Funding Friday: Renewable Plastic Tiles

I backed this project out of Kigali Rwanda this morning.

They are making tiles for your home (bathroom, kitchen, etc) out of renewable plastic. Check it out:


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  1. Shlomi Podgaetz

    Anyone interested in other creative ways to solve the plastic problem check

  2. Richard

    I want to say one word to you, just one “Plastics”.Forget the the kids 911 conspiracy theory, has anyone ever seen Fred and Dustin at the same time?

  3. Patrick

    Are comments being silently ‘curated’?I’ve recently been seeing a lot of ‘This comment has been deleted.’I’ve also been seeing some comments that I read once, gone without a trace when I’ve returned.Lastly, the number of comments on a day-old post seems a lot lower than I would have expected.

    1. fredwilson

      We have looked into this and we believe commenters are doing the deleting. We are not sure why one would choose to do that. But that is what it appears is going on .

      1. Lawrence Brass

        My theory is that it that top regular posters are on some sort of strike. They are turning the knob they have. But then, I’m paranoid.

      2. jason wright

        Do the comments get upvotes before being deleted?

    2. cavepainting

      Some people are cleaning up and self curating. Not sure why.

  4. Nigel Sharp

    I don’t understand why these upcycling ideas get so much traction. It seems like the solution to home tiles is ceramics (and is a lot friendlier on the environment). All this does is move the plastic trash from one place into peoples homes which will eventually get demolished and now be part of the waste that comes out of that house and probably end up in a landfill…I appreciate the fact people make money and work out of upclycling but it seems if we care about the problem of plastics we sure as heck shouldn’t be decorating our home with them.

  5. sigmaalgebra

    I’ve heard only a little, but from all I’ve heard Rwanda has a very long way to go and could use a lot of help.Just how to help them may not be so easy.Besides, OUR country has plenty of smelly piles of it to be shoveled out. Maybe we should concentrate on our country first, i.e., lead by example, i.e., walk the talk ourselves before we hope Rwanda will walk our talk.