows at night (might be because I skip past the commercials but in the jury room I couldn’t do that)…. https://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.c

    1. JLM

      .Did you get picked?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

      1. LE

        I will now ‘protest to much’.I would have actually liked to serve but it is not practical to do so. I work 7 days per week so it’s not like I have free time to do entertaining, interesting or civic duty type things. The only thing I really do that is trivial is write comments here which I can do from my desk. I haven’t even unpacked $5000 of camera equipment I bought about 6 weeks ago. Today I just hired a photographer to take pictures of a property that I would actually do myself (I have done this type of thing and made money while in high school/college and I am good at it). I hope this gets me off the ‘civic duty’ obligation part of life.So I came prepared with a perfectly crafted letter to the judge. The last time I did that was to get out of a ticket and it worked. In that case I didn’t even have to show up in court (was another state). Just mailed the letter to the judge making my argument and it worked. To me it was just another selling job (and I am bragging non humbly).In this case I didn’t need the letter but importantly I was prepared if I did just in case. Isn’t that what I am always saying here? More effort to get the best outcome.For the first case they were reviewing jurors for a rape trial. Multiple sexual assault charges. They handout a list of witnesses. 4 witnesses worked at my wife’s hospital. I felt I might even know one of the witnesses and had heard her name. So right off I figured that was an angle. I put that down on the sheet (which the judge gets) and after some time we were all called back and the judge dismissed a bunch of people. There were some other things I said as well. All truthful btw. For example my ex wife had been sexually assaulted and I figured that might indicate bias so I wrote that down. So I didn’t need the letter. Later in the day they didn’t call us for another trial. The food while poor was cheap. There was wifi. And HGTV.After leaving I got lost (while talking on the phone) in a bad neighborhood with my nice car. It made me think that maybe I should have a gun. Something on AVC I have said I didn’t think I’d ever want. (Also another commenters here, who I will not mention, (but he can out himself if he wants) has been part of that process as well.)In another state I got out of jury duty by simply telling the woman in the jury office over the phone how nice their instruction message was. I didn’t know it was the person that I was speaking with who recorded it. I just started out by telling her how great the message was (because it was). And she says ‘oh that was me! sure I will let you off duty thanks!’.

        1. sigmaalgebra

          Yes, once I got off from a traffic ticket by writing a letter to the judge. It was for a complicated situation starting with my auto insurance company local agent not being able to tell me accurately what I owed, the home office computer sending a message to some NYS DMV computers, a license plate reader in a police patrol car, ….I’d just written some notes on a very general proof, using the Hahn decomposition from the Radon-Nikodym theorem, of the classic Neyman-Pearson result in statistics. So, I extracted some of that math as TeX code, included it in the letter, and argued that the complexity raised the false alarm rate of the system.I got off.

  6. LE

    Here is my ‘Tell CEO’ ‘suggestion Saturday’ for ETSY.I like some things. But in order to ‘heart’ an item you need to create an account.But what if I want to heart multiple items? And send that list to my wife?I don’t want to create an account and I don’t want to send multiple links.I want to (on mobile) simply tick off many things that I like and then I want to click and say ‘create list’ and then I want to be able to mail that link to my wife and make it easy for her. ‘Easy’ is not making me sign up or do a Facebook account google etc. To much friction. Abandon the idea.The format can be simply like this <– Random new link basicallyAnd then that link can be passed on social media or sent to someone and you can alsoedit it if you want later (assuming valid cookie is dropped).Also if you click on the link you get a 404 type page. The 404 page should have links to items for sale on ETSY. ‘Always be selling’. … https://uploads.disquscdn.c

      1. JLM

        .I will ask My Perfect Daughter when I see her for Thanksgiving. They are crushing it and have had great PR in places like Fast Company (called them the Warby Parker of towels), Vogue, Bustle, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, and, today, the Wall Street Journal.Full disclosure “Weezie Towels” is My Perfect Daughter’s startup which launched in October. They already have more than 1,000 customers.She makes me pay full price, no discount.They have their operations in Savannah and offices in NYC and Savannah.I am so proud of her, except for the lack of a fatherly discount, but I intend to work on her.They have already had to re-order their entire inventory and are adding product lines.When she first moved to NYC years ago, she had lunch with Freddie before she took a position with Uncommon Goods, then Bustle.Some startups she considered working with would ask her who she had met with and she would say, “Fred Wilson.”They would say, “You know Fred Wilson?”Liz called me and said, “Dad, who is Fred Wilson?”He nudged her in the right direction and she might have gone to work for Etsy,but found the position with Uncommon Goods immediately.Kid is lucky.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

        1. LE

          Well you know I love the WSJ it’s a font of ideas and business for me.Was it in yesterday’s print edition? I spilled tea on that last night by accident and didn’t read the last section.Just found this online (paywall). I blurred the name for privacy.….. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

          1. JLM

            .Yeah, that’s the article. No reason to be squeamish about the founders — Lindsey Johnson and Elizabeth Minch Eichholz.Two very smart young women — female founders.The cat is out of the Weezie bag.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  7. JLM

    .Every morning when I run through my favorite news and blog sites, I try to guess what the blogs will be posting about before I click on them.Right now, “crypto” all the time is the winning meme in Fred World, followed by cell phone commentary, and economic development.So, the metrosexual holiday table setting really got me and made me laugh. Who knew?I dig Etsy and I dig the new guy running it. I dig the stock price. I dig that Freddie is the C of the B.But, mostly I dig the stock price.I hate everything about this table setting. But, then, I have zero taste in such things.If it doesn’t have holly, red berries, candles, and ribbons — is it really Christmas? Or Thanksgiving?Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    1. jason wright

      what are your favourite news and blog sites?

      1. JLM

        .Too long a list, but I love reading the people with whom I don’t agree and the news sites that provide an insight into the thinking from the other side.I read a lot of “spook” sites like StratFor and SOFREP, the Bridge, Russian Military Reform, Russian Military Analysis, China Defense Blog.Some of this stuff is incredibly insightful, even better than the CIA’s National Estimates (which is good for economics).The Chinese stuff is interesting because it is often the exact words of the top general which contradicts what Pres Xi said yesterday. This can’t be an accident.I think both the Russians and the Chinese are tip toeing up to a line to test us on something. We are slowly moving to meet them in the S China Sea and Poland/Ukraine.Small Wars Journal is one of the best and one of my favorites.I read every newspaper of size and the liberal rags like HuffPo, Salon.I read all the UK papers because they do a better job on the Middle East.I read Al Jazeera.I spend a lot of time on the BLS site and the Fed Res individual sites. Incredible info.Don’t tell anybody. Happy Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

        1. sigmaalgebra

          Gee, nice for recommendation and discovery!!! Good grief, how many people could use a better means? How about 99 44/100% of everyone with a Web browser?Disclosure: Working on it. Have the math, secret sauce, and production quality software done, building server, etc.

        2. sigmaalgebra

          I think both the Russians and the Chinese are tip toeing up to a line to test us on something. We are slowly moving to meet them in the S China Sea and Poland/Ukraine.That’s much of why we really need:Kamala, Senator ICE is “perceived” as the KKK,Nasty Nancy, The San Francisco Treat, Trump’s “whole thing is ‘Make America White Again.’”,Fauxcahontas, It’s Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment,…Senator Dianne Feinstein, My bill to ban assault weapons is ready for a vote. How long will we accept weapons of war being used to slaughter our children?Representative Adam Shiff, If the Trump campaign, or anybody associated with it, aided or abetted the Russians, it would not only be a serious crime, it would also represent one of the most shocking betrayals of our democracy in history.Sultan Abdul Hussein Ali Bow Down bin Obozo, Sheik Sequester

          1. JLM

            .Make no mistake, the Russians and the Chinese care very much who the C-in-C is when the balloon goes up.They are playing the long game.The Russians will go after the Baltic nations and test NATO. Just like they did with the Crimea — do you believe in this century we have had a country just invade and conquer another?The Chinese will pick a fight over the Chinese islands in the S China Sea. This is important for two reasons — they can fight and win plus it would be a huge loss of influence in that region.This is why when idiots like Macron say they need to be protected from the USA it is so damn stupid.We pulled their chestnuts out of the fire during WWI, WWII, in French Indochina, in the Marshall Plan, in NATO (which they originally didn’t join) in the Cold War, and now in the War on Terror.The test is coming and the clock is running. It will come during a very cold winter when the Russians can turn off the tap on natural gas to eastern Europe.The brightest spot in Europe is the Poles offering to spend $3B to build a permanent base for US forces in Poland.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

          2. LE

            do you believe in this century we have had a country just invade and conquer another?Because people today spend their time caring about nonsense generally that is why. When I was growing up wasn’t that way. I remember the nightly news no comparison to what runs today.My latest pet peeve is the worship around Stan Lee. My wife actually disagreed with me on this. Then, because it’s the Internet I found support for my contrarian view. From Bill Maher.http://www.real-time-with-b…Notice how everyone is up in arms ‘everyone’ over an opinion that is entirely valid. News flash: Not everyone cares about comics or Stan Lee. And not everyone cares about some entertainer dying either. And if your life is so wrapped up around something like that then honestly something is lacking from your life if you will not allow others to voice that it’s not important to them. Or to make a blog post, joke or other otherwise. All of this is not because of the Internet it is because of social media. Which has created immense voice amplification.But anyway back to my point about what you said. Yes most people not only do not know about Russia etc nor do they care. But they do care if some comic book writer who ‘touched their lives’ died (at a ripe old age no less). And they do care (because they have been told to care) what MBS does while ignoring and not knowing about any other aspects of why behavior like this sometimes needs to be tolerated.

          3. JLM

            .You can tell everything you need to know about a man if you know who his heroes are.I was in a group of ex-Special Ops guys — SEALs, Rangers, Green Berets — all normal guys to me, the other day. All much younger than me. Involved in veteran related VC/startup stuff.When you are comfortable in that kind of company, and they accept you, you learn a lot because they tend to clam up in the company of civilians.We got talking about role models and it was interesting to see who some of these guys picked.I went with Geo NMI Washington on the basis of his standing up an army, on beating the #1 Army/Navy team in the world at the time, on standing up a country, on being its President 2X, on dealing with opposition, but still buildng a team, on being an entrepreneur — and at least a half of these guys didn’t really know this stuff.Tough as nails patriots, but didn’t know our history.Tell me who your heroes are and I will know who you

          4. LE

            Tough as nails patriots, but didn’t know our history.See now I would have guessed (incorrectly) that they would learn that in some part of training or school. Because it’s would tend to make you patriotic and feel closer to the mission. Plus it’s why you are in fighting. That is what I would think. It’s almost like an ‘art’ type connection you do it in part for that type of ‘love’ and experience.In business I knew of ‘you know who – DT’ back in the late 70’s’ and I also knew about many other people in business because I was just always into business my brain is just stuffed to the gills with everything and anything. In business school we also did learn about some of ‘the heroes’. So you have a feel for it. I knew that Reginald Jones went to our school as an undergrad.Just today as it happens I am dealing with a father (Brigadier General retired) whose son is also a Brigadier General and was a head of the US Cyber command. I found that out by doing a simple search. The son is now a federal contractor. Father is again retired. But he has an impressive and long history of serving the government. So I definitely super respect that and gave the father the gold star treatment.Next I am going to refer someone who I think might want to work for the son’s company (In DC) to the son. Because the guy who I will refer works for google and my take (from him) is that they don’t have their shit together in what he does (data centers and high level security) and the son, the military guy definitely does have his act together and I think the guy that I will refer will really like that structure and discipline. If not, what have I wasted? An email.Only person in my family who is ex military is a guy who married a cousin of mine who did what I was told was the equivalent of ‘secret service’ for high ranking military officers. Real tough guy. Was at his wedding. I will ask him who his heroes are ‘the JLM’ test.

          5. sigmaalgebra

            > News flash: Not everyone cares about comics or Stan Lee.The Internet is rapidly killing off themainstream media (MSM). Sooooo, they need eyeballs for ad revenue, and credibility, taste, informing the citizens, etc. all go away.E.g., there are many, now mostly relatively small, Internet alternatives to the MSM — e.g., JLM’s reading list.For more my current best guesses:Sooooo, the MSM want stories that will grab people, by the heart, the gut, below the belt, always below the shoulders, never between the ears. E.g., we don’t see good information on finding a good short term and long term approach to the best real economic growth in the face of the issues of inflation, tax rates, the deficits, the Fed interest rates, balance of trade, and import tariffs. There has been quite a lot of attention to this problem via stochastic optimal control; e.g., the relevance of control theory was mentioned by the last Fed Chair. At times the macro economists worked with “structural equation models”. Control theory or not, some good simulations, maybe even doable with a spreadsheet, should be relevant. Now, MSM, you brain-dead bozos, let’s see the RESULTS.Soooo, the MSM likes scandals, disasters (“if it bleeds, it leads”), conflict, riots, wars (the old “You supply pictures. I’ll supply the war.”) anything highly emotional. Outrageous statements from total bozos especially welcome.Soooo, since the MSM can’t find sufficiently good scandals, riots, etc., they work to create some. And then they gang up and pile on — a great case of a network effect. Right, bluntly they incite violence.The comic book guy is just a special case.

          6. LE

            There was a story on last night about ‘an alarming increase in sexual assault’ on airplanes. The number quoted was 66% increase. Of course they didn’t supply any raw numbers or probabilities.I said to my wife ‘well what is the probability that you have the following conditions on an airplane’:a) A person who gets their ‘jollies’ by unwanted touching. I mean seriously who is that person?b) ‘a’ sitting next to a woman who they want to touch. Would think that is subset of woman that does not include certain types.c) The opportunity.Seems like it would hard to believe that this is anything more than just what happens when you have 300 million people in a country. You will find all sorts of aberrant behavior and strange things happening. But it’s hard to believe it’s a trend and happening statistically more than it did 10 years ago. Sure people are more likely to report now and why? Because people have a way to report it (social media amplification) and that it’s actually not an increase at all. So in theory it’s happening as much as it did 10 or 20 years ago.I could be wrong. But my point is also partly that the news just reports and doesn’t even dig at all to try and present in a fair and balanced way.

          7. sigmaalgebra

            Ratios, proportions, and percentages are covered well by the end of the 8th grade, but all the mainstream media consistently get a grade of F in these topics. All they want from a percentage is something shocking that just went up like a skyrocket. That is, they want an emotional grabber, in the case you mention, grab people by the heart and below the belt.But, to be meaningful, a percentage increase needs (1) data from the past and (2) data from the present. So, to have anything at all, just MUST report BOTH (1) and (2). With (1), MUST say WHEN: How shocking 66% is depends on the time between (1) and (2), a day, week, month, year, decade, etc. E.g., since 1920 no doubt the number of sexual molestations per year on commercial airplanes has gone up by factors of hundreds for percentage increases in the tens of thousands.Also commonly need, as in my example about airplanes, the data to be per capita — which might show that my hypothetical airplane molestation example was silly.Also commonly need information on other relevant circumstances.So, whenever I see percentages reported with grade F in the media, I just ignore the report. Even if they reported that TB in California is up 10,000%. If they won’t say when, per capita, who, measured how, by whom, with primary reference where, etc., I just ignore the report. (A) If they had anything real, then in their reporting they would at least get a passing grade on percentages. (B) Since their reporting is so awful, I just assume that their report is more of their usual garbage such that if they DID give the real information the shock value of their story would disappear, that they are just trying to grab me, waste my time, get my eyeballs, show me ads, get ad revenue, and gang up, pile on, and make up a continuing “narrative” they can use to make more such stories and get more ad revenue.Sure, basically, bluntly, I trash the MSM: For the NYT, on paper they can’t compete with Charmin, and on the Internet they are useless for wrapping dead fish heads. I hope that remark is funny, but funny or not it’s is my literal, solid view. At Drudge, Hacker New, etc., if a headline is to an article in the NYT, I just click away right away.The MSM garbage is worse now, but it’s not new. E.g., I spent one summer in my parent’s apartment in Crystal City in northern Virginia (Dad was working at the Pentagon, and Mom was secretary at National Cathedral). To be informed, each day I read everything relevant in the WaPo. At the end of the summer I concluded that I’d learned exactly zip, zero, zilch of any importance. E.g., Jefferson had even more severe condemnations of the newsies. E.g., a movie had “The news is always the same; only the names change.”.As in JLM’s reading list here, I have suspected that the Internet will have the news media partition into thousands, maybe millions, of highly specialized, focused, narrow outlets. People always want more information, and now it can exist on the Internet. Then there will be a challenge finding it — as I already mentioned, working on it. So, people who want to see what control theory can say about management of the US economy will have good outlets. And people who care a lot about comic book authors will also. Or long ago it was “The medium is the message”, that is, the three major TV networks and in each city just 1-2 major newspapers, with most of the newspapers owned by a few national companies, determined a lot about the news that did get reported.My solution to the newsie garbage is simple — ignore it. When enough people want good information sources and enough entrepreneurs notice this, we will have such information sources.”Don’t curse the darkness. Light a candle.”

          8. sigmaalgebra

            There was a TV movie, Ike, mostly about his driver, whatever her name was, and was mostly to sell soap to US housewives lusting for a really powerful man, but the movie did have some okay history about Ike.At one point in the movie, after some failed joint effort with the French, one of Ike’s aids said “The French they are a funny race, Parlez vous.”. Apparently that is true now if not then.US education used to emphasize a high school course in Civics. Such a course is crucial for our having an “informed” and responsible “electorate”, VOTERS. E.g., we don’t want the voters dumb enough to vote for energy policies, e.g., Alexandria’s 100% renewables in 10 years, that would shoot the US economy in the gut and take the US back to about 1900 and, along the way, kill many millions of people.Sooooo, the French, Germans, Swedes, and English want to import illiterate people with no background in or loyalty to the civics of any of those countries and, then, seem surprised at the resulting violence, rapes, etc. Apparently in the countries of origin of those immigrants, any female of any age out alone is a permitted target of rape. So, those European countries are surprised at so many rapes — they expected something else? Yup, “The French are a funny race, Parlez vous. “. And in this case so are the Germans, English, Swedes. Apparently the Hungarians are smarter.Maybe that European importation has more to it than is made really clear. E.g., there is…with a breath taking, unbelievably drop dead gorgeous, crown jewel of civilization performance in Vienna with an innovative ballet and fantasy of middle school dancing class.Then look at the audience: Old average age and nothing like the immigrants. Sooooo, something doesn’t fit until hear that for an immigrant to become a CITIZEN of Austria is easy enough, just ~$25 million. So, NO WAY are those immigrants “on a path to citizenship”. Maybe none of Europe intends “a path to citizenship”. Only the US has many people dumb enough to want “a path to citizenship” for millions of illegal immigrants.What Austria is doing looks more like the Alphas, Betas, …, Gammas of Huxley’s Brave New World. Ugly situation.Well, here in the US we have FAR too many people who want to import people without a US course in civics, with no knowledge of US culture, with no loyalty to the US, with serious disease problems, e.g., TB, with lots of other problems, e.g., rape, importing drugs, other criminality. When ICE works to deport these people, we have Kamala and others wanting to abolish ICE — of course some of them say that, then, they want to build something better — might take 50 years, right?Latest numbers are that just from the drugs mostly from Mexico, we have 72,000 Americans die, each YEAR. That’s HUGE, quickly, in a few years, swamps the US deaths from WWI (116,516, 63,114 from disease, e.g., the flu), WWII (416,800), Viet Nam, Iraq, ISIS, Akrapistan, any of them or ALL of them. Yet, the “open borders” crowd is still screaming about separating criminal illegal immigrants from their children (we separate criminal US citizens from their children) and ignoring the 72,000 drug deaths a year.Increased public expenditures for those immigrants, schooling, medical care, public assistance, etc., is supposed to be ~$100 billion a year, not chump change, or even Trump change, but 20% of our defense budget, really, more than the ~$50 billion estimate of the cost of government supplied free health care for everyone (that I’m not for).We have some funny people here, Parlez vous.

  8. Kirsten Lambertsen

    For the longest time I never saw stuff on Etsy that I wanted, but lately I see a LOT that I want. I’m sure you and the leadership always knew it would get there.I bought my daughter’s Halloween mask on Etsy this year! https://uploads.disquscdn.c… That’s her on the right (the skull came from Etsy, and we added the fur and ears).One used to have to wade into eBay to buy stuff like this, which has always felt dicey at best to me. Etsy feels totally legit.

    1. fredwilson

      ML to the rescue

  9. sigmaalgebra

    A really big, Big, BIG thingy about US Thanksgiving is Tradition, even for people not on a roof and playing violin.Well, the Etsy picture doesn’t look much like such tradition. Soooooo: (A) Need a white tablecloth and white damask napkins. (B) Need to show some food, e.g., Parker House hot rolls, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, carrot and celery sticks, each of those in nice, traditional containers, the turkey, apple pie, with vanilla ice cream. Need some stemmed wine glasses, some with red wine and the rest with water. Could use a ice cut glass water pitcher. Need some candles, lit, in nice candle holders. Need some nice plant stuff, e.g., Holiy around the bottoms of the candle holders. Need some plant stuff, e.g., a center piece of flowers or at least fall flowers (I’d bet that your Bethany Crystal would have a LOT of really good ideas).A start on a good Thanksgiving picture is not tough to find:…And, RIGHT, should have some PEOPLE, hopefully at least three generations.I know; I know: I’m being too subtle.I can understand some art, e.g.. music, a little sculpture, but art as images is one of my worst talents, still even I can’t swallow that Etsy picture.

  10. John Bonini

    Oh, wow, you actually are the chairman of Etsy.[in Johnny Carson voice] “I did not know that.”