Audio Of The Week: Reimagining The Well Woman

One of the areas we have been investing a lot in at USV is women’s healthcare (Clue, Modern Fertility, Nurx).

Another interesting company in women’s healthcare, that USV is not an investor in (at least not yet), is Tia, which calls itself “The Women’s Health Clinic.”

In this discussion with the Gotham Gal, the founder of Tia, Carolyn Witte, talks about her inspiration to start Tia and how she has evolved the business over the last couple years.

#hacking healthcare

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  1. Richard

    We know that most policitians don’t (behind closed doors) actually believe their rhetoric, do VCs?*And before you get all over my case, VC are all over the internet giving calling out CEOs of large compnaies in TECH and Pharma for doing it “all for money”.Just once (like a young Warren Buffet) , I like to hear a VC say, we believe in this company because there are just enough people gullible enough to use it in the time frame we have in mind.Or in the alternative, at least say – if I had to do it all over again – I would not have funded this company notwithstanding all the money I made.

  2. William Mougayar

    FemTech ! I like that.

    1. awaldstein

      as do i!

      1. Carmina

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  3. sigmaalgebra

    If she’s still in pain, that’s AWFUL.If I were her, I wouldn’t try anything but the standard US health care system, that is, Ob/Gyn, endocrinologists, internal medicine specialists, etc. armed with the best current knowledge and diagnostic tools, etc.In addition, if she is all wound up, worried, frustrated, again, AWFUL. I hope she gets some peace, calm, security, a sense of useful productivity, and happiness. She seems plenty bright, determined, and energetic.The pills at 15? Wow. She was likely neither the first nor the last. I hope she was fully careful. A lot of people claim to believe that 15 is too young. I was taught that. Apparently her activity at 15 didn’t result in a good marriage — to me, that’s sad. But, then, at least superficially, first cut, it appears that Darwin doesn’t agree and, instead, believes that 15 is fine. From all I’ve seen, in our current society, 15 is too young, but it may be that in a stable community where the young woman has parents, her husband’s parents, lots of grand parents, great grand parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles and a good husband all close at hand it can work well. Maybe in most old village societies that is just what did work well. Maybe that’s what the famous Coming of Age in Samoa or some such is about, but I never read it — maybe I should try a Wikipedia summary??At one point in my journey of attempts at understanding, I heard of the Mexican jumping bean: Occasionally and for no apparent reason, it jumps. So, it moves a few inches, maybe farther. It keeps this up as long as it can. (A) Maybe it wears out and stops. Or, (B) maybe on some jump it lands in a crack and can’t get out and stops. So, one way or another, eventually it stops.So, what does Darwin have in mine here? Well, the bean can’t take root on flat ground. So, jumping has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Is there a possible gain? Yes, the crack might be a good place to put down roots, sprout, grow a bean stalk, and have more beans.Why do some women feel frustrated and jump? … Yup, Darwin’s strategy for the Mexican jumping bean was a guess.

    1. Krysten Merriman

      Women take the pill for lots of reasons aside from preventing pregnancy. Many girls start even younger than 15 to deal with debilitating pain from endometriosis and symptoms of PCOS and other disorders. Sadly, the pill is treated as the default treatment for a variety of women’s issues, leaving the underlying issues ignored. Hopefully, companies like the one featured in this podcast can improve access to better healthcare outcomes.

      1. sigmaalgebra

        Yup, there are a lot of medical symptoms and poor treatments, including for girls and women.I’m a man, after all I’m just a man, born that way, still am, always will be. Where should I go to confess and apologize? I’d also like to apply for a repeat, do-over, but ONLY as a man again and ONLY if I can still know what I know now! Else, I’m threatening to write a book, Girls 101 for Dummies — Boys. At least two things are holding me back: (1) There’s a LOT I still don’t know, and (2) for much of the best I do know, lots of people would scream in outrage that I was wildly wrong and, even worse, not politically correct.A big, huge, gigantic challenge was trying to understand human females, all the way from infants who get the generosity, attention, affection, and protection of Daddy to … great grandmothers and everything between. How do those little girls DO those things? Daddy’s perfect angel; teacher’s perfect pet? 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  4. Krysten Merriman

    I *love* the Clue app and recommend it to every woman I know! Exciting to see founders and VCs investing in tech for women.

  5. NewsPapersStore

    The audio was mind blowing actually. I mostly like it and listen it with fresh mind.