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Our portfolio company Quizlet is one of the top mobile apps out there with over 50 million people a month using it to learn something.

Quizlet has existed for over a decade as a wikipedia style learning community with its users creating and sharing study sets on pretty much everything and anything. There are over 300 million of these study sets on Quizlet and that number grows larger every day as more people join Quizlet and create and share their study sets.

This week Quizlet announced that premium content creators are now joining the Quizlet community to share, and sell, study sets that they have created. Premium content creators include publishers like Kaplan and Pearson, digital learning platforms like Babbel and Kenhub, and individual experts like Rob Swatski and Miriam Gutierrez.  

If you want to become a Quizlet Verified Creator and publish your premium learning content as a Quizlet Study Set, you can go here and do that.

None of this changes the basic Quizlet experience that 50 million people experience every month.  As Quizlet wrote in the blog post announcing Premium Content:

You can continue to create study sets and study user generated content to practice and master what you’re learning for free — just like you always have. Quizlet Premium Content doesn’t replace the parts of Quizlet you know and love; it’s adding to it, giving you new ways to use the games and activities on Quizlet to study content you don’t have to create yourself (or rely on other users to create!).

I am excited to see Quizlet add premium content to its massive library of learning material. It allows learners to find new content that may meet their learning needs better than the content they or others have created. It allows teachers and other professional learning content creators to get compensated for their premium content on Quizlet. And, of course, it creates a third revenue stream, in addition to advertising and subscriptions, to diversify Quizlet’s business model.

Quizlet is an amazing learning community. Now professionals can join it and add value while getting compensated for that. I am confident that this new premium content will make Quizlet even better.

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  1. Lawrence Brass

    We’ve been looking at quizlet to implement an internal “learnflow” as part of the knowledge management process. It is an interesting challenge, not every piece fits, but quizlet seems to cover many of the bases.It’s something like this: https://uploads.disquscdn.c

    1. Adam Sher

      Are you looking at using Quizlet in conjunction with a larger Learning Management System or as the LMS? What other LMS have you tried?

      1. Lawrence Brass

        The idea is to implement an agile/light process integrating available SaaS, low cost products. I don’t think there is space for a larger system. We already detected that for this to work, someone dedicated to content curation and preparation is needed. Do it ourselves’ may not work.Any suggestions?

        1. Adam Sher

          I haven’t used quizlet so I do not have a point of comparison. I’ve implemented a few different solutions at other companies with mixed results. Happy to talk to you about what I’ve used and where I’ve been successful. Send me a note at adam at accutennis dot com or linkedin and we’ll go from there

          1. Lawrence Brass

            Thanks, Adam. Will do.

    2. LE

      What type of business is this for? (I always wanted to have handwriting like that btw)

      1. Lawrence Brass

        Consulting and services business, mainly. I work with/for them for many years, in and out. New people without previous experience arrive the company and have to acquire specific knowledge as Cloudera/Hadoop cluster installation, Linux MS AD integration, Firewalls, that type of thing. Specialized. Our motivation is to accelerate the process and get the new people as fast as possible to a verifiable readiness state, to be deployed at the customers sites.Uh, thanks. I think it is uneven. Coming from you and considering the attention to detail of your observations, I will accept it as a compliment. 🙂

  2. Chimpwithcans

    Quizlt is sooooooooo gooooooooood!!!! And this seems like a great added feature. This could go far methinks.

  3. sigmaalgebra

    The monthly traffic to Quizlet is astounding.The best educational materials are quite good, often beautifully polished, and often available for free or nearly so in libraries, on YouTube, in PDF files, or in text books (for the most polished materials, cheap used is usually plenty good enough).(1) Are there really subjects of significant interest without good materials readily available?(2) If (1) is true, is it really easy enough to get good new materials?(3) If (2) is true, why would an author of such materials put their work on Quizlet versus other publishers? Or, my guess was that publishers, even on-line, were not doing well.

  4. Tom Labus

    RIP. 41.

  5. Richard

    Tremendous opportunity in Healthcare

  6. LE

    None of this changes the basic Quizlet experience that 50 million people experience every month.I am wondering if investors ever audit, spot check and/or verify user numbers that their companies give them?Below google trends is a good proxy for how usage varies by month over the past few years showing predictable drop offs during certain ‘non learning’ time periods or prep periods I am guessing…. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

    1. sigmaalgebra

      I do similar, simple graphs with Excel in Office 2003. All my graphs look much better than this one. That’s easy to do since this graph is so bad it is nearly useless. This graph is from the school of I hate numbers and I love art and want graphs to be wavy instances of art, communicating feelings.It’s easy for my graphs to be much, Much, MUCH, MUCH better and from just four rules:Rule 1: In a graph with just one line, there is only one color for everything on the graph, the line, the axes, the tick marks, the axes scales, the text, etc, and that color is SOLID BLACK with no grays, blues, reds, greens (about 20% of the male population is partially red-green color blind).Rule 2: Make all the lines for the line from the data, the axes, the tick marks WIDE. The defaults in Excel are weak. dysfunctional, hair thin, light gray, sick-0, nearly invisible nonsense. So in Excel have to keep clicking, clicking, clicking to get rid of the defaults like swatting flies from from a dirty BBQ grill on a hot, humid day in Memphis.Rule 3: Make all the lettering BOLD and as large as will fit on the graph. If you can make the lettering larger, then do it. It’s like Marilyn Monroe said about diamonds — they can never be too large.Rule 4: Keep ALL art school graduates, graphic arts people, user interface experts, Web page stylists, people with subtle ideas, etc. totally away from the effort. If want to hire the work done, then get someone who got a good grade in college freshman physics lab reports and majored in a STEM field.

  7. DJL

    I still find the quizlet UI frustrating. Maybe it is just me? Our teachers use the platform, but I don’t think they have a great way to manage their content to select user groups. They also need a way to practice spelling words (for K-12).I am VERY bullish on this platform. But perhaps K-12 is not the core market segment.

    1. Matthew Glotzbach

      Quizlet provides users (including Teachers) the ability to create a Class and add students and content to that class.For spelling, there is a “Spell” learning activity that will speak the words and then the user types the spelling out.

      1. DJL

        I knew it was probably “user error”. I am going to try to migrate my kids weekly tests into Quizlet apps for them.There is a huge need in “Ed Tech” to integrate these various applications. Schoology, Quizlet, etc.

  8. William Mougayar

    I discovered Quizlet in 2013 after an extensive search of tools, and used it a few times. Impressed about their growth and footprint expansion.

  9. Vasudev Ram

    Same old question as we have for every potentially interesting / useful startup: Available only in the US, only in some first-world / Western countries, or worldwide?

    1. Matthew Glotzbach

      Available worldwide, in 19 languages, across web and App and Play store.

      1. Vasudev Ram

        Thanks, will check it out then. As a content creator and trainer (apart from being a consultant, and the two areas do have synergy), I’ll also take the opportunity to plug my software training offerings here:1) Python programming, 2) SQL and database design, 2) Linux commands and shell scripting, and 4) automated PDF generation (for business reporting needs) with ReportLab and xtopdf (the last, xtopdf, being my own creation):https://jugad2.blogspot.com…The above training page has my course outlines and a few testimonials from former training clients. I conduct these courses worldwide, via the Internet, using tools like Skype or similar, email and instant messaging.

    2. Vasudev Ram

      Why is my question not upvoted, 2nd- and 3rd-worlders? Asleep at the wheel?/jk 🙂

      1. Lawrence Brass

        I upvoted the ad, Vasudev, my friend.And I did it under the light of the Crux constellation. 🙂

        1. Vasudev Ram

          Buen trabajo, Lawrence, mi amigo.आप कई और चंद्रमा देख सकते हैंMay you see many more moons – ancient Indian saying 🙂

          1. Lawrence Brass

            Namaste, Vasudev.

        2. Vasudev Ram

          Hopefully, one day, we shall together sip some wine under the light of that star and a full moon – in Chile’s far southern Patagonia territory, which you described to me. I want to see that blue ice glacier descending into the sea. Red for you, white for me.Un bella domani, fratello.(Italian – from one of my favorite authors, Morris West, from his novel The Shoes of The Fisherman)https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…

      2. sigmaalgebra

        I’m a little surprised but:(1) Among the millions of Web sites and some trillions of Web pages, AVC.com is not easy to find even for people who might like it (yup, doing something about that).(2) There are two, old, somewhat, first cut relevant remarks: First, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Second, learning takes work and is not just a spectator sport.(3) Apparently the idea of good things and progress via study and learning had narrow germination and roots and have spread only slowly. While several cultures did enough basic astronomy for calendar making, for more there were the ancient Greeks. Then there wasn’t much before Galileo, then for the rush through Kepler and Newton. Then such things spread slowly through much of Europe and Russia.Then in England, Germany, and a few other places, then the US, such learning exploded to the present.In some other countries there’s been some copying, but such interest in learning is still for only a small fraction of the population of 2nd and 3rd world countries.