Funding Friday: Return To Sender

I love short films. I think they are a great way to tell a short story on a shoestring budget. I have seen some great ones over the years. So when I saw this Kickstarter project this morning, I backed it instantly.


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  1. Richard

    Elvis has left the building

    1. Richard

      For the AVC international audience – a little color / perspective

      1. Lawrence Brass

        And from the other end of the story, isn’t this one of the most notable moments of American musical history?

  2. awaldstein

    Curious if you are a fan of the Katzenberg and Meg Whitman company Quibi?In intent, I am as a big believer in short form, mobile consumable stories.

    1. LE

      I think that it depends on the venue where someone watches content.For example I watch practically nothing on mobile. I have a short commute and when I watch (at home) I use a laptop (at night after my wife goes to sleep early). But more importantly even with Netflix I have found that I go toward Netflix series, as opposed to movies (from any source). [1]Why? Because with a long series if I put the effort into initial view of something, if I like what I see, I then have hours of watching to do. So for 20 minutes invested in the beginning of a series I can end up with 12 hours of entertainment or at least 3 or 4. Sometimes longer. To me personally that is what I like. With movies (and especially with short form) I have to invest time to see if I like the content and then if I don’t I have to find other content to take it’s place. I have found that Netflix has nailed this and given how they have access to metrics and how they seem to be invested in more long form content their audience is doing the same. And just like not every movie from any director is good knowing who did it or where it came from doesn’t alter this (once again for me).In no way does this mean that short form isn’t good. Just not the way that I view. To me long form is much more efficient and entertaining. Maybe because I have a short attention span or some other reason but that is the way that it is.[1] (The only short form I watch is music videos).

      1. awaldstein

        Each to their own of course.For myself–I rarely judge the efficacy of what is defining a new future by the reality of what I do today. They are building for a future beyond me.That is also why I’ve become a practitioner of sorts utilizing Beginners Mind as a way to be open to different realities for investments and projects.…But net net, I’m a fan of his and the Hollywood ecosystem and making the big bets on content.Love the movie business.

        1. LE

          What you speak of is not something I am familiar with or that I think I would find interesting)!So ironically I am actually going to take the time to read the post. Just for that reason. (Definitely something that my father in law is into and I might very well forward it to him to read.)

          1. awaldstein

            Meditation as a tool to a better waking personal and working life has been a game changer for me.Seriously change the playing field.

    2. cavepainting

      I think it is a really big deal especially in many Asian and African markets where mobile is the primary delivery channel of entertainment for vast swathes of the society.I am not really sure if it all needs to be proprietary and created anew. There is enough content out there.. Not sure if Quibi is all proprietary content (or) if they plan to license original content and make it more consumable in bites?Counter-argument: Short vs. Long Form is a trap. Consumers want to be entertained. They really do not care if something is short or long as long as they like watching it and it is well organized into chunks. Everything has to work on mobile anyway.

      1. awaldstein

        We shall see if they have it right as they have $1b+ to play with.The form factor is only a piece of what he is trying to deliver obviously.This is a rejiggering of the content pipeline bringing Hollywood talent into the short form art form.

  3. Paola Ashkar


  4. Geoff Jones

    Intrigued to know how many Kickstarter projects you are currently subscribed too 🙂