Blockchain Week NYC

It is that time of year again, when the entire crypto sector comes to NYC. It is called Blockchain Week NYC and there are a dozen or more industry events like the Coin Center Annual Dinner, The Third Annual Token Summit, Consensus, Women On The Block, and many more.

There will also be breakfasts, dinners, company sponsored events, etc, etc.

I will be at many of these events, speaking at a few of them, and am excited to see the crypto sector live and in person this week in NYC.

With the crypto winter seemingly coming to an end and spring on the horizon, it is a great time to take stock of the sector and get excited about it again. Except that I never lost my excitement. Sometimes you just need to hibernate for a year and last year was a good one to do that.

Finally, I am so pleased that NYC was able to secure the spot where the crypto industry comes together once a year. It makes sense that crypto would be big here, given the financial services talent, engineering talent, and commercial sensibility that has always been resident in this town.

If only our regulators in NYS would be as excited about crypto as I am and everyone who is coming to NYC this week is.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Matt Zagaja

    I thought about becoming a blockchain comedian but didn’t want to provide proof of work.

    1. fredwilson

      You are a consensus choice to do that

    2. William Mougayar

      Don’t stake your reputation on it 😉

      1. jason wright

        More than a few crypto vampires need slaying. I’m up for that.

  2. awaldstein

    See ya out and about possibly Fred.Hearing crypto talk everywhere over wine at my normal spots since late last week though often a discussion point in TriBeCa.

  3. William Mougayar

    Yup, the regulators, not just in NY, but also in Washington DC have been hurting the industry.

    1. Pointsandfigures

      First, I am bullish as well but I don’t think we are out of crypto winter yet.Not defending them-but the SEC regulates to the lowest common denominator. If Granny in Podunk State can get hurt, they will stop it from happening. We will not see a Bitcoin ETF anytime soon.The crypto industry seemingly has a cadence of scandal that happens every three to six months or so. That doesn’t inspire confidence in a regulator.

      1. jason wright

        Bad actor syndrome is not exclusive to blockchain. It’s native to the human condition, and so where we kind humans we find the syndrome. Gov, Wall Street, you name it and you will find it flourishing, but in established networks it all happens ‘politely’, and with a seriously powerful ‘social dynamic’ that deters its public exposure.

      2. awaldstein

        I think you are directionally correct and I agree–bullish and on the logic of the regulators but think that change will happen though not before the election.

        1. Pointsandfigures

          Election makes zero difference in this case. It is really about the culture of the SEC when it comes to new markets. I learned this via talking to a lot of folks that used to work at the SEC. The CFTC is a bit different in culture and how they approach regulation. But, the CFTC is overseeing “industrial markets” or “professional markets”. The SEC is retail. Also, SEC founded in 1933; CFTC in the late 1960’s. Hence the difference.

          1. awaldstein

            Interesting as you are stating that any arm of the government is aloof from politics and public opinion and immune to the knowledge of the leaders or the top down leaderships.Hopeful thought but unlikely I think and in that respect, the electorate and the power of the public do indeed make a difference.

          2. Girish Mehta

            Agree about the lack of significance of election in this case.

    2. jason wright

      That’s but one nation state. It’s a competitive world. The US system is a decaying one.

    3. Richard

      Wait till Elizabeth Warren get her teeth into this space.

  4. Ben Longstaff

    fyi I get a CSRF verification failed (403) error when I try to login with facebook on, on the site it works fineblockchain week was awesome last year, keen to see what gets announced this year

  5. kcverady

    The expansion of specialty/boutique events this year is making it better than ever.

  6. Girish Mehta

    What were the markers (not causes, but simply the markers) for calling it a crypto winter ?And, as such, what are the markers for a crypto spring on the horizon ?

    1. Richard

      Fred speaks like any hindsight amateur chartist – and any p value manipulator.

    2. cavepainting

      It is a sentiment driven thing and seems like there are no real markers beyond Bitcoin prices. BTC is ~ $7k now compared to $3k at the bottom and $20k at the very top.What seems like Spring could well be the beginning of Fall. It is very hard to say so take your pick.

    3. JamesHRH

      The thing about winter is that it doesn’t kill your crops.Drought ( say, lack of mainstream uptake)or cold (say, regulation that goes against your wall-free nirvana)is what kills crops.So, winter ending just means that the snow has melted.The BTC bounce is the most expired feline bounce of all time.

      1. Girish Mehta

        Leading questions….was saying something without saying something.Interesting distinction between seasonality, and seasonal phenomena that kill crops or nourish them (such as the monsoon).

  7. sigmaalgebra

    Gee, a whole week for blockchain but only one day for mothers? Is that partly because we actually know very well that motherhood is crucial, successful, and productive?Gee, if lots of people can make money selling solutions for “global warming”, then why not for protecting from little green men from planet Faraway, helping people with some new version of electronic money?

  8. Mac

    Echo that.

  9. Richard

    Elizabeth Warren is no Dorris Day (who past away this weekend).

  10. Richard

    Yep, SEC (as well as the CFTC) are fiercely independent – and two agencies that have files and files of snake oil pitches which they have shot down over the years. One could argue that these two agencies are about as good as it gets.

  11. William Mougayar

    We know the SEC only changes course if the Congress tells them to, so that’s where the attention is now. The SEC has probably done as much as it can, but they could have been more creative while still applying regulation. Their latest guidance is not as clear as they think it is. There is novelty in blockchain technology and that needs to be reflected with new thinking.

  12. JamesHRH

    Government and innovation.Big ask.

  13. JamesHRH

    It’s going to be back office design impact.JPM Coin is totally the future.They will use the tech to lever governments & optimize tax treatments.No coin will have any application

  14. jason wright

    For every high quality person there are at least half a dozen sewer rats in the system.

  15. Amar

    I go back to the thread I had with James last week. When crypto finally jumps the shark, it will be on the back of a centralized, established brand that brings legitimacy to the crypto adoption. And therein lies the irony….. it will be successful but unlikely to truly change the nature of the world, redistribute power to the masses or diminish the power of having excess capital in shaping the future.

  16. JamesHRH

    You are right, but in doing so it becomes Blockchain the idea not Blockchain the market.Three Tiered Architecture was a great SW architecture idea. But it wasn’t a market.People are being duped by the coins.JPM isn’t irony, it’s the obvious ( even traditional or classic ) place to adopt and implement – in house – a great SW Architecture idea for efficient transactions.I knew a firm in the 1990’s that did $5M Excel custom macros to automate calculations on Wall St.

  17. Amar

    Oh for sure. I don’t think JPM is the irony. The irony is when the crypto cheerleaders play the contortionist and claim JPM (or the equivalent) as proof of success for their original thesis.I think JPM or a similar success story is how the market (and the people in the real world) signals. _____ is what adds most value with minimal risk without upending all aspects of commerce as we know it.

  18. William Mougayar

    They’re trying to move forward a non-partisan Bill, supported by 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans.